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The first one I got as a gift, it's the best and been trying to find a lower cost one that works as well.  ; Logo says Coolcore fabric, maybe search that.

Tried others with mixed results. They can't be big sellers, everything I bought before is a dead link except for the link I posted.

Amazon "coolcore"
5 days ago

David Mitchell wrote:

I have been wearing black long sleeve shirts for many years  here in the deep South.

Do you think these are good to try, brews? Thanks.

I'm near the Great Lakes, high humidity and high temps.
That link looks like the new wicking fabric tech that's been around a few years. Simply astonishing how well it works even in a humid climate.  I no longer fear those days. They still suck, but I don't dread them.
5 days ago

Mike Arr wrote:

One 100' roll of 36" high welded wire costs $60 at TSC and in about 30 minutes this can be cut into 4' sections which make 25 cages 16" in diameter. .

I did the same but used an 8 ft cedar sapling post about 2" dia. First open a hole with a 1" steel rod a couple of feet in then drive in the cedar post, leaving about 5ft above ground. When the trees get bigger I can slip another section of fence over and zip tie it to the post.  I put the post in close enough to zip tie tree tubes to the post. I'm pushing the climate zone of many of my trees and find the tree tubes help them get an early start in the spring and protect from rodents. Everything in the tubes have leaves out already while the rest are just starting to show green leaves. 
5 days ago
I planted 6 about a foot tall in 2015 in sandy very high PH soil and they seem to be doing better than most other things here. The first winter one got nibbled down but nothing has bothered the rest. About 5ft tall now and waiting for some fruit!
1 week ago
Does the power go out that often? Or that long?  Your vehicle has a perfectly good battery you can roll over any time. 
I use a pump like this.
1 month ago
Logs are going to last many times longer than cut boards. Even pine will last quite a long time if you don't cut across and expose the grain.  Each layer of growth on a log is another layer that water and organisms have to penetrate before they can attack the underneath.
See if someone in your area sells cedar fence posts. They'll last many years even in contact with the ground.
You're exactly correct Norma.  LED's work on just a few volts, they're about the only thing that does work well on low voltage.
3 months ago
Food will keep the longest at low temps but frozen is still frozen.
One reason I want to get out of here.... power failure for a few days in winter ... local municipality is handing out $100 gift cards to all too dumb to put their food outside... I get to pay for it.
3 months ago
You only need a chain where you have a lot of torque like the pedal arm. You could use pulleys and a v-belt for the generator end.
4 months ago
I haven't seen a Berkey gravity filter mentioned. Its the most economical way to have safe water. Period.
Pre filter with something low tech as best you can but using a Berkey or equivalent is  probably the best route to maintain your health.
5 months ago