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since Sep 09, 2010
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Strike appears to be the solution I was looking for.  It uses the Bitcoin Lightning network on the back end and even a merchant account has very low fees, something in the 1%-2% range with no minimum like PayPal.

Check it out at Strike
7 minutes ago
Should I be considering a batch box over a J tube?  I haven't read much on batch boxes over they years that I've been lurking on Permies.
5 days ago
Is dry-stacking considered the best option for firebrick?  Leave a little room for movement.
5 days ago
8" tube sounds good.

Has anyone tried building the burn tunnel out of clay chimney flue?  You would need some specialized tools to cut it to form the turns for the wood feed and the start of the riser, but I have access to those.  From what I've read the heat riser gets really hot (goal is 2,000-degree range) but I don't know how far down into the burn tunnel that heat gets.
5 days ago
do you have any pictures of the inside?  What did you use for a heat riser?
5 days ago
For a double stack of barrels, how high does the heat riser go?  I bought Paul & Mud's e-book on heat risers and assume the 5-minute riser is the way to go for this application.  But the book doesn't address if it is important to have the heat riser within X% of the top of what ever barrel you have.
5 days ago
I have a metal 20' x 20' building that I use as a workshop (Versatube carport) in S.E. MI.  I need to provide some quick heat for a couple of hours during sessions in the spring and fall.  I'm following Uncle Mud's cottage rocket and it looks like it is the solution for me, but I have a couple of questions.  I do like the vertical footprint as it takes up less floor space.

Is there a reason the feed tube is inside the circle of the drum?  It looks like that would really limit the length of the wood you can put in.  Is there any reason why the feed tube couldn't be moved outside the barrel?

Also, do I need anything besides the heat riser in the barrel?  I don't think I need mass as I'll be in the workshop for an hour or two and then I'll be done.

I will not be using this during the coldest months of the year so what size system should I work towards? 6"?

I'm open to any suggestions that would provide a solution for me.

6 days ago
What is the riser made out of?  I'm hoping to build the cottage rocket for a workshop next spring.  Don't need the mass, need fast heat quickly.
1 week ago
I may have a contender for this use.  Taylor Dunn has made electric utility carts for decades, mainly for industrial uses.  I just picked up a B2-48 that was made in 2005.  It already has a solid-state controller.  One downside is there isn't a lot of room between the seat and the steering wheel and foot pedals.  If you are a large-frame person you might have problems.  However, they are considered bulletproof.  The one I got is rated to carry something like 3,000 lbs and tow 12,500 lbs.  That is probably on a level paved surface, but still that is more than I will ever need for work around my homestead.   There are configurations available with a 2nd row of seats and I think they will fold down to a larger flatbed.

1 month ago
Pure speculation here - back when cloth was significantly more expensive for the average working person having a dual-purpose item (outwear & blanket) would make sense.  However, now that we are in the age of mechanical cloth production the cost has plummeted (relative to income) so everyone can have a blanket for their bed and a coat to wear.  Also a cloak is much easier to make than a coat.

Setting aside fashion considerations (someone likes the look of a cloak better than a coat) I'm not sure a cloak functions better at keeping you warm during outside activities than a coat.
2 months ago