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NW Washington - Zone 8a : 10 to 15 (F)
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Recent posts by R Parian

Version 1.4 of the spreadsheet now includes the recently published Straw and Wood BBs for PEP Badge: Greywater and Willow Feeders.
2 weeks ago

Only question I have is the recommended procedure for updates, as version 1.3 naturally doesn't have all PEP levels fleshed out.

Good question George and thank you for the very thorough review!  

Version 1.3 has all PEP levels that are currently defined.  When additional levels get defined, I add them to the spreadsheet and bump the spreadsheet version when the additions are significant.  Minor tweaks or fixes to isolated formulas typically are fixed in the current latest version rather than bumping the version.  There isn't a great way to get these changes out to current users as far as I'm aware other than to post some details here about what changes were made so existing users can copy/paste the fixes into their copy of the spreadsheet or copy/paste the data from their spreadsheet into a new copy of the spreadsheet.  I hope this helps clarify the current update procedure.  

If anyone has ideas how to improve the update procedure, please send me a Purple Moosage.
1 month ago
I updated the spreadsheet to include the new Wood and Iron badges in Natural Medicine, so Natural Medicine is now complete.
1 month ago
I updated the spreadsheet to include the new Straw badge in Natural Medicine.  Still working on Wood and Iron and will post an update here when completed.
1 month ago
I updated the spreadsheet to be up to date with the changes to Sand.  Still working on Straw (and then Wood and Iron) and will post an update here when completed.
1 month ago
I added fish to a livestock water trough well in excess of 30 gallons in size. I use inexpensive feeder goldfish because they eat the mosquito larvae and I have had good luck over wintering them.  They keep the troughs mosquito free and over several years grow to about 5 inches long without any additional feeding. Typically I try to keep two fish per trough. In the picture below there are five fish that I added to three different troughs.
1 month ago
I fixed the coordinates, and since it seems you are quite far away Mike, I've added one more photo for you to give you a better sense of the install location.
1 month ago
This was my first time slaughtering a sheep myself - usually I have a mobile butcher do it.
1 month ago
I added a point to the Geocaching.com list yesterday and so far two people have attempted to find it without success.  It's a tricky one.
1 month ago
Hi Honey, one purchase per household is ok with me.  Thanks, R
2 months ago