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This is what it's like to live in drought stricken Northern California/Southern Oregon. Yesterday, Fri., 07/29/2022 this McKinney Fire was 300 acres. This morning, Sat. 07/30, it was reported 18,000 acres. Now,@ 3pm, it's 40,000 acres.  
1 week ago

"""Randle, are you still seeing thinks wonky? If so, it'd be great to see specifics!"""

No, Nicole,
Just making joke, like, "1001 uses for duc tape"  Fix anything with duc tape.  It's the go to quick patch for whitewater river rafting, fixing cracked dinner ware, etc

I do look at permies in early morning, no close neighbors, etc... computer wouldn't log on this a.m.

not enough duck tape

I also remember "those days" of early off grid power.  I think I had a "free" mail subscription.  

I met Bob'O Schultz on tree planting reforestation contracts, back in the day of reforestation worker co-ops. (names like Hoedads, Mudsharks, ENTS,Green Side Up...)  

Used to see Richard Perez at the  Oregon Country Faire, outside Eugene, with his off grid elec booth, back in the 1990's!  There wasn't a lot of information in those days about setting up/maintaining small micro hydro systems...trial and error learning experience.

I am also 30+ years off grid...gave away all my HP mags.

2 weeks ago

Although this one(12 ft freezer), seems a bit large, I am looking at ice chest/freezer for battery storage for my off grid battery insulated/isolated, fireproof(?)  "box" for large sets of batteries(4, 6V. DP Rolls Batts.. oversized area 3ft long, 1.5 ft wide, 2 ft tall).  More batteries/bigger system mean large freezer...
2 weeks ago

"I have never owned a mulberry tree though as a child these trees left the sidewalk with dropped berries which I remember being messy to walk on."  Anne Miller

and then one day, on a river rafting trip through oregon, we float thru an old homestead with a MULBERRY tree, loaded with ripe berries, so I make mulberry pancakes for breakfast, 20 people...

For me it would be blackberries, I do pick can and freeze, but am also always trying to keep them at bay, back get back...
4 weeks ago
"You know you're a permie when you save string from feed bags."


for my yo yos
1 month ago

I also weave small diameter sticks, slats, "things" into the hog wire fencing so the top of the fence looks taller than it is, also at different lengths/heights. I am using re-cycled wire fencing from friends and also get it from the scrap metal pile at local dump/waste transfer site here locally.

I also have 2 dogs and the fencing is to keep THE DOGS out of the garden and the dogs do most of the job of keeping deer away. I also take my dogs shedding and brushed hair and "hang" it around the garden area, more like casting it to the wind.

I do still see deer close, on my driveway, sometimes even crossing the yard, dogs asleep. I have had bears in my apple trees. outside freezer in shed dumped over and raided by bears. Dogs have treed cougar/mtn. lions even 50-75 feet from the house.

Years ago, when the one dog I had died, within days the fence was "downed' by deer and garden was ravished. I watched a 4-point buck trying to get away with wire fencing in his antlers.

I am also 70/single and some of this life is not getting easier, BUT I still enjoy my life here, 40 +yrs.....peace,rc
1 month ago