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Recent posts by Marie Abell

Thanks, Anne!! Just exactly the info I was looking for. 👍🏻
1 month ago
Hi there, I was thinking this morning about my daughter's dry eyes, which I always medicate with a simple saline solution. Then I got to wondering if there is possibly an herb that would soothe those eyes as a tea, my immediate thought was comfrey, then plantain--since both of these plants are mucilaginous and soothing to other skin and membranes, it seemed like either could work. Anybody have any experience with this type of thing, or any reasons why it could be a bad idea? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
1 month ago
When you're sitting in a bar alone and you should be scrolling facebook or swiping tinder like a good millennial, but instead you're looking up predator-resistant fowl for your new homestead and searching up local alternatives to chinese herbs for a solid covid cure...
1 month ago
So many lovely stories on this thread, thanks everyone for taking the time to share.

My first and still favorite flower is daffodil, my grandmother had planted a row of them right beside our garden, and I adored them. They were the only "useless ornamental" that my dad could be bothered to keep around, mostly because he knew how much I loved them. When I arrived to what I thought would be my forever home here in southern Chile I planted a row of them beside my garden in honor of those two people, who are now gone. Then when I was deciding where I would go when I needed to leave that home, I knew the place when I arrived to a driveway lined with flowering daffodils.

When I ran across a dogwood in a local nursery, I had to buy it and plant it despite the price because it reminded me of hiking with my mom through a forest of flowering dogwood as a child, while she explained the symbolic meaning of their four-petaled flowers.

Now in my new life, which has been full of difficult new starts, I find pride and peaceknowing that I am surrounded by the orchard of fruit trees that my dad always dreamed of having.

Others that always make me stop and pause, rich with nostalgia, are tomatoes (never could get over the smell of a crushed tomato leaf), blackberry (even though they're invasive here and I've been forced to start chopping them), plantain (the first medicinal herb I identified and used), and probably a hundred others that I'm forgetting at the moment.

I always swore that the first man who bought me a dozen red roses would be eliminated immediately for his lack of creativity, but I do love growing roses. They tell me that in her younger years my grandmother was an exceptional rose gardener, and it's partly because of that that my first tattoo was a rose. They also remind me of my father-in-law, a sweet old bachelor who loved his roses and would proudly cut me a bouquet when I was around. Can't beat wild rosehip jelly either, no matter how many times you get pricked picking them!

1 month ago
When your version of connecting with your generation is carrying your portable speaker with you to listen to Taylor Swift while you chop blackberries and cut firewood. You come back satisfied because you left the blackberries to mulch the fruit trees and didn't eliminate the naturally-occurring tree guilds in the abandoned orchard, but you don't remember any of the songs you listened to because you were too proud that you thought of a way to use cut blackberries as a double-purpose mulch and grazer repellent for your future potato patch.
2 months ago
Today I washed several days worth of dishes, using Paul's water-conserving method from the video.

I also had 2 beers, then homemade goulash, a cup of strong black coffee, and then made oatmeal raisin cookies for the whole gang. Quite a successful Friday night if you ask me.

Also composted oatstraw left over from an infusion, dumped it right into my favorite geranium. Did a comparison with another geranium, mulching her with cornhusks from the sweet corn we used in the goulash. We'll see who ends up happier.

This evening I meditated for the first time in a reallly long time. First time I've done guided meditation, and it was fantastic. Up to the moment it has eliminated a sciatic/lumbar and leg pain that has debilitated me for months now.
5 months ago
One boyfriend tried calling me "babycakes". I put a clear and immediate stop to that kind of language, the relationship lasted only a few short weeks after that.

My husband and I call each other "cutie", which I like. I also have him in my phone as "Superman", which he likes and makes me smirk.

I have invented no end of cute nicknames for my kids over years--cutiebug, sillybutt, grumpybutt, crazyhead. Of course it's fairly apparent how these arose during the many and varied scenes and situations of childhood. My favorite invention is "scraggamuffin", as my kids are true permies and diehard dirt lovers, also they are fans of water conservation so they avoid bathing whenever possible.
5 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:create a robust apothecary

Whoops, now I saw it...
5 months ago
I'm officially voting for everything.

An idea I didn't see is a woodsman's first-aid kit, maybe learning how to make tinctures, poultices, bandages from old clothing, effective splints from scavenged materials, safe/responsible foraging of wild and cultivated medicinal herbs, etc.
5 months ago

Jay Angler wrote:

Marie Abell wrote:Bypassers cocked their heads funny when I crawled up on top of my truck bed to jump on everything to help compact it

Been there, done that - but for us it's a trailer rather than a truck! You'd think Hubby would do it, as he outweighs me by a third, but no - it's always me that's the "branch compactor"!

We lithe, agile feminine types always out-compete the males in the real athletics, don't we 🤣
6 months ago