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Miles was born into a ranching family. His Mom and Dad moved to the big city so he has lived in both worlds. Miles is married with two college aged children. He has been gardening all of his life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. Miles loves hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. He and his family live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.
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Howdy A Tee welcome to permies.
When I am marking out a contour for a swale, I do not worry to much about getting within an inch or two on the first pass. I know that my shovel or machine will be digging out soil and placing it up on a berm .This is not going to end up being within a half inch, and maybe not even within a half a foot. I know that I will have to come back and redo the top of the berm to find my final level.
As the swale will be used to collect and spread water I feel that the top of the berm being level is more important than the bottom of the swale. The top will determine where the water overflows. Where it overflows naturally becomes the spillways. If I need more soil to make the berms more level I can always take more from the bottom of the swale even though this may leave small, deeper , ponds than what may be elsewhere all along the swale.

In your example, If you are getting point E from point D and then points F and G from D than everything from D onward will be lower and possibly lower still as you continue?

To compensate you may have to make two more points, C and a half, and C and 3/4 to get 28" on either side of point D ? And get point E from point C and 3/4 ?
1 week ago
WOW, bravo ! I hope that this all turns into a book.
1 week ago
James, Just wanted to do some brain storming but everything I ask might be really stupid so take this with a grain of...sand.

I am trying to visualize what this looks like underground. Seems that there is a formation that is almost like mud? Like an underground river or pond that has a lot of sand/silt in it? Does the sand/mud settle out or is the underground reservoir an emulsion of sorts?  I wonder if the drillers can pump the well at a max rate , one that would begin to suck the sand out forming a void underground. Moving a bunch of the sand/mud to the surface.  The recharge rate of the water would begin to refill the void. The trick would be to find a pumping rate that would not move sand from farther away from the well hole thus just refilling the void with sand. Seems to me that if you could ever create this void and then pump just enough water out to not create an underground flow, which would carry more sand with the water, you might be able to solve the problem?
1 week ago
Thanks Jo ! Ye it sounds like a very complicated problem, hope you all can find a way out of it with advancements in permacultural practices.
1 week ago
Sounds like they do not know, or do not want to know, about permaculture. Might be time to let Wilna Malan in on our secrets ?

Dept of ag water concerns.
1 week ago
Cape Town Africa ?

WIKI article.

I was once a plant operator for a company that pumped water into an underground soda formation. Then brought the brine up and boiled it, which separated the soda from the water. The water came out pretty clean. The article above talks about desalination plants being held up in bureaucracy. I have never understood why any large city by the ocean would not be using this technology. They can use solar concentrators to heat the water and power the plant.

Other than that it seems that there are just to many folks in that drainage wasting too much water.

Never been there but looking at a Google map tells a lot of the story? Massive amounts of farm land under conventional modern farm management. Lots of plowing, dry land left fallow, etc. Do the irrigate all of that?
1 week ago
Howdy CDL, welcome to permies !

The forum is divided into all sorts of categories. Do you see all of the buttons along the left side of the page, with those different topics? Click on one of them and another page opens showing already existing threads. You can add to those threads if they resemble your topic or question. Or start your own thread in that topic.

Along the top of the pages you should see buttons to Post a reply or start a new topic. Do you see those?
Hello Randy, maybe one of the Montgomery Wards stoves?


1 week ago
Hey Jeffrey can you post a picture of your setup so we can get a better Idea about what you have and what might be happening?
1 week ago
Michael, I hate living in an HOA. Have you checked with your city, county, and/or State laws to see if rainwater collection is allowed. In Colorado some of the "real government" laws allow for some permie things and it turns out that they trump the HOA rules.
2 weeks ago