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Pursuing symbiosis.
Currently located in central OK. Farmstead location is in northern VT.
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Patrick Edwards wrote:Okay. I bought the thing but now I can't for the life of me figure out where I download it from. It's probably obvious but I seem to be missing it.

Ignore me. I found it.
1 week ago
Okay. I bought the thing but now I can't for the life of me figure out where I download it from. It's probably obvious but I seem to be missing it.
1 week ago
Good points from everyone. Said database may be better organized by climate/soil type. Like a landrace seed sharing network and one could cross reference, "dry, clay, zone 7" or "silty loam, wet, zone 5", etc. It is correct that going simply by state would not be particularly useful. I am presently in Oklahoma and the quantity of highly varied microclimates here is significant. An hour or two east and I am in the forest and foothills of the Ozarks. An hour or two west and there are sand dunes. Still, I think the folks here could pull it off. Here we have the compulsive seed savers and as was mentioned above, after about three seasons one has the beginning of a serious landrace variety. Maybe I will make a separate thread for this. I think it could be super cool to have a network of folks sharing/selling/trading landrace varieties.
2 weeks ago
I'll be honest. Definitely didn't read through the whole thread but I just wanted to express my agreement about landrace seeds. Particularly if we want to have plants that can adapt to our changing environment(s). They are hard as hell to find though if you are wanting to get your garden started as such. Obviously, landrace seeds need to be locally cultivated. I was thinking that maybe we could get a database going or something that can show who is cultivating landrace varieties (and selling the seeds) and organize it by region, state, etc. Just a thought.
2 weeks ago
Our primary goal in creating our forest farm/homestead is to remove money from our lives as much as possible. I do not want to take part in exploitative and amoral economic systems any more than I have to. Additionally, I just don't feel like human beings are meant to live this way. We are animals. We are nature. We should be living in harmony with it. Not in juxtaposition to it. The "rat race" leaves me horribly depressed and empty. I have no interest in it. Granted, the systems that be will not disappear any time soon. So that leaves working within it. Sort of. But food, water, and energy security can go a long way toward freeing a person. Allowing them to be human again. Not just another serf for our modern day feudalism. Let's not be fooled, it is still feudalism. We just changed the names and added steps.

We have some plans to make a bit of money. Enough to pay the tax man and buy some things we can't make ourselves or trade for. Ultimately though, we are trying to put ourselves in a position to grow, raise, or barter/trade for as much as possible. It has been a dream for a long time and we finally have the land to do it. Projects start this year.

So if anyone is interested in some "networking" for this sort of thing, hit me up. I'm in Oklahoma at the moment but our farm is (will be) up in northern VT, near Newport.

Summed up - Who gives a damn about the Joneses?

1 month ago
Maybe? The timing may not work out but I do have a place in VT (Orleans County). You're welcome to hit me up.
1 month ago
My friend and I used to busk in Asheville, NC. We mostly played originals or just went on some trippy jams. Honestly, we just wanted to play music and played what we liked. We made some money some days. Not so much on others. Definitely weren't going to pay the rent that way but we often covered our bar tab.

One thing to mind is that busking, particularly in certain areas, often requires a license. Which is absurd. Let people play music, ya know? But it is a thing. So, if you are going to go out busking, mind that you aren't going to be harassed by cops.  
1 month ago
Thanks, y'all. That pretty well answered my questions.
2 months ago
Yup. Totally missed it. That's interesting. Basically the same method we used at this permaculture farm I stayed at in Costa Rica a million years ago.
2 months ago