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Bought my house before I fell in love with gardening. It’s concrete. So I covered it in planters and am making the best of my mini jungle until I can afford to buy a mini farm where I can grow all the things.

I’m a dreamer who is massively intrigued by permaculture, plant breeding, land race gardening and composting.
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Yorkshire, UK 🇬🇧 (Zone 8A, I think)
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Recent posts by Heather Gardener

Nancy Reading wrote:

Heather Gardener wrote: I have spent many happy hours losing myself down various rabbit holes after using the search bar to find all kinds of interesting threads.

The "similar threads" links at the bottom can be pretty dangerous for interesting reads too!

Just this morning I found a v interesting landrace pumpkin pic post on the similar threads listings. There really are some beautiful pumpkins/squashes in the world 🥰

4 months ago
Hi Jana,


There are some really cool people on here that are so helpful and knowledgeable. I have spent many happy hours losing myself down various rabbit holes after using the search bar to find all kinds of interesting threads.

I hope you enjoy x 😊
4 months ago
I am definitely a huggy person when it comes to a partner. With other people people, it really depends on the relationship. I have hugged strangers before now (they were holding a sign that said free hugs lol 😂). It just depends. One thing I really hate though is when people who aren’t my partner try to kiss me on he lips in greeting. I know it’s common for people to do that with their kids, other family members or even pets (ewwwww) but for me that kind of kiss is reserved for partners only.

My partner does not do physical affection at all, which is kinda hard for me. At times it makes me feel like he just doesn’t care. I don’t think that’s true but it’s hard knowing that whenever I’m going through something hard and could really use a hug, it’s never going to come from him. And on the rare occasions it does, it doesn’t feel as comforting as it should because I know that for him it’s not something he probably wants to do, but feels like he should do.
4 months ago
Anne Miller, they look v much like those ornamental cucumber things. I didn’t even know that was a thing. I’d heard of ornamental gourds, which are v pretty, but I don’t get those because I don’t trust myself not to mix up the poisonous ones with the edible but still pretty ones. I got these tiny ones because they’re pretty but I have nothing edible that looks similar.

Greg Mosser I will have to Google that one.

Thank you both 😊
4 months ago
The biggest one, about a couple inches, with my lovely boyfriend as the hand model.
4 months ago
I would agree, tomatoes are a great plant for teaching how to take cuttings. Also mint or succulents. They’re all super easy to propagate.

I guess corn would be good to teach about genetics and basic plant breeding if you use coloured corn, as you could show how each kernel was individually fertilised and is genetically different to its cob mates. Violas or pansies could work too, as they’re supposed to be very promiscuous 😉.

Trying a three sisters planting could teach how plants can be grown together to help each other out.

Beans are fun. They can be used to teach the sprouting on wet paper towels method, about natural fertilisation methods as they fix nitrogen in the soil, and how much variety there is that just can’t get unless you grow them yourself 😊 They only sell the green French beans in my local supermarkets, but I can grow purple, yellow or speckled.

Pretty much any edible plant can teach how much better home grown stuff tastes.
Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help. Does anyone know what these really cool, weird little spiky things are?

I found them at my local garden centre, £1.50 for a small cup. They were near the pumpkins/squashes. I have no idea what they are, I’m assuming some kind of curcubit, but I’d love an ID so I know what to put on the packet when I save the seeds.

4 months ago
You would think, wouldn’t you, that I would have a decent grasp of technology, given that I’m only 33?

I couldn’t upload my pics because I wasn’t logged in 🙄. Doh!

Anyway, here’s my flower pics, along with a bonus sunlounger selfie 😁
7 months ago
Today I spotted my first seed germinating of the wild kale I found. I’m stupidly excited about that. I could do with some super hardy, stands up to the aphids and caterpillars, type kale. I just hope it makes it to seedling stage and doesn’t get eaten/rot off/shrivel up in the sun. I did try and take a picture, but it’s too tiny to really show up on camera.

My first sweet peas (Lathyrus) bloomed today. It’s a variety called Winter Elegance that’s supposed to bloom through the winter, so I’m intrigued to see if it does. Might be worth attempting some wide crosses with Lathyrus Tuberosum to increase it’s winter hardiness/height or a cross with the Lathyrus known as everlasting pea, which currently dies back over winter.

Also, my sweet potatoes bloomed today 🥰. I’m so excited. I’m praying it’s a self fertile kind and I can get seeds and start my own UK based sweet potato landrace.

I have a couple pics I want to share but I don’t seem to be able to upload them directly from my iPad anymore, it’s asking for a URL of the image, so once I figure that one out, I’ll be back with pics. 😊🌱
7 months ago
Love, love, love this company. They have some awesome varieties that are different to what I can get elsewhere. Can be a little speedy compared to other places, but for the things I can’t get anywhere else then I don’t mind paying the extra. Am hoping this will be the year I manage to order their oca before it sells out.
7 months ago