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I used to work with a guy that built demo derby cars. He'd cut apart a tire, removing the bead and some of the sidewall, so that it would fit inside another tire. then he'd mount that double tire to the rim, and put a tube inside of that. He said it was basically bombproof, but it took about 3 hours to mount up one tire. Perhaps you could do something similar-some sort of puncture proof liner inside your tire (like an old cut -apart tire), and then a tube.
1 hour ago
It's a pretty flower and grows in a field across the street from our house. My girls pick a bunch every year for mom. I let them pick as much as they want. I tell my kids that flowers were made for picking.
4 days ago
Getting closer. It's incredibly dry at 0.984SG. That makes this just over 15% ABV. It tastes likes HOT alcohol, and tastes and smells like lilac. It still has a teeny amount of bubbles and cloudiness, so once it settles down I'll sweeten it and make sure it doesn't kick back up, and then it'll be ready to bottle.
6 days ago
I planted 2 pawpaw's from bare roots that I ordered online last spring. They were like 12" tall. We had -15 degree temps for a couple nights this past winter, and they're still alive. We also get some 100+ degree days in the summer, and lots of days well over 90 degrees.

I read somewhere that they need shade for the first couple years. I put a square tomato cage around them. Last year I had it wrapped in landscaping fabric, so the shade was pretty dark. This year I have them wrapped in window screen material so it's brighter for them. Next year they'll be in full sun.

(I promise there's a 2' tall tree in there, it's just hard to see with the grass).
1 week ago
I'm in town. I have a chicken tractor in the front yard (what must the neighbors think?) with 12 Cornish X in it that are 7 weeks old today. It gets moved once a day, and 3 spots ago you can hardly tell there's any chicken dooky in the grass.

I also have 12 layers. They have a coop with deep litter (pine shavings), that gets changed every few months, and stirred every few days. It goes in to the compost pile when I change it. A lot of days, I have them fenced into various areas of the yard, mostly around the house, to keep the weeds down. It's kind alike in-town rotational grazing. That poop just stays there. Their run is my current issue. It's just dirt, and when it rains, its a sloppy stinky mess. My plan is to put down about 4" of wood mulch (i have a free source) and hopefully, it'll kinda sorta compost itself (chicken poop being high nitrogen and wood being high carbon) and get changed out once a year. We'll see how that works. I was going to do sand, but it wasn't free, and I've heard it can also stink when it's wet.
1 week ago
I haven't read the full thread, so bear with me, but these are my thoughts.....

Regarding prepping, i'm of the mindset that prepping isn't a long term solution. I'm prepped for a couple months. If something lasts longer than that, it's probably going to last a long time. Nobody can realistically keep enough supplies on hand to last a lifetime, nor should it be necessary. These supplies are just there to ease the transition into living a life without modern amenities. For example, I have some batteries and candles, but I don't plan on providing light for myself for the rest of my life if the zombie apocalypse comes. I plan on simply living without lighting besides what the sun provides Sure, I could buy solar panels or a wind turbine or a generator, but what happens when that breaks? Am I gonna keep a lifetime of replacement parts on hand too?

Regarding good people turning evil-there will certainly be some of that. But there will also be people who are willing to do rough things to survive and provide. As an example....I don't want to kill anyone in the zombie apocalypse, and I plan on being able to provide food for my family. But, I'm perfectly willing and able to feed your kids to my kids, if that's what it takes to provide. And, I know that other parents will be willing to feed my children to their children in order to survive, and I'm prepared to prevent such things. That's just the nature of the zombie apocalypse, and those who aren't willing to accept such things will just get eaten by those who are hungry.
1 week ago
If your opposition to using traps is just that you don't want to catch birds, yon can put mouse traps under a small box with an opening for the critters to enter. Mice and such can still get in, birds can't.
Murphy the adventure dog-play hard sleep hard. he says. Mostly sleep hard, though.
2 weeks ago
A last, a couple that are well established, but just a few inches tall. in creeks that were less than a foot deep.
3 weeks ago
A few huge dams (for around here, at least). The second pic even has a lodge in the back of the pond, which is quite the rarity around here.
3 weeks ago