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Sierra Nevada foothills, 350 m, USDA 8b, sunset zone 7
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I have two male cats - brothers. They are outdoor/indoor as they like. They never ever got a taste of any cat food. Since they were kittens, I was feeding them chopped ground squirrels that I hunted, roadkill snakes, gophers. They love to hunt and eat their pray whole. They love chicken bones, fish, milk, cheese.
2 weeks ago

Are you planning to use the greenhouse for germinating seeds in winter? Would it be warm enough in your location to do this?
2 weeks ago

I have hot and dry growing conditions and high diurnal temperature swings (50/90 F or 55/95F this week).

Try to plant in partially shaded area.
Amend the soil with organic matter. It will help to retain the moisture.
Dig a small trench 10x10 cm (4x4") - it will help to protect the seeds from the wind, will collect the water used for watering and may collect morning dew (if present).
Use very fine mulch - I use woodchips from my thickness planer.
Water in the evenings, to prevent loss due to evaporation. Or early morning.

With this method I was able to germinate peppers - a plant that just hates my climate and I don't expect it to grow much or produce at all, but nonetheless I tried and it worked with 20% germination rate.
Your climate chart shows that you get a lot of water and a lot of snow. Much, much more than typical 400-600 mm for Mediterranean climates. I got 380 mm this winter/spring.

1. Pick species that are drought resistant.
2. Improve your soil by adding organic matter. In my case it makes a difference between thriving and dying.
3. Mulch a lot.
4. Try to pick spots with some afternoon shade.
2 weeks ago
Breeds of what species?
1 month ago

Cob will not offer much insulation - it's a dense material good for thermal mass. You should rather look at light clay (straw + clay).
1 month ago
It's quite unbelievable, so I can imagine people have doubts. Year ago I have planted Yuzu an Chinotto citrus from seeds. After a year the plants are struggling, fragile and are only 10 cm tall. The seed you planted must be some mutation.
May I ask you where are you located and what soil you have?
1 month ago
When I was planting bareroot grape rootstock, I would do the following:

1. Leave the package for a few days in the shade so the grapes will get acclimated to your environment. Especially if they came from a cold storage.
2. Soak them (the root area) in water for a day or two.
3. Plant them and water.
4. Mulch.
5. Install vine shelter (you can remove it the next spring).
I never had or used microwave in my whole life. I would not even know how to use it.

Alexandra Malecki wrote:
1) reheating tea
2) reheating pasta* or rice
3) heating up pasta sauce (I can't put acids in a cast iron skillet)

1. I pour into a pot and just heat it.
2. If I need to reheat pasta I put it into a pot, add a little bit of water, cover and the steam will heat it. Or I can fry it in olive oil to make it crunchy - but it depends on the sauce that I used.
3. I put it into a stainless saucepan and heat it.
2 months ago
I would bury the main line underground if it's PVC (it does not have to be deeper than 12") and add 3/4 or 1/2 risers (depending on the hose diameter you want to use).

Then on each riser you would add a small valve and connect the hose to each one.

If you choose a hose with holes (irrigation tape) then you will be stuck with low flow emitters built into the tape. They make sense to use if the water flow is low.

I use pressure compensating emitters and this way I choose these with the highest flow, so I can supply them directly from the well pump and be done with deep irrigation in 20 minutes.

I was trying to use Perma-Loc connectors but they did not accept a standard 3/4 hose and returned them and switched to regular steel hose clamps.

How many plants are you trying to irrigate? What is your water supply (well, pressure tank, gravity tank, municipal water)?
If you want I can provide you with the links to all the parts I'm using.
2 months ago