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Recent posts by Charlie Tioli

Beau Davidson wrote:Do you all see a difference between this page:

and this page:

The first link states that it is a draft and it has comprehensive information about the program.  The second does not state that it is a draft and it contains no further information other than a title image.
4 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:I wonder if there could be a table-top thing that sits next to a window - and there is an exhaust to the outside through the window.  Kinda like a window mount air conditioner - but it would be a table top rocket heater.  When you are cold, you could feed it a bunch of cardboard and empty milk cartons.  

I really love this idea.

My designing brain is mulling that over.  
4 months ago

evanggelo mitchell wrote:
These are some of MY main points from the Medical Medium's work; there are more, in fact, his books are incomparably "dense" with medical knowledge.

Hi Evanggelo,

Thank you for wishing hope to everyone seeking recovery.  The search is real!

In my recovery, I'm discovering that the most effective medicine so far is anything that I believe will help me.   In other words, research has shown that placebos are the most effective of all medications.  Do I still take medicines?   Yes, because I haven't figured out -- yet -- how to activate my own placebo response without them!  I try to be very careful about where I place my beliefs in order to minimize harm while I heal.

I researched the MM you recommended and found this:

Medical knowledge is a tricky idea.   From what I have observed, we make best guesses and then try to find a way to repeat results, while distinguishing which actual thing brought the results.  So much of our marginal medical knowledge makes connections by observing things that are associated but not actually related.  Sometimes that leads to discovery and other times to toxicity or nothing.  

I continually struggle with keeping my wishes separate from my perception of causes and effects, especially related to my struggles with maintaining health.  Many well-intentioned alternative providers have delayed my actual progress and clarity, as have regular old doctors.

Stay curious.  I wish you well!
4 months ago

bernetta putnam wrote:any suggestions on natural way to help RA?

I have an outdoor shower.   This Spring, I got dive-bombed by a wasp who built a nest under the drain floor.   It was a few minutes before I could get back inside to treat two stings, one on the back of my neck and one on my wrist.  By that time, they had formed welts.

Fast forward two days and all of my RA symptoms vanished.  Mobility returned to my hands and knees. Not only was the binding stiffness gone, but I had zero pain.   This lasted for over 2 weeks, but diminished soon after.   So I Googled it.   Sure enough, wasp strings are known to relieve RA.

Not my favorite treatment, however.   I removed the nest.  

As an aside,  I found that a TENS electric current directed at the site of an insect sting will lessen the spot from being quite so achey.
4 months ago

David Royal wrote:

Jeremy VanGelder wrote:
For those of you who are asking questions about legality and insurance and such. Are those questions holding you back from telling your friends about RMHs? If you got acceptable answers, would you tell your friends about them?

For me, yes and yes.

Yes and yes.
4 months ago
Language matters.   I retired from a profession focused on language use (speech language pathologist).  If someone is gesturing and telling me something urgent, but I don't understand their language or it scares me, I won't try to discern that they're warning me or directing me.  I'll give up and walk away, perhaps to my own harm.  If I say something important in a way that it cannot be heard, I will try to find another way to say it.

I'm assuming the Rocket part of this heater name relates to the action of the combustion?

But because of the above language issue,  I'm going to further disrespect the "Rocket" part of the name:

A rocket requires a planet- sized mass behind it.   Will this heater blow out my back wall if I don't reinforce it?  Or will it shoot the wood across the room like a projectile?  Sounds silly/stupid to the initiated.   It's a reflex response to newly hearing the name.  "Blast" isn't much better. They both sound violent and dangerous.

I'm a gentle giant who prefers zero drama or danger.   I'll do something by hand to avoid using power tools.   So I'm going to offer unasked-for alternate names and invite anyone else who has ideas around this to join in.  I can already see enthusiasts squirming because all names are approximations (my whole point) and these names don't tell exactly what it is.   But then neither does rocket.   My idea is to alter the name in order to evoke a sense of safety, cozy warmth, and hearth.

How about:

1.  High Efficiency Fireplace
2.  Built in woodstove
3.  Zero emission burner
4.  Minimal fuel furnace

And my personal favorite:

5. Heat Hugul
4 months ago
I have barely started exploring the idea and I feel like I have access to plenty of information.   Facts are not the problem.

If we get more facts to more people, how does that further the dissemination, if facts are not the problem?
4 months ago
Why it has not become imperative for me to build a RMH even though I love the concept and want one in my home:

1.  The R word.

When I first discovered the idea (here), the name Rocket made me think of science fair projects.   I loved the experimental approaches being taken, and yet that made it seem like the whole idea was still in the experimental stages. What I saw were people with more skills than I have playing with fire and having good results. That did not connect with me wanting this thing named like a flame thrower in my home.  I like my home.   I do not want a rocket combusting inside of my home.  Especially not a rocket that I built.  It's one thing to have a loaf of bread not come out, it's a whole other level to not have a fire (danger), smoke (danger, damage), construction-level (mess, skill, and some expense) project not work out.

For me, if this "technology" had been branded less as a new great idea and more as a refinement of a very old and effective method, I would have been less hesitant to approach it.

Upon further exposure to the idea and the history of development of mass heaters,  I realized I wanted to do this in my house.   But:

2.  Permits (?) -- As Kenneth talked about

3.  Timing.  I had just finished rebuilding.   If I had seen this before starting, I would have put in a RMH, and like Trace said,  I'd be selling people on it like crazy just by having an example.

4.  Safety.   Even with all the fine examples I've seen,  I still feel unconvinced that I would be safely burning anything inside my house using a thing that I've built. All sorts of "What if" questions end with the scenario that I Could Lose My Home and/or burn us up in our sleep, smoke us out, or invisible gas poison us,  all because I thought I could fly close to the sun.  Not rational.   Lizard brain stuff.   But it's there.

5.  Responsibility.   I want someone else to be responsible for researching and building ways to keep me safe from a fire.  I like tools, but I don't want to have all the tools needed to measure such things.  So I want manufactured assurances that no other lemmings have died from RMH use.

I wonder if you're dealing with a strong survival instinct when you meet with resistance.

4 months ago

Loretta Liefveld wrote:.

I finally gave up, and I now have a very expensive plant graveyard in my patio.

Moral to the story (and one that I'm going to try to stick to):  prepare the area first - before obtaining your plants.    I should have read this article first - mulch, mulch, mulch.

Ah, Loretta, my true gardening sister!

I am so sorry for your bad experience and the losses.   I won't tell you how much I've spent toward premature planting.  It will only make me cry.  Again.

My horror story involves the same realization that just because I was here with seeds and plants didn't mean the ground was ready. I caught on part way through (I started to wonder when squirrels unplanted our entire cornfield and some ground dwellers devoured new bulbs, but didn't stop trying).  I finally put away my $$$ of seed packets into a 5 gallon bucket to use the following year.   You can imagine, that was a lot of seeds.  

One of the contractors who was putting in new rain gutters pulled down an old gutter and laid it across my planting bench.  It turned out to be placed in such a way that run-off fed directly into that seed bucket, which I had not covered with a lid.  Only when a foul stench emerged from my dormant planting area did I discover the titanic seed loss.

My only gardening success so far, in two years here, has been a front berm that I wanted for privacy from the street.   I built it up and planted, using what to me was some funky thing called hugulkultur.  

I'm huguling everything, going forward.

Our most recent plant graveyard was established last week when that same contractor (a neighbor who clearly prefers meat to plants) asked if he could bring in seven cattle to graze down our unused pasture.  We had protected the fledgling trees, so we thought, and he said the cows wouldn't bother them.  In one day, the cattle wiped out two years of irrigating and growth. They stripped the leaves and broke to the ground any thorny trees (jubube).  It took a while for me to be able to look out there and not feel my stomach lurch or tears threaten.

My husband, gentle soul that he is, said he's not giving up.  He'll start again next year.  He's the one who did all of the watering by hand.   I've two plans in mind for this winter.   Hugul the orchard, and put up an electric orchard fence.

Let's not give up, eh?   I look forward to hearing how you found work-arounds and I'll follow up too.

All the best,

Sarah (Charlie)
4 months ago

C├ęcile Stelzer Johnson wrote:
Protect it from chicken though: chickens with throw themselves on comfrey like poverty on the World!

This accurately describes my marauding horde around anything that I plant.   How do you protect your comfrey from chickens??
4 months ago