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Recent posts by R Parian

I replaced an old main panel with a new one (forgetting to document several possible BBs along the way), but I did take the opportunity to document the labeling of the breakers.
2 months ago
I made a door latch for the double sliding barn doors, to keep the wind and cows from opening the doors.
8 months ago
Finally got around to installing a pair of three way switches for a new light in a room that previously had no light.  Switch #1 was installed in an empty bay of an existing double gang box in a finished wall (the right switch), and switch #2 is in a new double gang box I installed in an unfinished wall. I left the right bay of the new box empty for now, but I plan to put a single pole switch in it to power an outdoor light at some point in the future.
8 months ago
The faucet that came with this sink was so low profile that it was difficult to fit a glass under the faucet, not to mention a tea pot, so I changed the faucet to a taller one.  Also, this sink only has cold water supply, so no need for hot and cold handles.
8 months ago
I wasn't sure how many showers this would take, and was a bit surprised to find that one leisurely 10 minute shower, not all of which landed in the bucket, almost filled the 5 gallon Home Depot bucket.
Two years in a row the plumbing has frozen and burst in this building. After the first time, I shut off the supply but that also shut off the supply to a livestock tank that I would prefer remain functional in the winter.  So I installed a shut off valve in a water supply line just to this building today. Now I will be able to shut off the supply to this building without also shutting off the supply to the livestock tank.
8 months ago
I am curious if doing jobs for uship.com would qualify for this BB.  I was travelling to Wheaton Labs bootcamp and decided to make some money while on the way, so I signed up on uship.com as a carrier and entered my route to Wheaton Labs as a saved search and then over the course of a week or two monitored hits on the search and selected two loads to transport on the way to bootcamp and two loads to transport on my way back, and UShip paid me.  Is that considered "performing some sort of labor over the internet and get paid"?
8 months ago
I believe duplication is allowed in this Plumbing Wood category and I have now installed a second septic tank and a second drain field.  In this case, both were replacements of existing failed systems, and they are two separate systems (replaced the tank at the rental and replaced the drain field at the south restroom).  The failed septic tank was a 400 gallon single compartment corrugated steel tank that had rusted through and was acting more like a drain field than a septic tank.  I replaced it with a 1250 gallon two compartment concrete tank that was less than one year old that I recovered from a demolition site and hired the original manufacturer to move for me.  The drain field was a replacement for an existing drain field that either I couldn't find or never really existed.  A new 1000 gallon two compartment septic tank had already been placed by the previous owner, but never backfilled or hooked up, so I installed a new drain field and hooked it up to the tank and connected the new tank to the building.
8 months ago
I installed a 1000 gallon cistern buried underground for freeze protection.  It is gravity fed and has an overflow to allow it to overflow if needed, drawing from the top surface of the water in the tank.  It also has a drain near the bottom for draining it in case I need to do maintenance inside.  I installed a submersible pump in it to pressurize the water supply and prevent the pump from freezing up.  It has made it through eight winters without any freeze-ups.
8 months ago