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Recent posts by Deane Adams

I was given as a gift a Temu KZ-80 rechargeable (has a short USB cord) vacuum sealer for canning jars, regular and wide mouth, ( 5 lids of each size ).

I will use this with my dehydrated veggies for storage.  It took 2 or 3 attempts for me to get the lids to seal on each size, but that was all on me, once you try a few times it is fairly easy.

The two jars I sealed as a test are still sealed as of today (5 or 6 days now).

I have no experience with Temu, I know some people that swear by them and then others that just swear at the name.

Time will tell, I'm only drying and sealing for one, so the sealer will not get much heavy use.

Temu calls this a "Portable sealing machine"

1 hour ago
If he doesn't ask, then I wouldn't tell!!! (you may not be able to see, but I'm smiling)


2 hours ago
Ahhhh, darn it, another thing I can't try as I no longer have a horse!!

However it was a very interesting video, it is amazing how well some of the "old" ways still will work today!!

5 hours ago
Something to think about,  I could do the online course.  I'm sure the in-person classes would be so much fun, butttttttt, it snowed in Montana this week, no place for a southern boy!!

5 hours ago
Hey, just to let you know, when I click on the wild harvest thingy you posted I get a 404 not found message (what ever that means?).

Low puter skill or understanding of said blank blank machines!!!

5 hours ago
Carmen, here is an old country saying;  Good fences equals good neighbors.

Good luck.  Hoping things will work out for you.


1 day ago
I had the radio on for about 10 minutes this morning and that was all I could stand, I was filled with fear that my brain would soon turn to mush.  On my way to turn it off, I heard the "news" person say something like "a snow storm at elevation in Montana", is such an event in the middle of June possible for you guys?

If so, I'd never be able to live in Montana.

My hat off to all the tough folks out there!  It was only 91F here today.

2 days ago
You could try a soak of pine needle with or without sap infusion.

A pad soaked with St John flower infused oil over the wound may also help.

Also please think about a trip to a Doc in a box for a booster, if its ten years or longer ---Pleaseeeeeeee!

Do keep a close watch on the wound.

3 days ago
Bio char - it's just charcoal, (bio mass baked in a low oxygen fire or oven with mostly closed container) then soaked in a water based mixture of compost, etc., then added to your growing areas.

If you have not yet found this, check on any posts from Bryant Redhawk, improving soil, biodynamic preps DIY's.  Great reading!!

You can also buy it, look for "lump" charcoal, not the little brick like things for use in a grill.


3 days ago
Ok, due to the high regard and respect I have for you, I will keep your kind gift for 29 days and then pass it along to another.

3 days ago