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since Aug 11, 2023
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Recent posts by Katie See

Had some delicious hamburgers for lunch, but they left the dishes quite greasy.
1 week ago
Our kitchen entryway mat was getting dirty, so time to give it a good beating!
2 weeks ago
I decided my mother’s oven needed cleaning today, she said it probably had only been cleaned twice the whole time that she had lived at the house. (20 years)
2 weeks ago
I had some different things the could use oiling, and it was so nice today I did it on my back porch. I didn’t have any walnut oil, so I had to use olive oil.
1 month ago
Sweeping my kitchen floor:
2 months ago
This shirt was no longer usable and I can always use more rags!
3 months ago
Here’s my dishcloth, I used 100% cotton yarn that I got for Christmas.
4 months ago
Hopefully I’m posting this in the right place.
Our egg layers were slowing down with their egg productions, so we decided to butcher them and start a new batch.
4 months ago
Do you have to be a certain age to take part in the SKIP/PEP program? Thanks!
10 months ago