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since Sep 13, 2021
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Self-reliance, voluntarism, agorism, Art, interior design (Low EMF/no toxic chemicals). Edible gardens; looking to Exit & Build with a (male) partner or like minded folk (no biological injections)  in the USA
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Recent posts by Tesserak Clark

Dalton, Any updates on building community in Sequim or nearby?
Much Love!
3 weeks ago
Ivanson Lance,
Any updates or similar communities in the PNW?
Tess =)
4 months ago
Tara, do you know of any low EMF micro-communities or people interested in forming/joining one in the US, specially in the west half of the US? i.e. Pacific North West, AZ, UT, NM, CO?
Thanks & hope all is well =)
4 months ago
@Donna Moreno,
I totally get you and if you find that area please reach out and let me know. I'll do the same. I guess less populated areas/states with no infrastructure would probably be your best bet. Check out the Ice Age farmer's relocation maps
5 months ago
Megan Helen,
I resonate with your thoughts & feelings.
Those are great questions, and imo, our narcissistic societies/cultures have created conflict, confusion and divide between men/woman's relationships.
I hope that one day we can figure it out, heal and work together, bringing our best gifts we can offer to our relationships...
6 months ago
[quote= 🙏Thank you Tesserak I’m busy with a lot of irons in the fire but as things get more slow with my business I’ll be able to work more on this plan.
I really need to make a video outlining my PowerPoint and introducing myself and the idea.
The light in me honors the light in you. Thank you again for the love. We really really want to build an Ubuntu one small village and expand from there.
I read Ubuntu back when Tellinger would still personally email you back…. I’ve been wanting this to happen for a while. A haven for creative thriving projects and people!

Looking forward to the PowerPoint Dalton, that is a very good idea =)
Much Love from Tess https://harmonik.wixsite.com/harmony
8 months ago
Best post & comments I've read and Ubuntu is awesome Dalton!
Will share your post with like minded souls. Much Love
8 months ago

Elle Walker wrote:Finding housing as an electrosensitive person is incredibly difficult in today's world.

If anyone comes across this thread in their search, we currently have space available for a fragrance-free, non-EMF individual(s) in NW Georgia, USA. The home is not completely free of cell reception, but it is the best we've found within the constraints of today's reality. I am electrosensitive and can sleep well there.

There are tons of trees, beautiful trails nearby, and lakes for fishing.

More info: https://permies.com/t/191678/Space-fragrance-free-EMF-individual

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to talk more about it (or about this topic in general).

Hello Elle, I'll send you a message : )
1 year ago