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i will plan on listening to the pod cast though yeas, it would be fine with me if my question about loans was answered directly here by Eric

8 years ago

i second the above comment. i am curious about the wiki page at permies. is this going to be opened?

i too volunteer for writing some book reviews, though i would need a copy of the books.
i agree with Tet J. about Taking Charge of YOur Fertility, author, Toni Weschler. gratitude for this book.

Ms. Weschler provides women with a method of self observation that allows women to realize if and when they are ovulating.

Ms. Weschler calls her method FertilityAwareness. it is very, very different than the rhythm method.

the Fertility Awareness method of observation maybe used to optimize chances of becoming pregnant or to avoid pregnancy.



8 years ago

some feedback, i think a drawing app on this sight is a good idea.