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Recent posts by Sasha Platte

Why halogens are as good as incandescents:

The gas is a mix of inert gas and halogens (iodine or bromine, not the bad ones.)

Also these for big places:
High-intensity discharge lamp
9 months ago
But many people don't have a hill to build on. This is a serious downside.
9 months ago
Try two tanks: one collects directly from the roof, and the other is fed from the first through a small sand filter at a reasonable rate.
9 months ago
I received a marriage invitation. In the end was printed: "Your presence itself is a gift. We don't want any gifts at the marriage"
I read it again and again. Was getting confused...

I finally came to the conclusion that i am not invited, and decided not to attend.
9 months ago

Justin Popa wrote:can anyone tell me about the current metal working space at the Labs?

part of this project will be building a simple forge and experimenting with a rocket forge design. along with that there are a lot of blacksmith tools that we can make once we have a working forge:
tongs for holding the hot metal
chisels for cutting
punches for making holes
drifts for sizing and shaping holes
bending forks and wrenches for bending and twisting
rakes and washers for tending the fire

id love to guide people thru making any and all of these tools. it would be a great way to learn basic hammer work, heat treating, material selection, and finishing.

Look here for info

however there are a few things that would be really nice to have on hand at the start:
a designated covered work area.

Preferably gravel floor.

an anvil or other large block of steel

Preferably carbon steel, not harbor frieght's anvil-shaped hunk of mild steel.

a (heavy) bench with a (heavy) vice

Metal surface, maybe fabricating table.

electrical access would be cool but not required.

What for?
9 months ago

Eric Hanson wrote:If the amount were 5 million, I would do all of the above, invest the rest and have a nest-egg large enough to live on interest.

It is possible to live on a rural homestead on just interest from one million.
According to google, 4% interest would give $40,000 a year which, if carefully used over time, should get you close to self-sufficiency.
9 months ago
Sunburn on kids is often caused by sudden shock at the end of the school year.
First not going outside much throughout spring and then bam!  Outside for half of the day causes terrible sunburns.
And then you have people getting stuck on sunscreen all summer because their bodies still think it's winter, and not putting it on causes shock.
And then people think they can't live without it.
9 months ago
This is influential to say the least. I sure hope it helps the situation!
9 months ago
Thanks! Will do.
9 months ago