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Jerry Ward

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since Sep 09, 2010
S.E. Michigan - Zone 6a
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Chris McClellan - How are you coming on a "workshop heater kit"?  I will be building a pole barn this year and would like to put one of what you show in it.
1 month ago
Where would fixing a leak in a pipe come in?
1 month ago
Rollable would basically have the same structure as it would have to be self-supporting.  However, the kind of weight would make the tires needed something like trailer tires, which really increases the cost.  Further, considering the frequency of moving would dictate skids or wheels.  This is specifically for something that would be moved infrequently, thus the skids.
I was thinking more about the size of the footprint and then the inside details would depend on need.  Also the design would be something that could be made longer.  Once you know how to build the floor, wall posts & roof then you can adapt to your needs.

Small would be a "4-by" building, that is 4'x4', 4'x8', 4'x12'
Medium would be 6'x
Large would be 8'x

Things I can think of are:
Tool (or any kind of) shed
Potting station
Chicken coop
Small equipment shelter
Picnic shelter
I went out to the limb pile from cutting down a black walnut tree taking only what is called a carpenter's axe.  I liked the look of getting down to the dark heartwood for the handle.
1 month ago
Sorry - Amazon shows "Currently unavailable" with no ETA as to when it might be available.

paul wheaton wrote:

2 months ago
I'm having trouble finding the eyed augers, where are you guys finding yours?  The ones pictured look like someone welded a piece of pipe onto a bit.
2 months ago
I would change "bow saw" to hand saw.  I believe the intention is human powered and for those fortunate enough to have a cross-cut saw they should be able to use it.
2 months ago
In thinking about the levels for plumbing it could be something like

Sand - informed user/general maintenance
This would be things like knowing where your plumbing is, how to shut off water, unclog a drain, take care of a septic field, draining outdoor systems for cold weather, collecting the needed tools, cleaning aerator

Straw - repairs or changing existing items
fixing a leak, replacing a faucet, setting up outdoor sink/wash station, upgrades, Aquaponics

Wood - Adding/Installing a new component
adding new faucet inside your house, new drain in the house, rainwater harvesting system, work on gas system, solar hot water

Iron - Whole Systems
plumbing a whole house or maybe just major addition

The problem with many of these they only are done when a need comes up.
2 months ago