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Recent posts by Whitney Dee

kevin stewart wrote:Hi
Where is your welsh love spoon?

My husband is Welsh and was taught spoon carving by his uncle.

Is there any way to keep the wood from drying so quickly? On my first ladle, I ended up having to scrap it because I didn’t finish it before it dried too much to carve.
3 years ago
Anthony would you mind if I emailed you? I would love to discuss. NY is not outside our range of possibility. It would put me a lot closer to my parents, but the winter is definitely a downside for us because of our plans to build a bamboo forest. It’s something that I need to research more, because I want to have something ready to harvest for my kids to build their own little houses when they’re older. It takes 5-8 years to mature, and would make a huge impact on saving our forests. I want to take the time to reply to each point you wrote about on your post. This may take me a while. I will say, reading it provoked great emotion for me because we share so many ideals. This is the way life should be. Shoot me an email at whitneysherbals@gmail.com
3 years ago

David Michael wrote:Hi Sunflower,

We're all about helping each other. I'm not exactly sure what to say about what we are looking for other than good people. I can tell you we consider extremism of any kind to be uncomfortable. For example, many here might frown on my use of machinery. I'd rather not burn more fuel and chew up the ground to build infrastructure, but I can't possibly do it alone and it would be very difficult and time consuming to do it even with many hands. I love nature and I intend to live in harmony with nature, but not to the extreme that I believe Nature Must Not Be Disturbed. We can cooperate with nature just like we can cooperate with other people and smooth the road ahead. I hope this helps, and please do ask questions. If you'd rather communicate off-line, send me a message.

I sent you an email, hopefully we can get to know each other better. If the winds take us your way, then it would be awesome. At this point we don’t know but we have a clear goal in mind. There is a risk:benefit ratio to keep in mind, as you say.. machinery is a must for a large homestead. The land can still be respected and enriched even if it’s tilled. It’s the bad treatment of animals, antibiotic use, pesticide and herbicide use that I don’t want in my food and I think we get to a point we want to make the choice to not have that. The only way to do that is to become a LOT more self sufficient and avoid the grocery stores. For over 5 years I have wanted to do this, and we started with a school bus. We just haven’t found our tribe yet. We went to the first classified ad we got a response for, they said they wanted to homestead and had 50 acres and water and etc. It turned out it wasn’t even their land, they didn’t garden, the woman was a child abuser and the man was later tried for rape. We ended up having to leave 2 weeks after homebirthing our son. It was a nightmare because birthing is a sacred thing requiring safe space and I felt lost! Throughout our experiences we have taken the lessons and we are putting new plans down. Hopefully we can go home to a village soon!!
3 years ago
In search of a community and/or land share and work opportunity. We are thinking long term if all goes well, so we can build a permanent tiny home. We also love the idea of earth ships or some of these underground homes we have seen. Right now we are in Central Ohio and we hope to stay close because of a good job with promotion opportunities.

We are a couple with one child, and also coparenting two other children. I’m a nutrition and herbal enthusiast with a nearly finished Masters in CAM, and hubs is a graphic artist with a strong back and a natural talent for carpentry and ingenuity. I’m amazing at cooking, he’s pretty good with fixing things. We have an unfinished school bus- converted RV that we lived in for two years. We lived off-grid and partially off-grid, caught rain water, built Hugelkultur mounds, and overcame many struggles. Unfortunately we had some hurdles with electrical, as our solar system was small and could not support us fully. We lived with and without a mini fridge, sometimes using a cooler. We lived without hot water for about a year, except in winter when we could warm it on the wood stove. I would love to learn more about permaculture and utilize it, the sky is the limit! I have made homemade yogurt and pickles before, but I want to take steps to learn canning and have a constantly self supplied pantry. I believe these times are leading us to get back to the village way of life by skill-sharing, and make this our permanent lifestyle with a free conscious mind.

The experience we had gave us the threshold we could handle, and we know what we would consider necessity vs luxury. One major thing we learned was that it is too hard to go it alone in this type of lifestyle. The hurdles we need to overcome while finding a place to park include electric, new tires, and maybe some rearranging of living space to help accommodate 3 growing children. Our goal is building our own tiny home one day. The end goal for us is more sustainable electric, big solar upgrades and water turbine possibly because we need to do a lot of laundry. Im starting to ramble now but that feeling when you are called home.. we are called home to the bus, to the forest, to nature. We are called home to a way of life. In our minds, a life of luxury and never  ending rent payments are a trap. We don’t want commercial objects and the latest hot phone, we want tools... and we want to use them.
3 years ago

S Lee wrote:

Mike Patterson wrote:What do you mean by medical freedom?

basically nobody or govt has the ability to force a medical procedure, drugs, or intervention on anyone...
for example, exactly OPPOSITE what gates and the msm, liberal governors have been proposing in the last few months

Hi there! I’m a firm believer in medical choice. I’m a Homeschooling mom of 3 kiddos, and we lived for 2 years on a converted school bus. We aren’t sure what our next move is yet but we are in Central Ohio, and have also lived in WV and KY. We know we need to make some moves to become more self sustaining and very soon!
3 years ago