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Recent posts by Roy Hinkley

You're exactly correct Norma.  LED's work on just a few volts, they're about the only thing that does work well on low voltage.
3 weeks ago
Food will keep the longest at low temps but frozen is still frozen.
One reason I want to get out of here.... power failure for a few days in winter ... local municipality is handing out $100 gift cards to all too dumb to put their food outside... I get to pay for it.
3 weeks ago
You only need a chain where you have a lot of torque like the pedal arm. You could use pulleys and a v-belt for the generator end.
1 month ago
I haven't seen a Berkey gravity filter mentioned. Its the most economical way to have safe water. Period.
Pre filter with something low tech as best you can but using a Berkey or equivalent is  probably the best route to maintain your health.
2 months ago
I don't have any named to share but this time of year I'm stopping to try the wild trees I see growing by the road.  Most are nothing but I have found a real gem or two that way. I take cuttings from them.
4 months ago

Native trees of the Great Lakes  area, small but growing and they're nice folks
4 months ago
Looks much like the common buckthorn I see growing all over here. Not very good fruit for us but the wildlife seem to use it regularly.
4 months ago
Don't sell yourself short Paula, you sound like quite a catch to me. If things were different I might just be saying "that's the girl for me". (Age, distance but mostly circumstance) Alas, it will not be so.
4 months ago
You aren't touching the stovepipe in the top pic, heat transfer will suck. Don't use smaller tubing, you'll get more steam bubbles.  Take the pipe you have, wrap it tight around a slightly smaller pipe, then force it over the bigger stovepipe so as much of it is in contact with the stovepipe as possible.
Alternately, cut a notch at the top and bottom of a section of stovepipe and put the coil inside the stovepipe. You'll need plenty of flow to prevent any steam bubbles.
The heat source should be below the hot tub as well so you always have the hottest water going up, not trying force it down after it's hot.
4 months ago
Some saws don't have a very well designed oil path. Make sure it isn't clogged with sawdust or other debris and that the oil is actually getting to the chain.
5 months ago