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That can be because your soil is high nitrogen, so your plant puts a lot of energy into leafy growth to the detriment of other factors like roots or fruit. I understand this can be common if you use high nitrogen fertilisers, whether that’s something natural like urine, or synthetic ones.
4 months ago
Hi Anne, thank you for your response. I’ve heard of the weed teas and quite like the idea except for the “it stinks” bit. I garden in a small back yard with neighbours either side, so I don’t want to be doing anything unneighbourly. I am wondering if a sealed vessel might solve the issue tho. I mean, if it’s an anaerobic tea I’m making anyway, having a lid shouldn’t theoretically be an issue. Got some comfrey growing at mo anyway, so will have plenty opportunity to try it out this summer.

My thinking was mostly based on the lacto fermenting videos of people preserving food. It made me think that if you can just harvest the lacto from the air already, and it’s a food preservation method, then there shouldn’t be any unpleasant odours in the resulting ferment, or the necessity to use dairy.

In essence I think the weed tea is a similar looking process, only it goes on in an open bucket, not a closed jar in a kitchen.

I think some experimentation is called for. Thank you again for the link, it’s got some v interesting comments and videos on there 😊
4 months ago
Ok, so this is a new thought that I’m playing with at the moment and would like to know your thoughts on my theory.

Here goes.....

So for Bokashi and KNF you can culture your own Lactobacillus Serum that you then add to kitchen scraps to ferment it before composting.

You can also cut up vegetables and meats, cover in water and lacto ferment them (same bacteria) just by covering with water and allowing the wild LAB cultures from the air to colonise it.

So theoretically, can you just skip the whole rice wash, milk saturation, LAB serum creation part (a 3 week process where I live) and just lacto ferment the food scraps directly, as if I was making a pickle?

Is there anything I’m missing? Some reason it couldn’t work? I really hate the smell (and the lengthy process of creating) the LAB serum, so if I could bypass it, I’d be very much in favour of that.

If any seasoned fermenters or just smart people in general have thoughts, I would be very grateful to hear them.

Thank you 🙏😊

4 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:If you haven't seen this thread, it's a good one:  Crazy Things that Cat Lovers do and a post in there reminds me of a story. I had too many cats around, only 3 or 4 I claimed, but a crowd of feral or neighbor cats that were around. (I caught all the ferals I could and had them neutered, them brought them back.) There were uneasy alliances between some of them, lots of dislike between others.

One night there was a BAD storm. I had a lofted waterbed, and noticed my cats came up with me. Woke up in mid storm, looked down and there were 17 cats in my bed! I didn't even KNOW some of them!! There was a truce during the storm, there was no chaos up there, they all just came up to hide with me where it was safe, then went back out as quietly as they came up, and the truce was over.


Lol 😂 17 cats??? Wow that’s crazy. I guess your kitties must have brought their friends to you for safety. It’s kinda sweet actually, that you’re known as a safe haven in the cat world. Understand you being a bit spooked at time tho.

I have seen the crazy cat lovers one too. It’s good 😁
5 months ago
I have one that I’m trying to grow from seed, but every time it grows a new leave it starts browning at tip, which then travels up the rest of the leaf and kills it. I have no idea why. Tried watering more, tried watering less, tried leaving water for 24 hours to allow chlorine to evaporate, but leaves still always die.
5 months ago
Ooo I like word association games.

5 months ago
Crazy things cat owners do? Hmmm let’s see:

* Sit uncomfortably for ages through hunger/boredom/lack of caffeine or a full bladder because the cat is comfy on your lap and you don’t want to upset them by moving.

* Talk to the cat as if they are human, including filling in their half of the conversation.

*Accidentally on purpose getting cat to attack your partner’s ankles  for your own amusement😁

*Smiling smugly when your cat very clearly demonstrates their preference for you over your partner - and being kinda jealous if they seem to prefer him!

5 months ago
Lmao my cat has a version of this to. He starts begging for strokes n seduces me off the sofa then gradually leads me over to the table where his treat tin is, before gazing pointedly upwards at it, then back at me and purring.

Not a cat thing, but my partner’s colleague once had to leave a conference call to investigate a weird noise downstairs, only to find the dog trying to drag a multipack of crisps (or chips as they’re known in the US) through the dog flap to stash in his kennel. Not gonna lie, if I was a dog, I’d have done the same 😂
5 months ago