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Recent posts by Mike Philips

Permies be like: I made friends with a beaver, now I have this dam.
1 week ago
“ Yields in excess of 82% of the initial [polyethylene]”

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0141391098000366
1 week ago

1) Turn off the water and drain the pipes.

2) Find a house-sitter

3) non-tracking solar thermal is plenty warm, efficient, less expensive, and more reliable.
2 weeks ago
Many people say to simply coppice or pollard in the dormant wintertime.
2 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:
If you are really an engineer, you don't have to say it - you can make your point without a cheap attempt at this trump card.

I think I should be able to state the name of my field of study, or recite a word written on my college diploma, or to say the name of my profession, because this is harmless.  I think it is a good thing to introduce myself by referencing by background, areas of study and experiences.

I thought you said it was crossing a line to call someone less than perfect?

I think it isn’t the name of a profession that is offensive. It is people reading too much into single words, and jumping to conclusions about someone else’s motives that causes them to get “offended”.
This is very confusing. This seems to be saying that a person can make up any story they want and share it as an anecdote and it cannot be questioned.  And since it cannot be questioned, it must implicitly be accepted as though it were a type of “truth“.  At the same time, you’re saying that it’s forbidden to state that something is “the truth”.  
This seems like a contradiction; how can you have it both ways?  

It seems like it is on the one hand defending  a person in speaking “their truth”, while at the same time saying it is forbidden for a person to speak “their truth”.

Description by “primitive technology” in the link below.

So, this is making lime mortar?  


5 months ago
My apologies for going off on a tangent. I was thinking about the general topic of cooling, and what I wrote may or may not relate to your situation, sorry about that.  I’ll try to clarify.

Cat Knight wrote:
Are you saying to draw water out of the air through chemistry, and then use it to provide the water to the clay pieces?

I mean if you have water to spare, and you don’t mind losing it to evaporation, I think it is totally fine to go with your original idea for using a swamp cooler.

Cat Knight wrote:
Are you suggesting this method so that it uses absolutely no power other than from the sun to evaporate and concentrate the water?  

As compared to conventional air conditioning (compressor based) , yes.  As compared to the swamp cooler design, no, because it is already solar powered.  

In theory it could be a way to save water, but this is coming from my somewhat idealistic, radical mad-scientist, bleeding-edge-inventor way of thinking. If you have a water source and you’re not concerned with losing some of it to evaporation, then it’s okay to disregard my comments about desiccants.

Cat Knight wrote:
I was thinking a fountain pump that was solar powered…

Sounds great!

Cat Knight wrote:
but it sounds like this might also work. I suspect that where I personally would deploy it (near Winemucca NV) I may not have enough moisture to pull from the air with that method.

In my opinion, I’m thinking it all depends on the water situation and how abundant or scarce it is, and to what lengths a person will go to in order to obtain water and/or conserve water.

Sorry about the confusion with the radiative cooler.  I was just generally referring to that ancient process of making ice in the desert, and the physics describing that.  I’d be happy to explain more about that soon.

You seem to be interested in ceramics. That’s awesome!  I didn’t mean to change the topic. Sorry about that.
5 months ago
Can’t help but be reminded of this classic…

5 months ago