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I'm a little old lady learning to garden on an urban tenth of an acre. I used to forage but I no longer live where it's practical, so I'm establishing plants I want to forage at home.
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Recent posts by Ellen Lewis

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your hard work to take excellent care of yourself!
Regardless of your success at "eliminating" the cancer, (our bodies generate and resolve cancers all the time) clearly you are already living both longer and better than you were before you discovered Tommy. Congratulations!
The longer you live, the better for all of us.
I wish you great success in gathering your people. You've been working towards this a long time. May that dedication pay off.
Around here there's not always water, but there's always wind.
So, wind.
3 weeks ago
Cool! I didn't see any breadfruit. Of course, there are lots of things I didn't see. I don't think I'll go again, but it was a wonderful visit.
3 weeks ago
Definitely not tamarindo or inga or carob. Looked like garden beans, both the pod and the seed.
3 weeks ago
Hello Andrés.
Last year I was in Colombia visiting my niece.
I saw a leguminous tree with large pods and large beans that I think were used for food, like garden beans but bigger.
I don't speak Spanish so I wan't sure what they were telling me, and I got neither a picture nor a name of the tree, and I did not get to taste the beans.
Is there such a tree that you are familiar with?
3 weeks ago
The traditional oil is olive. Extra virgin olive. Since most of the oils we use didn't exist when mayonnaise was invented, before industrial solvents and grinding processes. And I think it tastes best.
I make it in a blender.
Just yolks is easier and richer and you can keep the whites to use in baking.
One egg or two yolks blended with the juice of a small to medium lemon (maybe a large lemon if it's a duck egg?) and the first spoonful of oil, with a pinch of mustard powder and a pinch of salt.
Then, while blending on low, drizzle in more oil until it's thick. Usually approximately a cup, but it sets when it sets.
4 weeks ago
I imagine - though I haven't tried it -  that increasing the number of times or the duration of the first boil would do it.
I make marmalade of thai limes and it's seriously bitter & strongly flavored.
1 month ago
So, are you going to give us the recipe? Do I need a freeze dryer?
1 month ago
I know you say you want a skirt, but you also say "they" would prefer a dress.
So, pardon me, but I'm encouraging you to think about a dress instead.
I have had one simple dress that has been my fallback for formal occasions for at least two decades.
I think a dress can be made more adaptable than a skirt to multiple size and shape changes.
Your arm length and shoulder width aren't going to change.
As long as the shoulders fit, a simple shift or a-line dress will fit you regardless of the fluctuations of your waist and hip measurements. If you make it with short sleeves or without sleeves you can add an over- or under-layer depending on the season.
The simplicity of it will show off the silk.
When the event is over it can be layered as a tunic over pants, or a jumper over a blouse, or under a sweater or apron or jacket or shorter tunic.
(Plus I can overeat in it, whereas I wouldn't be able to in a skirt with a waist.)

1 month ago
The first plantain salve I made was from the seeds, not the leaves. Steeped in olive oil for several weeks, and then solidified with about 1/4 or 1/5 beeswax. It worked well. It was primarily a diaper salve, and my daughter had very sensitive skin.
1 month ago