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My wife and I just fulfilled a dream of ours by buying a 3 acre piece of woodland that we would like to turn into our future homesite.
Quebec, Canada zone 4a
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Hi, I just received some ramps, jack in the pulpit and wild ginger bulbs to plant in my forest. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to plant them until a week from now, do I put them in the fridge until then or leave them out in a bag until then?
1 month ago
I have had nothing but problems with this company as well, they still have a website and will take orders but will ship nothing out, they are scammers. Had to request my money back through my credit card company like previous poster. Avoid them at all costs.
2 months ago

John C Daley wrote:I have to admit envy!
What land use occurs upstream?

Upstream there’s a small wilderness park, and then, just  forest 🌳.
4 months ago
Thanks for the kind words! We are planning to build here in the future, my goal is to turn it into our little permaculture slice of heaven, we have started to plant a few food bushes and plan to put some different trees there later this year. My goal is to have as many different tree species as I can given the size and zone we are in.
4 months ago
Just thought I’d share this, it’s at the end of our 3 acre property.

4 months ago
Does anyone know how a black locust will grow in zone 3 or 4?
I’d like to put some on my property but I’m unclear which zone it’s in as my property is literally on the edge of the zone map.
5 months ago
Hi everyone,
I have a little problem, I was cold stratifying some American chestnut nuts in the fridge with the hope that I would plant them in the spring. Well I checked on them yesterday and they sprouted while in the fridge, it won’t be spring here until May.
I took them out of the zip lock bag they were in and planted them in air pruning bags  under some grow lights. The bags are quite deep, made for tree seedlings 12” deep.
Do you think they will be ok indoors until then?
I would hate to lose them seeing as they are quite rare nowadays, particularly around here.
7 months ago
Thank you everyone for the info! My wife and I will keep the land for now.

Sometime in the spring we will be requesting some permits to remove trees from our property. We will remove the trees that pose a risk on the land for starters ( the leaning ones that have fallen but not come down). The law specifies that in certain situations tree removal is allowed, specifically trees that pose a danger, trees that are dead, and  trees that are preventing the understory from growing (although a permit is still required for each tree).

We also found out that we are allowed to clear up to 30% of the total land for a house which in our case is one acre, but only at the time the house is built and that only requires a building permit.

So, our hope is that they won’t give us too much trouble in getting these permits, if all goes well in getting the ones we need for the dangerous trees then we will move forward and try for some of the dead trees on our property and then the ones blocking too much light for the understory.

8 months ago

John C Daley wrote:I have to ask where is the proof municipalities and big corporations are permitted to pollute the environment.

That’s just to name some, and I realize the city claims it had no choice to do so however it has happened more than a few times.

And the waterfront issue we knew about, we know not to do anything 20 meters to the water. But requiring a permit for each and every tree we need to remove on the property? In an urban setting I understand of course but in a forest? It seems excessive especially considering that the permits cost money.

And no, we don’t want to clear cut the place we want to clear an area for our home and plant other trees on the property (chestnut, oak, fruit trees etc). We’re talking less than a 1/4 acre size, likely less.
All of the which we stated in the email to the city.
Regardless, we will get some permits for the few trees that need to come down(dangerous) and see about the others.
8 months ago
The reason we want to keep the land is because it’s so hard to find any land at the price we wanted, especially waterfront. We plan to retire on it someday, but for the meantime we wanted to work on it plant trees we enjoy and visit it from time to time.
We have decided to get a permit to cut a few trees and just cut what we want and if they bother us, we will show them the permit that allows us to cut certain trees. There’s no way they will be able to tell which trees we will cut anyway. If that doesn’t work out and we feel we are completely screwed on this land we will sell it and look elsewhere. It would have to be out of province since the laws are all similar here, it’s very difficult to do any sort of permaculture in Quebec because the laws are so strict.
I find it amusing that the government put laws in place to protect the environment from average citizens yet allow municipalities and corporations to pollute as they please.
Hypocritical if you ask me.
8 months ago