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Recent posts by Marie Abell

Peter Fink wrote:Hi! Not sure if you already know about this, but there is a website designed just for your situation! World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)ing is really popular. Essentially hosts who believe in sustainable farming practices offer room and board in exchange for labor. You might try out setting up a host account and I bet you'd get a bunch of requests!
There is even a website set up just for Chile!

Hope this helps

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Patrik Schumann wrote:Hola, Your request communicates a situation both challenging & inviting.  Though we're an older couple with an 11-year old & now again far away, we did just complete a large family gathering + another long recon in Chile which for the fourth time got us down to Patagonia.  This time we focused on the Puelo region again & somehow I imagine we were not far from you.  Sorry we couldn't visit to help; might have at least gotten your plumbing, pruning, felling, & woodsplitting done.  

You weren’t far at all! I am in the los rios region. If you guys are ever closeby again, send me a PM and we’ll work out a visit!
Hi everyone, thanks sooo much for all the great replies. I have had a crazy week, and I am finally here to send PMs to everybody and just send out a general thank you. Even those of you who have taken the time to give suggestions or say hi, have given me an incredible boost of good energy. So thanks to everyone, homesteading can sometimes be a lonely journey and I am so glad I came back to the permies community because you guys always come through.

I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like since I posted this message things have taken a turn for the better for me. Yesterday I had friends from far away show up out of the blue to help out with various projects in the house--they just showed up, fixed a bunch of shit, then grilled out and left me a bunch of food and some tools. Earlier in the week somebody else gave me a payment on a debt they owe me, which will give me the money to install a wind energy system, something that will make my life drastically easier. Also won the bid on a translating job, which will give me more cash to work with on other projects and possibly an opening into other longterm work. So if this is manifesting, I guess I’ll be posting here more often!

I still have mountains of projects, so I’ll be writing PMs (right now!) to each of you who have offered to make the trip so that we can get to know each other better and coordinate details. I’m so excited, and again, very grateful for each message.

Melissa Ferrin wrote:Marie,
This sounds really attractive.
I have a sabbatical coming up at work, but not until October, and I need to be here in Mexico in November, so I really couldn't go to Chile until sometime after January 2024.
I studied in Chile in 1993 and I've wanted to go back ever since. I was based in Santiago, but travelled from Arica to Puerto Montt.

Hi Melissa!! Sorry for the delay in responding. Will send you a PM within the next day or so!

John C Daley wrote:Are you aware there was a settlement of Australians in your country back in the 1800's looking for the ideal land. It fell apart with arguments though, I think.

I had no idea! Link doesn't work, but there is plenty of ideal land here, part of why I love it so much. Too bad it fell apart, would've been cool to have more aussies around instead of so many germans lol

John C Daley wrote:What a great and clear request for help.
I am inAustralia and could help easily but I think a local would be easier, I hope you find that person good luck!

Thanks, John! I'll get back to you after a while if I don't get any takers 😜 no clue if there are direct flights from there to Chile either hehe
Hi there, hoping this finds someone that is looking for an adventure!

Admin, if there are other forums where this should be posted, I would love it if you could please help me out there. I've disappeared from permies for about a year now and kinda forgot my way around. 😅

I'm a 30 y/o female living in an isolated location in southern Chile and looking for help on my homestead. I used to be fairly active here on permies, but my life has been pretty chaotic over the last year so I kind of went silent for a while. In April of 2022 construction was finished on my A-frame house here on my 5-hectare plot in the middle of the rainforest. I love my place and am determined to live this lifestyle (financially I have no other options, anyways) but I am getting overwhelmed with everything I need to do to make it work. I have lived without hot water for all this time, without heating for the majority of this time, I do not have an adequate septic setup, have no refrigeration, and need to build a woodshed to store my supply of firewood for the rainy winter that is coming soon. Emotionally I am in a difficult place, as this is my dream but I am tired of fighting an uphill battle all the time.

I would love to have someone come and stay for a couple of months to work on these projects with me. Not everything has to be permie-acceptable, I just need solutions for now. I would pay for all food and obviously any of the project expenses, but I can't offer much more than that financially. Someone would need to be willing to rough it a bit for a short time while we get things done, but hopefully we could get hot water and other things fixed right at first to make living a little easier.

I do have a job off the property that I need to devote time to, so hopefully someone wouldn't mind getting left alone on the property during the days that I have to be away. Again, it is an isolated area, but there are 2 neighbors nearby who would provide transport and help in case of emergency. I have electricity via a generator and there is cell service, albeit intermittent at times.

I am open to learning other languages, so fluency in my languages isn't absolutely necessary, although basic spanish or a willing to learn it is a must (so that you could move around here on your own). I speak fluent english and spanish and would be happy to tutor you in either. It also seems relevant that I love the culture here and am not tolerant of racism/negativity towards it.

Something else that I can offer in return for your hard work would be an exchange of knowledge. I have studied natural medicine for about 15 years, researched permaculture for about 5, and am also fairly knowledgeable in other elements of alternative living. I am close to the artesanal brewing industry here, so if you are interested I can hook you up with folks who could help you learn about making beer and hard cider. Ecotourism is big in this area, so you'd have plenty of chances for hiking, boating/kayaking, camping, and exploring and learning about nature in whatever way interests you.

I have 2 small children (ages 5 and 9) who are with me every other week. We are recently transitioning to gentle/connected parenting, so most days there's a lot of chaos, noise, and emotions swirling around! They are homeschooled at this point so the days when they are with me are pretty intensely kid-focused. I plan on doing as much of the work 50/50 as I can, but when the kids are around I prioritize their needs. These might be times when you would prefer to focus on your own interests, take nature hikes, or explore the surrounding region.

As I stated earlier I plan on paying for all of the food, but our diet is pretty varied. We are omnivores and eat a combination of what is nutritious, economical, and convenient. Anyone who has special dietary considerations would need to bring/buy what they need for themselves and cook separately if need be. I have a gas cooktop and an electric oven, plus a wood-burning stove and the option to cook outdoors over an open fire.

I guess it goes without saying that you would need to be able-bodied and fairly fit to work well for this job. It is a 700-meter uphill hike to get to the house, and I don't have a car so it's necessary to walk about 500 meters to get to the nearest bus stop. We cross a river by boat to arrive at the property, so hopefully that's not an issue for anyone! We are isolated but not remote, it is about 10 minutes to get from the house to civilization.

I am hoping for a single/unattached person, not for romantic purposes but mostly because of space concerns and lack of resources. I would prefer working with a woman, but I am open to talking with anyone to see if we'll be a good fit. I don't see a reason for an upper age limit so long as you're physically fit enough, but I do think it's important that you're at least 18 in order to avoid any complications traveling.

To be more precise, the projects I would like to complete are:
Connecting plumbing for hot water (mostly done already)
Building a woodshed
Small fencing projects
Prune fruit trees and fell dead/sick ones
Clear brush
Fell trees and chop/split firewood
Build a simple bedstead
General cleanup and organization, in the house and around the property
Interior and exterior painting of the house
Building small basic furniture (tables and shelves)

I think that with both of us motivated to get things done, a 2-month stay would be a reasonable amount of time to finish most of these things. I would reserve the right to terminate the arrangement before that time if personality conflicts become unworkable, or if other significant problems arose with the situation.

So I guess that's about it, I woke up this morning determinined to get things turned around here, so I really hope to find someone willing to help me out! Thanks for reading this far, please get in touch if this sounds like something that interests you!
Thanks, Anne!! Just exactly the info I was looking for. 👍🏻
2 years ago
Hi there, I was thinking this morning about my daughter's dry eyes, which I always medicate with a simple saline solution. Then I got to wondering if there is possibly an herb that would soothe those eyes as a tea, my immediate thought was comfrey, then plantain--since both of these plants are mucilaginous and soothing to other skin and membranes, it seemed like either could work. Anybody have any experience with this type of thing, or any reasons why it could be a bad idea? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
2 years ago
When you're sitting in a bar alone and you should be scrolling facebook or swiping tinder like a good millennial, but instead you're looking up predator-resistant fowl for your new homestead and searching up local alternatives to chinese herbs for a solid covid cure...
2 years ago