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since Jun 28, 2020
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Recent posts by Jen Tuuli

I've been looking through pictures of wind catchers like John described, but couldn't see how they were being built until I found this cool diagram.

It seems like something useful even where I'm at for our hot, humid summers. Though I'd need to figure out how to shutter the top during our freezing winters to avoid losing all our heat... 🤔
1 year ago
I realize I'm 8 months late to this discussion, but I'm surprised to see no mention of earth mortars. It would seem reasonable (to me) that you could combine earth mortars with maybe a slip form like the rock jam video posted earlier to make the stem wall. Most holy buildings (cathedrals, etc.) in Eurasia were built with earth mortars and are still standing today. India had a pretty extensive use of them back in the day, where the mix was a earth, sand, quick lime mixture in some instances. Some of that climate may be similar to yours down in South Texas.

Have y'all made any progress with the build?
1 year ago
I'm glad the batteries were still in good shape for you. I hope the procedural checklist I made helped too. 😊

How big of a piece of black locust do you need? We have a bunch of it growing here.
2 years ago
There are moments when I look up the hillside from my log perch in the Amphitheater and see the sunlight streaming through a ball of salsify fluff. Moments when I lay a small squirrel down on the Altar of the Forest Gods and see my offering accepted and gone only a little while later. Moments when I hike into the humid Yakisugi Valley, inhale the layers of Jupiter, rest among the feet of the Standing People by a creek, and listen to the bubbling as my heart fills with bliss. Moments when I stand in the river on a large rock, watch the sunlight glisten and dance on the water while may flies hop and flitter over its surface. Moments when craftsmanship feels soft against my fingertips, so smooth against my cheek, satisfyingly snug when all the pieces fit together. Moments when I'm standing under my shower head, sun reflecting off the cob wall behind me, cool air nipping at me, and a whistle, quick heart leap, and a voyeuristic deer disappears into the trees. Moments when I find a poppy whose blossom is as big as my palm with outstretched fingers, velvety purple center and ruffly red petals like a fancy evening gown. Moments when I learn of the Swainson's Thrush and distinguish its song from all the others frolicking in the air, listening to the nuances of the individuals as they talk amongst themselves. Moments when the snow fell silently, softening the music of the landscape as I peeled away bark and felt the chill accumulate on my shoulders and back. These are some of the precious moments I will carry with me as I move on from Wheaton Labs today. Thank you all for your love and support. It has meant so much to me.
2 years ago
Sewed a patch onto my pants
2 years ago
Needed to mend a hole in my jeans knee. Decided to patch it and add sashiko. Drew a design and began stitching.
2 years ago
Wool fabric
Organic cotton stuffing
2 years ago

T Melville wrote:Is there anything folks could send that would provide spoons?

If one of y'all wants to send me the deed to some land you have in the woods somewhere, that could help. 😉 Otherwise, I really don't know.
2 years ago