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Recent posts by Jeff Bosch

We have had problems when we have hired "professional" videographers in the past.

Last year we had much better luck with the participants taking video.

If you want to purchase a ticket, you are encouraged to submit video you take.

The Kickstarter Video Deal:
For each minute of video you take and submit, that we use in a kickstarter movie, we will provide for you:

- $50 (or $100, or $200 - see below)
- 2 gift codes for the final product
- $50 worth of digital market moichendize (PW)
- $50 off a ticket(s) to future jamborees

So if you set us up with 30 minutes of video that make it into a final kickstarter movie:

- $1500 (or $3000, or $6000 - see below)
- 60 gift codes for the final product
- $1500 worth of digital market moichendize (PW)
- $1500 off a ticket(s) to future jamborees

Fine print:

- for a kickstarter movie that brings in more than $50,000

  o $50 per minute if the kickstarter brings in $50k to $99K
  o $100 per minute if the kickstarter brings in $100k to $199K
  o $200 per minute if the kickstarter brings in more than $200K

- prorated, so if we use 22 seconds you get 22/60 of a minute of this dealio

- we might try to use your video for other stuff, but there is no compensation for that

  o "full event", "bonus video" or "stuff that didn't get into the movie"
  o stuff on youtube
  o etc.

- we are considering if the next Low Tech movie is from a single event or combining the next two.

3 months ago
That would be your own responsibility to purchase.

From the first post, some of the ways to earn money outside of boot hours to buy extra raw vegan stuff:

a little jingle in your pocket

COIN-1: Several boots have harvested hundreds of dollars by posting pics and videos of theirs experiences here in the BRK program (now at about $2000).

COIN-2: You can edit videos for Paul's YouTube channel.  He pays $400 to $500 per video.  Some people can whip up a video in less than an hour. Details here.

COIN-3: After a few weeks (once we think you can do stuff on your own), talk to us about some bounties for coin.  There are several little projects we are willing to pay for.   A person could earn about $100 to $200 per month on evenings and weekends.

COIN-4: And if there is a special tool or bit of warm clothes you would like to have, the BRK and ant love programs have proven to be quite generous.

COIN-5: When people need a ride to and from the airport a person with a rig could harvest pick-up and drop-off bounties.  (Normally $35 one way during normal hours and $55 for crazy hours)

COIN-6: When a boot is here long enough, they can harvest some coin giving tours.

COIN-7: Sometimes we have a rush and there is a need for people to help with rentals - and that pays money!

COIN-8: Some ants and deep roots people have paid for help with their plots - building and gardening.

COIN-9: We have a neighbor that sometimes needs some construction help and has paid for that on evenings and weekends.

COIN-10: Some residents in the past have set up patreon accounts and made a few hundred bucks a month posting videos and pics.  

COIN-11: When you have a plot to play with, you can build a fence and some gardens and a structure.   And then you can sell those improvements to somebody else.  

COIN-12: When a boot is here long enough, they can harvest some coin helping with events on weekends.

Also, Paul has supplied items for boots to grow sprouts and mushrooms and this past Wednesday was indoor gardening day to help provide the boots with more fresh food in the other months.

3 months ago
The reason fire clay is used in masonary and rocket mass heaters is because is doesn't expand or contract as much as other clays when cooled(humidity is added) or heated(dried out).

What are the properties of your clay, you would have to test them. Easiest way is to do a test build of your setup outside and see how the clay reacts when heated and after hard firings.
3 months ago

If you've ever wanted to see the inside of a RMH after it's been used for a while, here's your golden opportunity.

the two with flaky stuff look normal and not dangerous but the las one with the caked on stuff looks like a chimney fire hazard.

To clarify, the old RMH in the Red Cabin wasn't running properly (why it was replace at the Rocket Mass Heater Workshop 2022) but the chimney was not cleaned out until now.
4 months ago
Chris McClellan (Uncle Mud) has experience explaining RMH to code officials so they understand how it is safe and fights into code.
4 months ago

Okay, so when making a clean-out, is there any advantage to putting the crimp on the cap vs. on the 'T' opening?

I think fitting a cap inside of the 'T' opening would be easier, especially if the 'T' is surrounded by cob.

Most of the caps here only fiction fitted no screws or tape.
4 months ago
Tell us more about your compost bin.

How big is it? What is it made of? age? etc...

What is the temperature outside?
4 months ago
One of the things needed for the pebbles system to work is for there to be air flow through the pebbles to heat the room.

Adding air vents/passageway underneath the mass also aids in making sure the heat doesn't travel down through the mass and get the floor too hot.
4 months ago

Chris Vee wrote:I do so so much appreciate all the input. luckily, a neighbor (3 doors down / 1/2 a mile down) is doing a work-trade with me & will be helping me install proper sleepers under my house to support the RMH. I’ll track the whole project when I start in 2 weeks.

Anyone have experience with hybrid RMH’s?… if I put mostly cob in the front for heat insulation and pebble on the backside to keep it slightly lighter will I be happy?… 😁

Can you do air paths underneath so the air can flow underneath and then up the back through the pebbles?
4 months ago