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Recent posts by Kevin Harbin

I bought too many seedlings this weekend. The greenhouse had such good prices. Now I need to figure out where to plant them all.
16 hours ago
I made some plantain salve from plants in my yard and saved beeswax.

I gave it a lite dehydrate

crushed the plantain

3 hours on warm with olive oil

1ozish of beeswax

strained the mixture into the beeswax

All melty

finished salve
I think this issue with my oven fits here because it turned out to be the burned out motor, but I'm open to moving it.
My wife ran the self cleaning cycle on the oven as she has done many times in the past but this time the door lock failed to release.
After trying all the steps from the manual to see if it would reset I finally had to resort to getting a wire snaked behind the door and forcing the lock out of the way.
After I had the door open I tried some of the reset steps again.

With the help of my ears I could tell that the issue was a burned out motor.

Old lock pulled out

After looking for replacement locks I had sticker shock for a new item. Thankfully I was able to get a used replacement from ebay for 1/6th the price. Here is the lock ready to wire.

New lock wired and ready to install

Installed and error cleared

I'm glad I took pictures as I took the trim off or I might not have figured it out where all the screws went.

1 week ago
I had empty hives after my bees absconded last year. It's spring here and swarm season.
I got a bottle of Bee Commander which is basically Lemon Grass. I applied as directed and left it.

A couple days later I saw some activity and confirmed with a quick check inside. Free bees!

It's far more clear if I open up the hive.

This worked for both of my hives. Definitely recommend.
1 week ago
I traveled to see the eclipse. I planned for everything, except I left my tripod at home :(
I still got some pretty good shots. Luckily, the sun is bright.
10/10 would recommend.
1 week ago
I think they could be massaged a little. I was specifically thinking about planting flowers, and also mulching a flower bed.
I remember now why I was thinking about this, in the UK a 'Garden' often refers to a lawn, mostly grass.
I've been trying to think of another term that fits the US definition of garden but, I haven't found one yet. Maybe 'culinary plants'?
I finished reading Restoration Agriculture and it's really changing my frame for what growing food look like.
2 weeks ago
For the planting BBs, I imagine as I read them that the seeds or seedlings are for something one would consider a vegetable. But it could also be herbs, or a bush/tree with edible leaves, or berries, or fruits & nuts. Or it could be open to something like grass seed and ornamental trees.
What do you want to see and what might you be willing to see? Anything off limits?
2 weeks ago

Timothy Norton wrote:I don't want to be pushy but... Baby chicks are cute and if you mention them you should have to pay a photo tax! Show us the peepers if you can!

I don't think my flock needs to grow this year but I'm still missing baby chick cuteness.
2 weeks ago
I finished the Sheet Mulch bit and started both of the seed bits.
3 weeks ago