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S.E. Michigan - Zone 6a
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right now I'm on mobil (house is without power) and I do not see a "my stuff" link.

I found the desktop link at the bottom of the page and it does have the "my stuff " and there is everything I'm looking for.

Time to watch some Permies videos in the dark on my phone.
I've gotten a few rewards over the past few years from and am having trouble keeping track of them.

At one time I thought there was a place to go to that listed all the things I had access to, but I cannot find it.

Can someone help me?
Is there plans somewhere for your current hive?  I've been aware of your work for sometime now and it fits the style of beekeeping I would like to practice, leave the hive alone and harvest some honey once a year.

I however live too far north for the bees you are talking about.  Are there any changes recommended for the honey bees we have here in America?
1 week ago
I remember touring the Woodford Distillery many years ago and they had what they called "barrel runs" that are something like rail tracks and they could just start the barrels of whiskey rolling and they would go right on to the next place in the production sequence.  Of course the places that the barrels needed to go was a fixed, rarely changing path.  The rails were pitched slightly so gravity did the work.

6 months ago
What is the recommended path to heating a pole barn/workshop with some kind of rocket technology?  Intermittent use and not well insulated - just something to take the chill off.
7 months ago
It's looking like this might be the year I get my pole barn - something in the 30' x 40' range.  Since this has not been built yet I have the option to include something in the floor for heat and I'm wondering if anyone has run the output of a RMH under a concrete floor?  I don't need to heat this up to short-sleeve temps, just warm it up to make it comfortable to work.

I'm thinking something like digging a 16" deep trench through the middle of the floor and suspending an 8" diameter pipe in it and then pouring the concrete floor.  I would build the rocket stove part at one end and the exhaust would go out the other.  The stove barrel would provide quick heat and sending the exhaust through a tube in the floor would warm the floor up.

I'm sure it cannot be as simple as I'm describing, so I'm looking for someone that has done this already.

7 months ago
Well, I do have a Ford 2N tractor, it just doesn't run at the moment

Maybe I look around for a single bottom plow.
1 year ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:
What is the perceived benefit of using "beds" in a market garden? I don't know any market gardeners in my area that plant into beds.

I get above all the roots.
1 year ago
I am in S.E. Michigan and want to create a Market Garden.  I have 10 acres total but want to only start with a 1/4-1/2 acre.  I've tried a bit of digging and run into a lot of roots.  What is the recommended process to create new garden beds from an area that has some grass and some brushy growth?  Do I need to just rent a roto-tiller and go at it?  Or maybe some landscape timbers to create a raised bed of 3"?

1 year ago
Does anyone have a currently working link to the podcast?