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9 acre permaculture farm in Finland, Northern Europe.
100 tree fruit orchard.
400 berry bushes
Two Beehives
Mushroom cultivation.
The farm borders a river rich in fish.
1/2 acre vegetable garden
Smaller herb garden.
5 acres of forest.
Snail farm.
Old Northern landrace chickens.

No electricity, no piped water or plumbing. Doing it the old way.
Professional gardener and chef de cuisine. Also doctorate in economics.
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Finland, Scandinavia
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Recent posts by Kaarina Kreus

Now the unwanted rooster has been living outside the henhouse for three weeks.

I know I boldly talked about putting him down, but. There were "circumstances". Firstly, I have never slaughtered anything. So I asked my city-dwelling but farmer background boyfriend for companionship.

After removed the rooster from the henhouse he was pottering around helplessly. And I started feeling bad for him. He was so forlorn and did not behave like himself at all.

Then one hen got a skin rash, lost a lot of feathers and  had a flaming red skin. So I toon her out as well.

And the rooster was so happy to get a companion that he was goo googing all the time.

I just could not bear putting them down. I have a huge hawk problem and have not been able to freerange chickens.

Now these outcasts make me happy a dozen times a day by pottering around the house.

And they are actually helping with tmy still dormant vegetable garden by diggi g and pottering  around.
1 day ago
Elena, what kind of temperatures do you have in winter?
My henhouse has been around zero Fahrenheit for months. The chickens are fine, but everyone looks like an oversized fluffy balloon and they eat like horses.
1 day ago
I would think 15 feet is just fine. I would not clump them together, as that will become a huge prickly blob that only knights in shining armour can enter. Mine form a hedge alongside the vegetable garden.

If they do not get pollinated, you can always add onf more. Just cut a branch in spring, keep it in water for a while and when root buds appear, stick it into the ground.

1 month ago
Hi Molly,
Great plant. It needs lots of sun, so be careful not to place it in shade. If you let them grow without teimmin, they will grow pretty huge with time. And, as they are quite prickly, that is a no-go zone.  

Pollination is by wind, so they should be quite close to each other.
1 month ago
I cann't stand rhe idea of buying soap in single use plastic bottles. So I only use bar soap. And am in the proxess of making my first batch of wood ash lye soap.

A soap bar is fine when washing hands or yourself. But washing dishes or lanudry isn't. The slippery thing escdpes all the time!

Then, out of sgeer luck, I found this item: a soap shaker! Just brilliant. Shake it in the water for ten seconds and you have sosp water!

For some reason, I only found sellers in Australia and New Zealand 🤔.
1 month ago
Many people ask me why do I have so many roosters. Well, I was given roosters from right and left! As they were prescious landrace roosters, I gladly took each.Landrace chickens are hard to find - only afecionados keep them. I called over 50 growers to build my tiny flock of 25!  

The roosters get along fine and never fight after the initial entrance "discussion" when a new rooster is brought in. My roosters are really mellow chaps, maybe Scandinavian landrace roosters are like that?

I had thought I might put some of the roosters into the pot, but only got my book now. And have gotten quite fond of them. Plus the winter has been fiercely cold, so the more birds there are, the warmer it is for them to roost together.
1 month ago
Last summer the hen who brooded did so in the run. Every time she went to eat, somebody else would take her place. I put food close to her, but she still lost a lot of weight (gained it vack later without problens).

As nothing came of the eggs, I never thought about isolation. I can easily fence a part of the henhouse or run if it is necessary. Their henhouse alone is 200 square feet.
1 month ago
Wow, thanks for answers!
I have 6 landrace roosters and 18 landrace chickens. Plus this one Sussex rooster. So if I take him out, the rest can happily multiply as they see fit.Great to know, that I only need to snatch away the eggs for three weeks after he has been slaughtered.

Last summer I only had six hens and one rooster. The hens happily brooded, but it turned out the eggs were not impregnated. That rooster was eaten by a hawk and is no longer with us. Now I have six roosters so there should be no fertility problems.

I can easily live without eggs or with less.Besides, the chickens lay so much in the summer, that I preserve and present a sizable portion of the eggs. I would really like to see them having chicks.

As I have no electricity, they will have to do it their own way.I don't have heat lamps or the like. And we still have winter here for two months. I am in Scandinavia, equivalent to US zone 3.

I just bought Adam Danforth's book on butchering. It is my first culling and I have asked a friend to help.
1 month ago