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So, today I feel like poo. I have a headache, chilly, sinus pressure, a bit of a sore throat when I woke up, post nasal drip, a lil achier than usual. Started last night over night. While I've heard that side effects can develop up to 36 hours out, I have no way to know if this is that or if this is just the awful weather, huge temperature dip, and massive pollen counts the last few days. It's miserable outside right now. Just gonna kinda take it easy today and see how it goes. It's not too bad but I just wanna sleep it off.
4 hours ago
23 hours out, so about a day, and my only side effects have been regular I-got-a-shot-pain and maybe a slight headache. I suspect we're golden. I'll update tomorrow and then every week or two.
1 day ago
Got my second Pfizer today! Been almost 2 hours, nothing but a lil injection site pain and a wee headache so far... Headache could easily be attributed to the storm we have today. I was headachey and it was storming during my last shot too.
2 days ago
Oooh! I've been building a bioactive vivarium for Red Eye Tree Frogs and I started a bioactive native terrarium yesterday! Serpa Designs is great.
2 days ago
Feed store chicks are often unvaccinated, and there's several kinds of chicken vaccines out there.

It's pretty early for Mareks, but it's never too early for cocci.

With no other symptoms but lethargy/off balance I would look at this being a likely culprit. It could also be a vitamin deficiency as stated by others, but coccida causes vitamin deficiencies. Can you get photos of the chick poop?
1 week ago
Some bucks are permitted dewlaps in breed standard but they're usually smaller and less prominent. I've had bucks with dewlaps but it's like a hen that crows, it's just super uncommon.
1 week ago
I agree with the rest of the people here.
-Lower expectations and let go of everything you can. Consider just a single annual veggie bed full of fancy favorites and a couple trees planted in the fall for example.
-Make a list of what needs to be done when to accomplish those bare minimum goals and break it down into one step at a time.
-Focus on real needs (people, animals, long term already-installed plans like trees and perennial beds) and THEN focus on optionals like a nice looking eating space and annuals, flowers, whatever.
-Put in 1-2 hours a day. You will be amazed what you can get done if you just pick something from the top 1/3rd of your to-do list and put in an hour or two every day.

If you have the option.... What you need is a barn raising of sorts. A few pizzas and beers and a group of people (masked and outdoors hopefully) can accomplish a lot from your task list if you bring them in for just one day. Personally I don't even have a kid on the way and I'm feeling overwhelmed by my task list. So is everyone I know. We plan on having a few communal work days in our group over the next couple months where we just go to X location, tackle as much of their to-do list as possible, then move on to the next person the next week. Many hands makes light work and good people will offer help for a day in exchange for food and support later. If you can get people together to help with some lighter tasks (cleaning, prepping some garden beds, spring maintenance, etc.) it can go a long way.
1 week ago
So, not really. Honestly most animals are very androgynous prior to puberty - even humans. As adults rabbits have some sexual dimorphism in head shape, body shape, dewlaps, but until they grow into that you just gotta have a look see.

Instead of looking for another way to sex them, consider another way to CATCH them. How are you feeding them? I feed into bowls 1-2xs a day. Because of this I get hands-on interactions with each rabbit daily (albeit mine are in cages not roaming).

If you feed once a day, you can easily get every rabbit in the pen into the same spot every day. You can even still give hay free choice all day anywhere in the pen, just give pellets and veggies once a day.

From there it's much easier to, say, have them all eat in an area that's easy to partition off like a dog playpen and when they all run in to eat you just close a door behind them. Suddenly it's much easier to grab them than if they're running loose.

You could also consider some sort of fine net on a pole, or herding them into chutes.
1 week ago
I have a reverse problem - gloves that are long enough for my fingers are floppy wide and cumbersome - though the stretch gardening gloves from home depot this year fit pretty well so I use those for everything now and they were cheap as hecky too.

I find Ryobi One+ cordless tools work well for the price... And I can hold them... But they're still remarkably heavy. I wish I had my friends Milwakee tools. Expensive but worth their weight in gold!
1 week ago
I'm a bigger lady and I'd like to strongly recommend the Fiskars X-series axes to other women. I have the X17 (23.5in) and the X25(28in) splitting axes.

I'm built bigger than most women (and a good number of men) at nearly 6'. I find the X25 a little easier to use for my body size but I have less control. The extra weight really helps in splitting wood when you don't have as much umph in your arms.
The X17 is so small my BFF who is 5'3" can use it. I can use it too but it does feel small to me. However, I have great control with this axe and despite having weight enough to go through wood it is light enough to wield for hours with ease. This axe is really excellent and is the axe I taught myself how to split wood with. It will even take down small trees.

The handles are super smooth and the whole thing is really ergonomically designed. The blades are very solid, sharp and easy to care for. I love my lady axes. <3

Partner who is same height as me but more strongly built likes this old terrible rusty axe with a thinner blade that's a million lbs and feels terrible. More power to him I guess but I like to work smarter not harder and the wedge head on those Fiskars axes is great.
1 week ago