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Tim is a big dreamer working at a piddler's pace.

On a third of an acre in a village, living alongside his wife and trusty hound, Tim works towards living life within nature instead of at odds with it. Chickens, gardening, mushrooms and much more occupies Tim's mind as new projects appear and old projects complete. Tim is currently working towards renovating his 1850's home while turning lawn into edible space.

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Upstate NY, Zone 5, 43 inch Avg. Rainfall
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I took a few moments to curate a few threads you might be interested in. I hope it might give you some reading material that might be of value to you!

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Peter Collett,
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1 day ago
There is some research out there that states how the chitin from shellfish/insects can be a benefit for your plants through 'super-charging' its natural immune system to help resist pests.

I tried an application of crab shell meal and have no complaints other than the initial 'fishy' smell that you could only notice if you were right there.

I think compost is an excellent idea regardless. The more variety in the compost, the better chances for a well balanced garden addition!
1 day ago
Old thread, but something that caught my interest!

R Ranson, did you ever decide to provide access to kelp and if so, what were your findings?

I try my best to provide a wide variety of foodstuffs in addition to their feed ration. I still worry I haven't done enough some times but so far my flock is thriving.
1 day ago
I too have heard of polish chickens getting picked on by non-polish chickens. I'd personally be interested to see how they would do with chickens that are more alike to her.

2 days ago
Welcome to Permies.

Chickens can be funny things, I love my flock and can't say that I have observed this behavior before.

I have seen something similar sounding with hens when the rooster comes strutting around but I wouldn't hope that an eagle would tickle their feathers! Haha

I think the best move I have seen so far is my bantam hen's flying/flapping/screeching chase response to my hound as we walk the perimeter of the run. She thinks she is going to take on a 60lb Plott Hound. Some kind of small dog syndrome in her, must be.
2 days ago

Christopher Weeks wrote:but it did have this side benefit of establishing a circle of professionals that the GC had previously vetted.

You just reminded me again of that slate roofer! I had made an offhand comment about projects and the need for some electrical work and he made a solid rec. The people who do show up and do work might have recommendations for other tradespersons who do good work. As an introvert, I'm not fond of networking BUT it does have the tendency to develop good working relationships with quality folks.
3 days ago
I think a big consideration is the spot you are putting the shed on compared to your frost heave.

I have a 'floating' shed of many years that has just started to succumb to frost heave/groundhogs. It also is right next to a hillside which has not done it any favors.

My next build is going to be put up on bulky skids that then might go on top of leveled stone pad.
3 days ago
Machetes have their place on my homestead.

Stumps shooting out water spouts? Machete

Vines trying to take over apple tree? Machete

Big comfrey? Machete

There are a few different types of machetes out on the market. I  don't have a good brand recommendation but I found that I prefer a thicker blade that bends less. It allows me to chop smaller woody objects with ease.

I do have to touch up sharpening the blade from season to season but nothing crazy. Some odd dings might require a spot treatment but nothing that was out of the ordinary. I do believe there may be a badge bit for sharpening one...
3 days ago