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I have 4+ Acres to homestead in NV. "The Köppen Climate Classification subtype for this climate is "BSk". (Tropical and Subtropical Steppe Climate)."
I'm build slowly from nothing as time and $ permit. I love finding help and friends here.
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Winemucca, NV
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Recent posts by Cat Knight

Apparently emus will make music if given the right tools too...
1 month ago
While exploring Winemucca today I found this in the thrift store and I have no idea what it is so I didn't buy it...

What am I missing out on?

1 month ago

Riona Abhainn wrote:
While I don't think we'd be very good bootcamp candidates, someday my husband and I, plus likely my MIL, will go to Wheaton Labs to camp for a visit.

Well, I'm not young or terribly fit, but I have paid attention to Paul's work and have cultivated some skills and am willing to play well with others and follow rules. Hubs has a professional skill that makes him useful around the lab even though he has been working a lot and hasn't learned as much about how things work there.

If your husband and you both boot, you could actually earn an acre each at the lab, for a total of two. The only reason we didn't do that is because we already had the land.

We've been apart quite a bit before, so we have a system. But it is never fun.
1 month ago

Wendy O'Neill wrote: what is a Darwin Bucket?  Is it similar to a seed bomb?

So the Darwin bucket is something we came up with. Anything we ate with seeds in it, windfall apples from our trees and both truly foraged and urban foraged seeds went into the 5 gallon hardware store buckets. Since we have several acres, we literally dump the buckets and see if anything takes.

We figure mother nature is smarter than we are, and if it is meant to grow it will and if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to grow there unassisted. Similar to Sepp spreading his apple pulp from making cider to "plant" new trees.
1 month ago

Jay Angler wrote:
that might suggest that unprocessed milk would help if you soaked the meat in it for a day. I'm sure there's a name for that, but it escapes me at the moment.

Lactic acid? But there are a ton of OLD recipes for pork braised in milk...
2 months ago
So to tenderize meat you want to use what's called an acid food.

Some common ones are tomatoes, wine/beer, citrus juice, or fruits (peaches, pineapple, apples).

A few things have enzymes in them that tenderize, specifically papaya and yogurt.

To make it soft, you can use the sous vide, or make a soup/stew or braise (like a pot roast) in your oven or a slow cooker.

And before you go thinking I'm nuts for suggesting with fruit or meat with yogurt I'd like to point out duck a l'orange, tandoori, and pork and apple sausage ;)

The tomatoes aren't as much of a stretch for most people (pasta sauce with meat, chili).

I think these also have the advantage of bringing in other non-meat flavors that you wanted?

2 months ago
I know a lady who gave hers a kid's xylophone toy. There is now a product for sale that is basically the same thing. Here is video of some hens composing. I watch things like this for a long time :)
2 months ago

Stephen B. Thomas wrote:Way to go, Cat...! Happy to hear the good news. It was a pleasure to have you here with us, for sure. Onward and upward.

Please let me know if you could use an extra set of hands over there on occasion, likely during the colder months.

You were given an open invitation while I was there- it stands. My area of NV gets snow, but not nearly as much as Wheaton Labs.
2 months ago

Nicky Schauder wrote:Cat, Congrats one new adventures elsewhere!  And wow about the weight loss!  That alone could be a testimonial to the Bootcamp hehe!  Can't wait to see where else your journey brings you.

I think it is an amazing testimonial to Bootcamp. Especially since Thanksgiving (and my birthday) happened while I was there I was never asked to push my body or to change my diet with the exception of using all organic (or better) foods which are readily available there but not often stocked here.
2 months ago