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Recent posts by Jeff Bosch

Do you have more than 20 BBs? Do you want to visit Wheaton Labs, for free?

Fill out our BB20 Event Questionnaire:
2 days ago

Fran Riley wrote:I subscribed but also get the invalid format on the download.

What app/program is giving you "Invalid Format" error?

Maybe you tablet doesn't have something to read PDFs or the tablet is opening it up with the incorrect app.
6 days ago
Once again this spring we will be holding a free BB20 SKIP event.

April 24-28, 2023
SKIP: Skills to Inherit Property
Skills to Inherit Property homesteading and permaculture skills event

If you don't have BB20 yet, you are welcome to join us for a thousand bucks.  Just click here to part with your money and we'll get started on getting your particulars sorted out.

About SKIP:

SKIP is a curriculum of experiences you can complete to prove you can do permaculture.  While a PDC  teaches you how to do permaculture design and analysis, SKIP is hands-on.  You are making things.

This is a chance for anyone with a BB20 badge in the PEP Program to come out to Wheaton Labs for free.  

Feel of the Event:

In this program, you will gain and demonstrate new skills.  It isn't about training, classroom time or lengthy discussion.  It's about pounding out actual projects.  This event will be heavily focused on giving attendees the ability to complete badges.  You work at your own pace and under your own direction on the BBs of your choice.  Or just watch the clouds go by.  There aren't instructors and it's pretty free-form but Paul asks us to all complete the harvesting firewood BB.  

Since it's a free event, we aren't all guaranteed to have access to everything we'd want.  For instance the excavator may or may not be available.  Or we might not all be able to play with full willow candy cans.

Since Paul loves you so much, boot-style food is also included.  That's a wide variety of vegetarian staples but we have to cook it ourselves and clean up after ourselves.  Tent sites are free but bunks would need to be paid for.

If you want to attend, fill out this survey:

So if you've been waiting for a time to get to WL for free, this is it, but first get your 20 BBs.  

1 week ago
We use BBCode.

If you are using the Desktop view you can see the shortcut buttons when you use "Post Reply".

If you are using mobile view, Saana's first link gives the BBCode syntax.

Jules Silverlock wrote:

Jeff Bosch wrote:  free, can handle up to 500 participants Co-host and speaker have video/audio, participants watch an unlisted youtube livestream.

Excellent, thanks Jeff!

Do you know if participants have to download anything? We are tending to steer clear of anything that does require this.

Both can be embedded in a thread.  free, can handle up to 500 participants Co-host and speaker have video/audio, participants watch an unlisted youtube livestream.
What level of participation is needed of the attendees?

Do they need video? Voice? Or is only chat good?

Kathy Vargo wrote:Are there any plans for a rocket kiln plan?  How much rocket expertise is necessary to build one of these?

It can probably be pieces together from various threads.

There is be more details if the PTJ Movie is completed.

But best way for hands on experience is attending the Permaculture Technology Jamboree

Sebastian Köln wrote:There is a good chance it will still work.
You should still be able to spawn a terminal:
(not tested:

If not, you can run it in a virtual machine.

I second setting up a virtual machine running the OS you need.
1 week ago