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Recent posts by Campbell Ritchie

It says here that the Sun produces 5×10²³HP; that's about 3.7×10²⁶W, of which 10¹⁵W strikes the Earth. I think.
5 months ago

C├ęcile Stelzer Johnson wrote:. . . try to buy young trees . . .

Good point. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the better.
6 months ago

Kristine Erwin wrote:Which variety of apples is the best for homesteading?  

You don't want a variety of apple; you usually need at least two trees so the bees can pollinate them from each other. I recommend you get trees fruiting at different times, but that may require more trees to ensure pollination.
6 months ago

Mick Berry wrote:No such thing as "weeds" . . . .

True. And if I tolerate them, they cease to be weeds.
6 months ago
Goldenrod is a weed. So is teasel (Dipsacus follonum). But I tolerate them both in the garden. Lot of them.
6 months ago

Paddy Mc wrote:. . . a whole lot of goldenrod . . .

Welcome to the garden
What sort of goldenrod is it? Is it Solidago candadensis? That grows like weeds in my garden. But it is a very useful plant in August and the first half of September.
7 months ago