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Wyoming & Colo: Zones 2 to 5,
Urban and Forest gardening !
Miles was born into a ranching family. His Mom and Dad moved to the big city so he has lived in both worlds. Miles is married with two college aged children. He has been gardening all of his life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. Miles loves hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. He and his family live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.
Zones 2-4 Wyoming and 4-5 Colorado
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Welcome to permies Mike ! Looks like a real nice place. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about what you do with your place.
6 days ago
Looking at land online has been sort of a hobby for me for many years. I have learned over the years that there are folks who are honest and some who are a little bit dishonest. The honest ones buy and sell land for a living. They try to be honest, as an unhappy customer could hurt their business. Others do not seem to care... for instance I see some folks who sell land in the "deserts" of Wyoming who post pictures of the mountains with trees and flowing water. Others give the wrong locations on their Google map links. Some of the folks who sell in Wyoming and Montana have been buying and selling the same pieces of land , over and over again , for many years. They will finance land and then foreclose when payments are not made. Then resell to the next poor person who dreams of owning land but cannot really afford it.

So finding a seller who will answer any and all of your questions is usually a good sign. I usually go to the local county assessor's website and look for the GIS maps. Then verify ownership and location. This also helps give you an idea of value and taxes paid. If you can use the technology that is available on line now a days you can get pretty close to "seeing " what you are buying without seeing it.

One thing you could also do is to ask here at permies if there is anyone in the area that you are interested in, and seeing if they know more about the land. Or even if they would look at it for you.

I have purchased land without seeing it first but I had a really good idea of where it was and what it looked like. It was to good of a deal to pass up and I resold it latter for a small profit. I paid extra for title insurance and passed that along to my buyer.

Where are you looking and who is the seller, if you do not mind me asking?
1 week ago
Howdy Sam, welcome to permies. Most of the bulbs that I grow are pretty tough. They seem to come up through almost anything that grows over them. I have some in grass, clover, among other flowers that come up latter. These bulbs have evolved to come up early ,bloom , reproduce, and fade away before most of their competition has a chance to compete. So you can think not only in terms of winter cover but more year round if you would like. Also think about planting other flowers that will grow and bloom in other times of the year so that you have continual blooms.
1 week ago
My son told me that he had seen something on line about hanging paper bags around the yard to get rid of wasps. Based on what TJ just said, I wonder if that is because they mimic paper wasp nests and keep the other wasps away?
4 weeks ago
I was lucky enough to find a "co-op" program through a local community college when I was in my 20's. I went to school for 3 days a week and worked, applying the things that I was learning, and making a good wage which more than paid for the program. The program was industrial maintenance which taught mechanics, hydraulics, welding, electrical trades and blueprint reading to name a few. All of these trade skills, and that 2 year degree have landed me jobs with 12 different large companies over the last 35 years. Anytime I wanted to try working at something else with a different company , I had a job waiting. I still get calls from headhunters who see my resume online and want  to know if I am looking for a new job.

So find out if there is an opportunity through the college. to work as you learn. I have heard that Trump's administration is going to focus on new programs like this, so look for new programs to be rolled out.

Is there a need / jobs in your area for the degree you are looking at getting? Does the college offer job placement help after you graduate? Ask them if local employers have come to them asking for certain trades to be taught because they cannot find qualified help. Then take those classes.
1 month ago
Howdy Michael, welcome to permies. I am going to say that this is mother nature at work and is all very normal but if you have any pictures we could be a bit more sure about that.
1 month ago
Roberto, There are piles of them across Wyoming too. I was thinking about getting some for fence posts around my 40 acres but when I called the UP they said that they do not allow the public to have them and have sold them all to a contractor who sells them to power plants as you have mentioned. I know of older towns in Wyoming where the old ties were used to build "homes" (shacks) and walls for snow fencing. Not sure if the old ties were treated the same way or if they are just so old that the treatment has worn off, but some of them no longer smell and are dry and grey.
1 month ago
Howdy Chris, welcome to permies!  I didn't see the attached soil test but it looks like you could use all of the organic matter you can get ! I wouldn't worry about the nitrogen loss for now, can you get any manures ?
1 month ago
Joseph are you collecting all sorts of wildflowers or just certain ones ? I might be able to collect some from our property in Wyoming if you like?