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Alana Rose

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since Nov 06, 2020
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I’m always learning and growing. I’m looking forward to what you have to teach me.
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Southern California, USA
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Recent posts by Alana Rose

craig howard wrote:
Don't do that. It was way worse than no deodorant at all.
Like fermented aloe and arm pits.

The humorous joys of permie experimentation!

Some friends and i used this brand of Aloe deodorant for some time with good results. It rates a 4 on the Think Dirty app, so it’s not completely clean ingredients.
2 months ago
[quote=Kaarina Kreus]Harvard psychology professor Robert Waldingr: Good close relationships make us happy, extend our healthy years.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
2 months ago

Jane Mulberry wrote:

The weird thing is, I can get seriously sweaty working on a hot day with no stink at all. But a little bit of stress sweat turns into a major stink fast. There's clearly something in my stress sweat that feeds the odour causing bacteria.

I have noticed a similar phenomenon. I think it was in the book, The Woman Code, where I first read about the stress and stink connection.
2 months ago

Kimberly Agnese wrote:Anyone else tried this? I have recently and for me it’s awesome!!

I have not. It sounds very interesting. What types of results does it yield?
2 months ago
A crunchy engineering friend of mine recommended decomposed granite for my garden path, as opposed to mulch. I haven’t researched it much yet.
5 months ago
I told them that I don’t have a TV or wifi. CRAZY!
7 months ago
I have begun expressive journal writing again after a long break.

A few friends have encouraged me that they enjoy my writing.

Another friend recently gave me the book, The Power of Writing It Down.

A natural doctor I met with sent me information on the healing benefits of morning pages from the book, The Artist’s Way.

My daily personal goal is a blend from both philosophies (write something between 3 pages and 20 minutes, daily) and I hope to add the element of future self journaling from the Holistic Psychologist that she talks about in her book, How to Do the Work.

I’ve had book ideas, blog ideas, and research paper ideas for years that have yet to manifest. Permies has been a place of encouragement and motivation to me to write and to do projects that I’ve had in my heart and mind but haven’t carved out the time to do.

Thanks for the encouragement! The books I mentioned above echo your similar sentiments, “anyone who writes is a writer” and also we are all creative people who are artists, just in different ways.

I’m looking forward getting unblocked.

9 months ago

Debbie Ann wrote:I want to thank everyone for your great suggestions. Since I have 9 chairs spread all over my gardens, some with small tables and some standing alone.... I am going to try all of these good ideas! My favorite thing is having an unusual, whimsical, eclectic garden and recycling/upcycling! I hope I can post some pictures by the end of the summer. Right now I am planting my crops and harvesting peas! Happy gardening everyone!

I’d love to see what you came up with, when you have the time! I see free garden chairs all the time online but have chosen not to pick them up as the project list is already quite long.

9 months ago
…sadly it didn’t hold up too well during transport, so I’ll be adding some more hardware before I replant it.
I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!
9 months ago