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Recent posts by David Woodward

Jules Silverlock wrote:That is a great way to generate income, for sure!  Permies has just that – an excellent affiliate marketing program that offers 40-80% commission rates on items listed in the Digital Market here and also on our sister sites - for example, at https://wheaton-labs.com/ - where you can talk about our events and use your affiliate code ('f-code') to sell tickets that will often generate you 50% of the sale price in affiliate earnings (that could be $600+ for just one sale!) :)

Sign up to the permies affiliate program here: https://permies.com/wiki/affiliate to start earning today!  It really is one of the best homesteading affiliate marketing programs you could find.

These are exactly the types of products that would be great to promote. Permaculture and self-sufficiency in general needs more promotion, in my opinion.
5 months ago
I've been wanting to move to my own permaculture farm for a few years now. My problem is that I can't make enough money to do it. Especially to set up the farm and support my wife and I until the farm starts making money. This is the problem. I believe I have found the thing holding us back. We've been trying to do it by ourselves. Just like in permaculture, monoculture is not a good thing. Neither is mono-incomes, especially if we're doing everything ourselves. So, I'm taking a page from cooperatives and digital marketing. Here's my proposal to you...

Let's create a community, a digital cooperative.

What if we, as a community, did affiliate marketing? For those of you that don't know, affiliate marketing is selling other people's products and services for a commission. For example, a commission of $75 on a $149 product is fairly common. If we all put in a little effort on each product or service that was sold then everyone that was involved with selling would receive a share of the profits based on their level of participation. Participation could be as simple as putting in $20 towards advertising or as complex as creating an influencer promotion strategy. This really isn't difficult. It just comes down to traffic, conversion, nurture, sale.

This would be very doable with a time commitment of less than 2 hours a week and the money needed could be $0 or whatever you want to put in. Providing value doesn't always have to be money. Maybe just posting about what you're involved in on social media.

If this is something you want to discuss or you have questions, let me know. I'll answer any and all questions to the best of my ability and I'd be willing to put together the site to operate this from if you want this.

By the way, I'm David Woodward and I'm ready to devote as much time, effort as needed and as much money as I have available to make this happen. Not just for me, my wife and my kids but for everyone that is trying to transition to the life of self-sufficiency, freedom and more in line with nature.

I look forward to hearing from you.
6 months ago