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Recent posts by Dave Luke

I'm around enough kids that having bandaids on hand is a life saver and have gotten tired of digging them out of the trash at the bottom of my bag. I have a few other first aid supplies in my bag: tobacco for bug bites, pliers and tape. I didn't add much beond boo-boo suplies because I don't need to be doing surgery on somebody else's kid.
-Asorted bandaids
-alcohol wipes
6 months ago
This is a dog sweater if that counts. I got a new puppy and while seeing if any sweaters fit, I noticed the hole in this one.
7 months ago
My needle fishhooked so I figured I should clean it while I had it apart. I wound up cutting the needle with cutting pliers. The machine was extremely linty, but still well oiled so I only reoilled it where I wiped it off removing lint.
7 months ago
It's been a while since I picked more than a mouthful of anything. Heres all the persimmons that managed to make it into the house. It was about two cups before the stared thawing out. They measure calories in these bad boys individually, at about 32 calories a piece. 32 times 25 is 800. I cooked them and some elderberries into what was supposed to be jam but is really just chunky syrup.
7 months ago
The hem/edging on my jacket was coming undone.
8 months ago
My Mom when through her closet and I saw some good material in there. I cut the fabric in to my two favorite quilt sizes 3 and 6", pockets, hem-yarn and two grades of scrap (stuffing and peices). I haven't cut up the entire bag, but this is 4 pants, one shorts and one dress/shirt(whatever you call that weird length).
8 months ago

Rebekah Harmon wrote:American Black Nightshade?? Hi foragers! I don't know what this little black "berry" is, for sure. I think I have seen it around this time of year. I thought I had planted huckleberries in this space, but this "weed" grew instead. The little tasty-looking fruits taste as plain as tomatillos.
Anyone else recognize them? What do you do with them, if so?
I decided to try them in a tomato sauce. They turned the sauce a beautiful purple! Will it be tasty? I don't know!

Are you sure you didn't plant a wonderberry/garden huckleberry? It doesn't really matter though the wonderberry is pretty much just an improved black nightshade. They grow wild all over my yard in the summer. I eat them plain but I don't like them enough to put up so the chickens mostly eat them. I did once see a pie made of them, didn't eat any though.
8 months ago
I've been trying to whittle down my fabric stash. Since I have a whole storage tub full of holiday fabric, I see a lot of these in my future.
8 months ago
All of my window plants needed potting up. I've got some succulents, aloe, a couple cactuses and wandering jew. I keep them because I like watching them grow and giving them away.
9 months ago