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I'm looking for a timber frame carpenter to help me with building the roof structure of my adobe house in Central California.
The house is 1200 sq ft. The roof is two slope 4:12. I have all tools and lumber and want to save time by not doing it myself.
I would provide lodging. I would also provide air tickets for the out of state person if interested.
We would start at the beginning of October. I will pay hourly and provide home cooked meals.
If you are interested I will post email address here for contact.

Thank you.

First check the USDA soil map for you location:
If you want to make adobe or compressed earth blocks you need  between 15-30% clay contents in your soil. 25% is theoretically optimal, but it has to be determined empirically.
If you want to make your own mix from scratch then it's convenient to have access to pure clay.
Few years ago when I started building my CEB house in California and I faced the same problem, but within 1 day of internet search and few phone calls I have found a place that sells rocks, gravel, sand and also clay. I have checked it first, found the lab analysis of this particular clay and purchased it afterwards.
1 year ago