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Retired. Interests: Garlic, comfrey, black raspberries, bees, snakes, daylilies.
Central Virginia, Zone 7.
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Recent posts by Gary Numan

The Instant Pot ... and sous vide, have revolutionized cooking, I think.  Because of these new contraptions, probability of making a mistake resulting in black food has plummeted to less than 5%.

I use one or the other, I dunno, 5 times/week?  
1 week ago
Your original message included this, I'm asking for more detail on what this means:

>> >>  Offering it to this community on a donation basis
2 weeks ago
Professionally built website, cost for the program is $50-200, depending on the modules you purchase.

>>  Offering it to this community on a donation basis

Hi Alosha, can you explain what you're offering?

2 weeks ago
Similarly, I keep them on the countertop.  Unless they're dirty, then I'll soak them in water for maybe 10 minutes, rub off the offending brown stuff, air dry til they don't look wet anymore, then those ones go in the fridge.

2 weeks ago
I maintain a small herd (7 at the moment) of cattle, and when we get a bull, he becomes a steer ... and then becomes dinner.

I'm currently saddled with >50 pounds of frozen ground beef, waiting for me to come up with something more interesting than burgers, chili, or stroganoff.

Can some of yinz share a favorite recipe featuring ground beef?  

Replies that begin with 'You're gonna LOVE this!' are encouraged!

Thanks everyone.


3 weeks ago
I have seven comfrey patches, 200 or so feet apart from each other.  One patch (of seven 1-year old plants) have popped up, all about an inch.  The other six patches (varying from 5 months in age to 3+years), nothing yet.  Just the one patch so far.  

3 weeks ago
I'm not a fan of styrofoam.  Bulky, difficult to get rid of, limited utility after its intended use has finished.  And lasts forever, unfortunately.  What a tax on the environment that stuff is.

That's why there was an abandoned property with a building full of the stuff!  Can't get rid of it.   Could have just as well been an outbuilding full of old tires.

I recommend you stand fast and stay firm with turning them down.  If you show an interest in it, they may start delivering pickup truck loads of the stuff your way!

4 weeks ago
The outside photos of the house, look very nice.

And that's where the positivity ends for me.  Pardon my skepticism, BUT:

Seller:  I want to be there for all showings.
Buyer:  Why?
Seller:  Because of the uniqueness of this property.
Buyer:  Oh, ok.

Is that a good reason that the seller needs to be there?  Uniqueness?  I'm thinking no.  The house has been empty for four years, so there's no personal stuff there to neb through.  My opinion:  The seller doesn't want the buyer to look at certain things too closely.  If buyer starts getting too close to the closet of skeletons, they'll be shooed and encouraged to go look at something else.  As a buyer, I know I would not want the owner following me around, I would want to inspect things pressure-free.

2.  $400K sounds like a LOT for a house that needs so many significant repairs.  Holding tank damage, broken solar with panels that surely need replaced considering the age of the existing panels.  Technologywise, I mean, those panels (and there are just a few of them!) are probably less than 100 watts each.

3.  The septic has NEVER been pumped?  

4.  Crummy access road to the house.  May be a coincidence, but it sounds like as soon as buyer started looking at the house, neighbor #1 built a fence across their access road, keeping the buyer out.   And neighbor #2 said buyer can use their access road 'occasionally'.  Ugh.  I translate that as 'I don't want you to use my driveway, but I'll sound mean if I  give you a flat out No'.  So, buyer is stuck with a crummy access road ... no, buyer will need to improve it, buyer just got stuck on it!

5.  Just the fact that so many things need fixed that the buyer has to take care of, is a dealbreaker for me.  I've sold houses before, I always fixed things BEFORE listing them for sale.  Isn't that the way it's supposed to work?


EDIT:  Oh, I see you just said you passed on it.  Yay!  Excellent decision.  That house is a money pit.  And the neighbors don't sound friendly.  Sheez, look at me, I'm still trying to talk you out of it.

1 month ago
All my cow areas are 4-sided with wood fencing.  No chute, no place to put the cow so I can milk.  Most have a run-in shed in the middle.

My veterinarian says I should have a chute if I have cattle (it's obvious SHE wants me to have a chute!), and I would like to resume milking friendly cows, an activity I stopped when I moved here 10+ years ago.

Anyone here have a simple setup for a chute?  I never had one, don't know what they look like.

Milking stanchion:  What I want to do, is simply drive four poles into the ground, then add a couple horizontal lumber pieces on 3 sides.  Food bowl on the closed end, cow walks in, eats, and ignores me while I reach in and try to get to 2nd base with her.  I have one cow that I know will ignore my existence the entire time as long as she has unlimited oats.  The others ... may need some encouragement to stand still.

My friendly cows never needed a head gate, is that 'standard' equipment?

I can also use the stanchion to keep the mom busy while I try to get the calves to like people, petting or even a bottle.

I'm off soon to Google, wanted to ask here first.  Thanks!

1 month ago