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Burra is a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. She loves ideas, and she loves testing them out and sharing what she finds out. She's constantly starting new things but rarely finishes them. She is hopelessly disorganised and lives in a state of total, blissful chaos. She loves apricots. And cherries. One day she'll grow all her own food so she never has to venture off her farm.
She is currently taking some time off to spend with her family.
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Recent posts by Burra Maluca

Lucrecia Anderson wrote:I think it is also worth pointing out that on some forums a large percentage of the posters are Aspies (aka individuals with Aspergers).

While that number is far lower on gardening/homesteading sites there are still a few floating around. Those folks often have a VERY hard time on forums like this because they do make blunt comments and their social skills suck.  I have known individuals on homesteading type sites that likely have Aspergers and they try to fit in to talk about their interests yet are often picked on and ridiculed or even targeted for harassment by mods because they inadvertently upset one or two "favorite" posters.

There are a lot of aspies on permies.  Including quite a few of the moderators!
6 days ago

Jason Hernandez wrote:
I tell you, I would be more convinced by a controlled experiment than an anecdotal testimony. As a hypothetical example, take gardening by the moon. Lots of people believe it works; but is it really the effect of the moon, or are they just overall very competent gardeners? But now suppose we approach it experimentally. Set up a series of test plots, homogenized as to soil conditions, sunlight, water, etc. Randomly assign half of the plots to be sown at what is considered the most optimal moon time, and the other half, at the least optimal moon time. Use the same cultivars in both treatments, and care for the plots the same in every way except date of sowing. Record important dates like first seedling emergence, first flowering, first produce, for each plot. Also record total harvested weight from each plot. See if the two treatments differ.

This would tell me far more than, "I garden by the moon and my gardens always thrive."

Excellent idea.  Why not go and do that for us and share your results?
1 week ago
And how does any of that stop you being nice when you reply?  Other people manage it just fine...
Back home after months away, a nice meal out, and the first sketches of the new construction doodled on a napkin...

1 week ago
If you sow plenty you'll likely find that they come up at slightly different times.  Some are likely to survive, and those ones will likely produce seeds that 'know' when to come up in your location.
3 weeks ago
We met one of the engineers up there once.  I thought the blades must be made of some really fancy high-tech gubbins to be able to flex like that, but he told us they are wood with a fibre-glass coating.
3 weeks ago
Just thought I'd share this photo which shows how much the blades bend in the wind.

The turbine closest is turning at a fair speed.  The one further back isn't turning. 

3 weeks ago
Maybe I'm just weird but all I really look for is someone that trusts me totally, that I trust totally, and that I can be myself with.  We can work together on anything else.

But then, the pool of men I trust totally is pretty small I guess...
3 weeks ago

Austin Shackles wrote:Yeah, you can also do pumped storage.  We have one here in Wales, been there for many years and it works well when you have a mountain and lots of water.   You can't do it without both, realistically. 

I remember them building that when I was at school - Dinorwig Power Station

4 weeks ago
I'm reminded of the gravity light

Or this home-made version

Here's the official website gravitylight.org
4 weeks ago