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Thea Olsen

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since Jul 18, 2010
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Recent posts by Thea Olsen

The main 3 I'm considering are Shetland, Icelandic and Babydoll Southdown. I'm a spinner and a vegetarian, so I wouldn't really have any use for hair sheep.

1 year ago
Premier1 is looking like a good option for us. I haven't settled on a breed yet, but 2 of the top 3 contenders have horns.
1 year ago
I'm working on firming up my plans to get a small flock of sheep, but the area where I'm stuck is fencing. The existing fence around our property is wood horse fencing, mostly lined with welded wire. I'd trust it to keep sheep in, but not to keep coyotes out. Because we have neighbors on 2 sides, we can't add a hot wire to the fence. Electronet inside the perimeter fence is a possibility, but I've heard conflicting information about whether or not it is safe if the sheep have horns. Aside from that, I'm not really sure what my options are for predator protection and pasture rotation. Any thoughts?
1 year ago
I recently built a similar herb spiral with whatever rocks and bricks and stuff I've been gathering. Some bits don't fit together all that tightly but it's being held together fine just by the soil and it seems to be becoming increasingly stable as it settles and the plants grow.
3 years ago

Chris Kott wrote:Welcome, Cathy!

For those of us who only know generally about Waldorf as alternative schools inspired by Rudolph Steiner, could you please tell us about Waldorf Handwork?


Handwork is part of the curriculum in Waldorf schools. Children have regular handwork classes as part of their education from first grade on. They learn knitting, crochet, embroidery, hand sewing, machine sewing and more. The handwork curriculum, like the rest of the Waldorf curriculum, is intended to meet the children where they are in their development. For example, the skills that are strengthened by learning to knit in first grade are many of the same ones needed to learn to read. It also often connects with what they are learning in other parts of their education, such as in eighth grade, when they study the industrial revolution, and also transition from sewing by hand to using a sewing machine.
3 years ago
My name is Thea and I've been teaching handwork for almost 20 years, though I haven't done Waldorf teacher training, as I don't make enough to afford it.
3 years ago

I found an organic cotton "sleep bra." Never did understand why one would sleep with a bra on, and I have no idea how supportive it is, but it probably keeps everything from getting sticky (I hate sweat there). It looks like the "medium-busty" goes to 34G. It's 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex. And, apparently it's supportive enough that reviewers are happy with it and plan on using it as a sports bra after they're done nursing https://www.kindredbravely.com/products/organic-cotton-nursing-sleep-bra

I might have to try that one! Looks comfy.
I can also answer the question about sleep bras. They're to give moms a place to put nursing pads during the early days if leaking is an issue. I've never used them for that (just slept on a towel if necessary), but they do tend to be more comfortable than most bras.
3 years ago
I've taken a couple classes at the Ely Folk School. I try to take one whenever I'm in the area, but since that's usually only a week or 2 each year, it doesn't always work out. It's a lot of fun and they have some interesting offerings. My husband taught a tintype photography class there last year and will probably repeat it this summer.
3 years ago
I like Blue Canoe Bras, but I don't know that they'd work for your size. Try Decent Exposures. They have a ton of different options of styles and fabrics (including organic), and can make pretty much any size.
3 years ago
It's starting to look like we should just quit mowing altogether until morel season is over. This evening my daughter found one in the front lawn under some gooseberries.
3 years ago