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since Feb 15, 2022
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artist, musician, have spent time caring for elderly and down-syndrome people, participating in community playing music every night.
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Recent posts by kevin brooks

good day,
i have friends with small farm , but go in city a lot
(have their own market store with lots of baked goods)

family-oriented community, lots of children and elderly
down-syndrome child even.

play music every night before dinner.
(guitars, accordion style, folk music)

i can get you contact of a woman to relay with from here
then you can talk woman to woman, i won't e-mail you again after that
1 year ago
i have friends with a large farm in southern california
(1 hour north of san-diego, 35 minutes from Oceanside) ,
olive grove, grapefruit & persimmon trees.

they would accept you and your mother...
family-oriented community farm, several houses
single men & single women and families involved,  
some have parents living with them

they go in town to markets 4 times a week.
and have their own store --- 15 minutes from Oceanside CA.

musical evenings every night.
greetings, writing in 2022.
i have friends with a small community started in washington state. i think they have goats now.
three couples, each have children 4-and-under, a few couples with teens, and others.
music every night with their children before dinner.

their main business is fishing salmon in alaska. (i can give you the website when you write)
i will give you phone # of a woman to talk with immediate, who lives at the community house.

if you are no longer looking in the West coast , that's ok.
i know friends with communities farther in-land.
i am in the middle of the continent, in a community.
2 years ago
have farm community with trades, market store, hand-made products,
we play a lot of music...  (kevin)
2 years ago
greetings miss or mrs. draven,
appreciate your caring thoughtful questions.

yes these communities inter-relate, like gears on a clock,
lots of families with children to care for, so no drinking/drugs as a result while staying with us.
busy like bees in a beehive ---  teaching skills and trades, farm meetings together,
monthly festivals, passing on trades, build houses, etc,
go to markets to sell farm products from each other... help each other make it.

we gather in our homes each night to music, and then we sit in circles and share hearts.
for more info, and locations across, someone can send me a moose-age or email
then i will give contact info of a location (west, east, south, north middle)
so they can talk with them personally --- woman to woman, or whatever is best.
sincerely, kevin

2 years ago
emily said "community in Sask and neighboring areas in Canada would be very cool indeed..."
this is gad, entry above, i sent you a moose-age e-mail, just stating you are welcome to contact me to get the contact info
of the BC and Manitoba communities i just mentioned. they do bee-keeping, the one in Manitoba has 150 hives.
they don't spray at all, simple farming family-fun level. feel welcome to write my e-mail.  kevin.
2 years ago
good day!
i noticed you said "looking to stay in Asheville"
i know of a commune style farm in asheville that does baked goods, alternative fuel, yurt houses,
landscaping a tea packaging place on their farm themselves
(they go to markets with about 15 teas from around the world).
interesting friendly group. met them at Mother Earth Fare. let me know if you're still looking
(at least you'll want to go try their baked goods... whoa...)
2 years ago
just discovered this wonderful site last year.

are you still in alberta? i know of ---

--- family community in manitoba --- farm animals, etc. play music every night
--- healing community in BC --- farm animals  - widows, single parents, couples, children.
both are into all sorts of hand crafts - sewing, murals, pottery, baking, metal work, etc.
let me know, kevin

2 years ago
greetings, family of eight !
i research into farms to connect with them for organic farm products. i know of a few that host woofers,
"the more the merrier" in their eyes. they're more in the stream of social focus, music evenings,
some handicapped, most just bruised souls looking for healing...
let me know if you are still looking.... truly, kevin
gad [at] saphar [dot] net

2 years ago
good day mr. gusten...
late reply, i just discovered this site.
i know of a farm co-op just a skip-and-hop away, one in Nelson BC and another in Manitoba,
both are communities, looking to connect with other farm families and such.
2 years ago