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since Jun 18, 2022
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Val d'Espoir, Quebec, Canada, zone3a at the bottom of a valley
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Recent posts by Raphaël Blais

Ohhh i think i will come this time! It would be a good timing for me this fall. I verify my budget and passport..
This is my submission for repairing a puddle
4 months ago
I'm saving seeds for nearly 10 years. my only difficulty is that i have difficulty to grow roots vegetables. Partly i think because my garden soil is heavy in organic matter and i grow on small mound and have no running water, so difficult to keep seedlings watered.

I'm now share many of my garden and perenial seeds at a spring seed saver exchange, very rewarding!
4 months ago
Not that i know. As long as the voltage of the batteries stay into the tolerance range of the inverter, the low load will not be a problem and the inverter should work okay.
4 months ago
Finally tested it this pm, 5 liter in 6hr.. 2 year old filters, i think they are obstruted a little.. not a problem since i'm alone but a very bad performance to talk about...
5 months ago
Hard boiled or
pancakes with 3-4 times the normal count of eggs

I have started to give some to my farms cats too, with their cat food,  when i cannot eat or sell all of them. It cut their industrial food costs.
5 months ago
I don't have comparison of speed, i always used rainwater or melted snow with my Berkey. Do you clean your filter regularly ? Do you have a berkey model or number of filter fitted to your need ? Is it impatience ?

Can you measure how much  time it take per litter and filter ? i will try to measure it here with my melted snow today or tomorrow.
5 months ago
Never lived a dry season as much as you, but to my understanding, you probably have an immense population of fungi underground with all that carbonic matter, i would not worry since they probably contribute to take part of the water to your plants.
5 months ago
Hi ! I was wondering if there was an oddball-woodworking section like i have seen for metalworking ? I have made all my ceilling with ruff plank that i transformed with multiple plane into beautiful tongue and groove board lindseed oiled. Or maybe just apply it in the normal oddball section ?

And double question for the pro, would my little strawball house (600 square feet) will qualify me for an iron oddbal badge ?
Soo my bike seat was near it's end of life. Took a walk to my local thriftstore to find some second hand leather and dismantle my seat to cover it again with a new cover material. Maybee 2hour with the walk to the store.

5 months ago