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Recent posts by Eli Boyd

I hope this is an okay place to post this.

I just created a permaculture crowdfunding campaign and the establishment of a food forest is a big part of it. Please take a look!



~Eli Boyd

5 years ago
I hope this is a proper place to link to my campaign.

I don't have a lot of posts on the site but I have certainly learned a lot from you guys over the years.

I'm starting a "permaculture studio" here in Taos, New Mexico.

Please check it out!


5 years ago
I just moved to Taos and love the beauty/enchantment.

But I would love even more to find someone special to share it with.

I live in a house on the mesa with 20 acres, solar power, great views and lots of gardening space(my plan for next year).

I'm a really nice guy who stays in shape and keeps a positive attitude.
I'm a nerd when it comes to my worms or organic hydro PH fluctuations..
But very cool where it counts=)

I love animals, nature, enjoying the day, being in the moment, hiking, starry nights..

I like to meditate, do my own movement routine(think yoga meets kung fu), listen to NPR, drink hemp milk(my new fav), contemplate a life of permaculture and organic beauty..

But I need you. You are a female who might be an artist or herbalist or massage therapist.. Maybe you like to spend time at home like I do(read 9-5's not for me) and enjoy life's simple pleasures.
Dreads? Shaved head? Tattoos? I can handle.
But if you like going to the mall and traveling the world, you might need to wait until I write/sell my first screenplay(one of my many interests).

Friendship is also valuable to me so if you live in Taos and are looking for a nice/cool guy to get to know, let me hear from ya.

5 years ago
Hi, my name is Eli and I recently walked into a great situation here in Taos.
I'm living on 20 fenced acres with a well and lots of animal fencing with small barn and corral.

It's beautiful out here but I would like to find some like-minded people to share it with.

Anyone in the area that would like to work/play together?

5 years ago
Okay so I have been going back and forth on this issue.
Here's the deal.
I've got five acres way out off the beaten path(25 mile dirt road). However, ironically I have power right across the road. It looks like it would cost me $1000 or so to have a meter pole installed and get electric service.
I've also been pricing solar power and through much searching, can put a system together for about $1300 dollars. This system would have @300W of panels(200w plus 100w I already have), @200 amp hours of batteries(12 volt), a 1000w xantrex inverter(pure sine), 25 amp charge controller(mppt)..
The solar system would be enough to power my desktop for several hours.. small flatscreen for quite a while.. fans for evaporative cooler.. (taking into account only 50 percent discharge of battery each day..)

Solar advantages:

NO BILL! I own the equipment.
Mobility(just in case I wanted to move somewhere else?)
Clean and quiet
Currently quite cheap
Cool factor

Solar disadvantages:

No AC(I'm in the scorching New Mexico desert).
No Heat(I could use propane heater but that lessens air quality.
Equipment can be stolen.
*note, I plan to build a passive solar home that will lessen the above issues eventually
Batteries may need replaced in 5-7 years..

Grid advantages:

Unlimited power available.
I can heat or cool myself whenever needed.
Power is fairly cheap(I am very frugal. I estimate 50-70 dollars per month in my little camper).
I can run power tools if needed.

Grid disadvantages

A bill.
Susceptible to SHTF scenario.
Keeps me attached to "grid" and makes me less self sustainable on that front.

The location of my property and intense heat of the summer make me think I'd be much more comfortable with grid power.
An evaporative cooler would require around 3 gallons of water a day(water is at a premium out here)..

Anyway I go back and forth on the subject. One option requires more sacrifice but feels cool to have my own power generation.
The other option seems practical but adds monthly costs..
The only other two bills I plan to have(besides gas and food) are satellite internet and directv..

Does anyone have some feedback? I appreciate any input. I'm going to start a homestead involving earth building, chickens, dryland landscaping(mesquite, goji berry, etc).. but do I go solar or grid??



7 years ago
I may end up with 55 gallon barrels so my thinking is to create a ground catchment area(say 1000 feet), and divert that into a temporary small container(or even a hole), and when the heavy monsoon rain comes, pump that into my barrels..(or larger tank when I can afford one)
If I can divert the rain from a 1000 square foot area, I could capture @620 gallons per inch of rain..
If I could store it, a year's worth of rain should produce around 4000 gallons.. That should be enough for a small garden anyway..

But I'll start with survival and work my way up from there. Might be awhile before I can handle growing most of my own food in this desert..

And I would filter it through a bio-sand/charcoal filter before drinking..
9 years ago
Well I've ended up with land in a very dry climate(@8 inches rain per year).
I've come across this indigenous technique called kunds:


I think this is an interesting idea for using the ground to catch water.
I want to build domes and vaults with the earth, and they aren't particularly good at catching rain so this makes a lot of sense to me.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing.

Also, has anyone heard of using flat stones(which are abundant on the land) as sort of 'ground shingles' that overlap and slope down grade?

Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks.

9 years ago
Actually I've already got a plot and really don't need another..
Thanks for asking though..
9 years ago