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A lover of nature and the beauty of growth. A country gal to the core. I live on a hobby farm and help process most of our meat and a portion of our veggies for the year. I am truly and extrovert and love interacting with others.
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Recent posts by Bethany Paschall

A zipline/pully system to transport feed and other items down eroding hillsides. Think like ski lift, but smaller, cheaper, and easy to manage.
I doubt only Virginian farmers have to deal with drastic changes in elevation on their properties. Our house is on a hilltop and it is a several minute hike down to the valley where the fields are, along what used to be a path but is now eroded into a balancing act (slight overdramatization but you get the idea).  If there was a way to hook up a safe, secure lift (perhaps wind or water powered?) to transport our buckets of feed, building materials, or camping stuff down these hillsides...
3 weeks ago
Our bathroom toilet lid had come loose and had broken in a way so that it didn't lay evenly (it was also stained in some places). So it was time to retire it to the dump. Now we have a shiny new toilet seat!
1 month ago
We had a dysfunctional faucet in our bathroom, so it was high time to fix it. We had leaks from the head of the faucet, base, and underneath. Now we have none.
1 month ago
I crocheted a pair of slippers for one of our little girls. I used cotton. I'm still pretty new to crocheting but I am getting better.
1 month ago
I crocheted a hat for one of my coworkers for our Christmas party the other day. I couldn't find a Nest BB for a hat so I am posting it here.

I used a variation on an unnamed stitch that I found online and used a size 7 hook.
2 months ago
Good morning from VA!
I had posted a "small DC only solar system" BB for certification several months ago and it was in need of some more information which I added later. One of the required parts is proof of a phone charging, most have plugged in directly to the power controller, but I "install(ed) a power outlet 12v dc" for a previous BB and wired it to the battery and panel which I charged the phone from.
I haven't gotten a response yet, so could someone take a look over it sometime soon?

We had a poplar that was shading out our fruit trees so I learned how to use a chainsaw (the very very basics). I was able to cut the wedge and about halfway through the back cut when a big storm blew it down the rest of the way. And hey! It fell where we needed it to! Over all, I am pleased with the effectiveness of the chainsaw, but I am happy to let one of the men of the house work it for me XD
4 months ago
My brother and I built an arbor for our grape and kiwi vines. We used young poplar trees for most of the structure and some 2 by 5's (I think) for the braces.  Apologies in advance for the underabundance of pictures!
5 months ago
Does anyone know how to do that hairstyle with two plaits going around the head like a wreath and getting it to stay put? I feel weird when I wear anything made from metal in my hair so I don't like the idea of pinning it.

I've begun to use this style a lot recently and have found an easy and pretty secure way to do it. Below is the link to a video that taught me how to do this updo, she had several different ways to do the same do, but I typically do the short ribbon style because that is the most convenient for me. I have worn it unpinned many times and have had it stay up very well.

5 months ago