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Animal feed would be a good thing as well, not to mention grain for bread
2 days ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:Ecology Action has determined that it takes a minimum of 4000 square feet to grow a nearly nutritionally complete vegan diet for one adult using Biointensive growing methods.  This amount of land is under good conditions.  Poor land or difficult conditions will require more area.  Using different methods is likely to require more area.


I imagine that this would also need a long growing season. I have lived both in California with an 11 month growing season and in the Midwest with a shorter growing season, and an acre of California land will raise many times what an acre of Kansas last can raise, because the growing season is longer

In China, where people could double-crop, an acre would be a subsistence farm for 3-4 people. And, while the Chinese enjoyed meat when they could get it, the majority of their calories would come from grain.

I suppose they would also have has to sell some of their crop to pay taxes and whatever.

An account of a Chinese farm in the 1800's said that the farmer would raise "Chinese clover" in the spring, harvest it and immediately sell it in town, and 2 days after the Chines clover was harvested the land would already be plowed and then they would transplant the rice seedlings into the soil. And, after the rice was harvested some areas could put in a third crop as well.

1 week ago
A grand solar minimum is ENTIRELY possible!

That being said, I do not understand how cosmic rays can trigger a volcano. The article is a bit lacking in the subject of "how".

That does not mean that a solar minimum will not take place: that only means that the article does not convince me that the article is based on good science.  Personally I do not believe in global warming any longer: climate change, yes, the weather where I live has been very odd lately. The climate may well be changing where I live.

And, I am aware that the polar ice caps are expanding very quickly, but, how much of that is because it is winter out? It is too soon to say if the rate at which the ice caps are growing is a cause for alarm or not. No doubt we will know more in a year's time
Elliot Coleman uses unheated greenhouses in Maine. He does not just use the greenhouse for cover: he also lays one, two, or three layers of plastic across his greenhouse  growing beds.

I have used this method in my own unheated greenhouse, and it works as long as the weather behaves itself.  Lately we have been getting VERY cold weather here in Kansas  in the early Fall and during what is supposed to be our spring, and so for  Christmas this year I am getting myself  a "Big buddy" LP space heater. I could not really use the greenhouse this Fall as the weather has been just too cold, but I am hoping to be able to use the greenhouse properly this spring!
I, too, had trouble with seed balls: I think my climate is too dry for them.  
2 weeks ago
I just ate the last of the Thanksgiving cheesecake, with the last of the home grown berries I thawed for Thanksgiving, and I am as full as a tick.

2 weeks ago
I am the only one in my family who cares about agriculture in any form.

This is life.

As much as I would love to share this with those that I love, their interest begins and ends with a good meal. And if I am not there to provide them with berry pie from my own land then they will eat ice cream with chocolate syrup and enjoy it just as well.

My joy in my land has to be enough for me. And, when I die, my home and land will be sold because nobody will want to care for an acre of land, and my family will use their inheritance to fund their OWN dreams
1 month ago

Carla Burke wrote:Just a note on the chicken manure - just like rabbit manure, it can go straight into your beds, without any curing. It doesn't get hot, so it's safe, straight from the critters - just one of the reasons chickens can be great, in the garden.

I strongly disagree! Chicken manure is hot while rabbit manure is not. Rabbits eat a highly fibrous diet and the undigested fiber ends up in the poop. The nitrogen is surrounded by a lot of carbon. Chickens, on the other hand, eat as much concentrated feed as they can get (bugs, fruit, seeds, etc) and their poop is NOT full of carbon. Chicken poop can burn the plants. When I use chicken poop I am careful to either use it in the fall or scatter it thinly
1 month ago
You are off to a very good start. I would throw some soil on top and call it good.

Like you, I am older. DH and I just finished framing a raised bed that sits on the ground, so I could sit on the edge while I garden. Now I will throw in everything that I have: lawn clippings, chicken manure (I agree with you: after it gets rained on a few times it should be good) some sticks and rotten firewood and, yes, some soil because the soil has both minerals and beneficial microbes.  Also organic material breaks down and shrinks and soil will not
1 month ago