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Recent posts by Vase Angjeleski

THANK YOU ALL!!! You've been all much help. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you tausend times.
1 year ago
Thank you a lot, it was very informative post. I will try to make garden beds in the field, right now I work it as open field, no beds. I saw many designs and I will build some beds.
Any opinion on the decomposed sawdust?
1 year ago
Actualy I do, fresh as well as decomposed, there is a sawmill where I live and I have access to it.
Just to make it clear, in fall I spread the sawdust all over the field, but not mix it in, just leave it a top. Come spring I till/ mix it with the soil, right?
About the mushrooms, I know a guy that sells mycelium for oyster mushrooms, will it work? If yes, how much is enough for a 15x20 meters field? And how do I use it with the sawdust, in fall together with the saw dust, sothat it has enough time to decompose the sawdust?
One more question since I have access to almost infinite ammount of decomposed sawdust, is all of the above necessery or can I just load like 6 cubic meters of decomposed sawdust and spread it all over the field and mix it?
Is there someone more needy then I with all of this questions and supposings?
1 year ago
Do I mix the wood chips with the soil or just lay it on top of it? If second, what do I do in autumn? Do I collect all the wood chips and then re-lay them in spring?
1 year ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Hello Vase,

I think that Subterranean Clover will work nicely to break up that clay soil, but it won't do so immediately.  I second what John already said about planting a mix as different types of plants can get to different root zones, grow at different times of the year, etc.

I do have to ask though, what is your ultimate goal?  Do you want to turn clay into a softer loam just to do so or are you planning on gardening there or some other type of planting in the future.  The reason I ask is that this will partially determine what type of cover crop will work best.

Good Luck, and I would love to hear your long-term goals!


My ultimate goal is no-till gardening with clay soil and minimise watering :) it is very hard to grow plants without tilling in clay soil. So, I though that the roots will keep the clay loose and the other plants wont be having that much dificulties rooting and growing healthy.
1 year ago

John C Daley wrote:Have you thought about a green manure crop that has a range of plants that break up the soil?

Such as? I am not that experienced gardner, please help :)
1 year ago
Hey all,

I have a question. I have a heavy clay soil. I will use compost and biochar mixure to amend it hopefully make it better. As a (living) mulch I want to sow subterranean clover and use it as perennial. The question, will the roots of the clover be enough to keep the soil loose, so-that I don't till it? I hope to make the clay much looser with the compost and biochar but I am trying to incorporate the no-till system.
If not with subterranean clover, maybe you guys have some suggestion? Open for it.
Thanks in advance.
I wish you all (in the northern hemisphere) happy gardening season.
1 year ago
Addendum: I read that when activating charcoal, it takes lots of nitrogen from the "surroundings". So, I have chickens and I know that chicken manure has lots of nitrogen. Would it help more if I add some chicken manure?
1 year ago
So, I made this today. This is the plan, fil it with worm tea and mix worm castings in it. Since it has little holes on the bottom for drainage, I wanted to leave it in the field so that when it drains, the liquid will drain in the field. Will the charcoal be activated like this? If yes, how long should I wait before mixing it in the ground?
1 year ago