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Burra is a hermit, and a dreamer, and an eternal optimist. She loves ideas, and she loves testing them out and sharing what she finds out. She's constantly starting new things but rarely finishes them. She is hopelessly disorganised and lives in a state of total, blissful chaos. She loves apricots. And cherries. One day she'll grow all her own food so she never has to venture off her farm.
She is currently taking some time off to spend with her family.
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Leave no tender word unsaid
Love while love may last
The mill will never grind
With the water that is past
4 days ago
I started trying to sort the bean-mess out once but got distracted by other things.

Below is a copy-paste from another post I made here which might help a bit.

I've been trying to untangle some of the bean-family-tree. 

This is the only reasonably easy to understand diagram I managed to find, though it's not exactly comprehensive.

I found that here.

Phaseolus species are all from central and South America
Phaseolus vulgaris - french bean, common bean, kidney bean, flagelot, haricot vetts
Phaseolus coccineus - runner bean, scarlet runner, haricot's d'espagne
Phaseolus lunatus - lima bean, madagascar bean, butter bean
Phaseolus acutifolius - tepary bean

Arachis hypogaea - peanut, monkey nut, from America

Pisum sativum - pea, from Europe and Near East

Vicia faba - broad bean, fava, from the Mediterranean

Lens culinaris - lentil, from the Mediterranean

Vigna unguiculata - cowpea, asparagus bean, black eyed pea from Ethiopia
Vigna radiata - mung bean, green gram
Vigna angularis - adzuki bean

Cicer arietinum - Indian gram, garbanzo bean, chick-pea from Ethiopia

Glycine max - soybean, from China

There seem to be a few others too, but these are the common ones. 

The common names are, I suspect, going to get confusing, but I'll de-tangle as best I can.  I'm using a copy of Roger Philips book about Vegetables as my guide as he does seem to attempt to be fairly complete and accurate, unlike most books which tend to describe vegetables by their use rather than their families.
I generally make 'ice cream' by dropping frozen bananas into a bit of liquid in a blender.  Orange and chocolate (well, cocoa powder) are my favourite additions. 

Honey ice-cream is awesome too.
1 week ago