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Yeah I’m using a similar setup. A hay fork and a 10p cart from John Deere. Takes me quite a while to move the entire thing. A few months usually because I do it a little here and there in my spare time.
2 weeks ago
I’ve been using chipdrop also. It’s quite nice. I’ve probably gotten 10 loads from local arborists through it.
2 weeks ago
Yeah it’s a good year!
2 weeks ago
Well it happened. The Bartlett pear snapped in half. I really need to prune this thing more. It produces really leggy growth.
2 weeks ago
I’m not sure what they are but woody plants like blueberries prefer a fungal dominated soil mix. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The plants looks generally healthy to me.
2 weeks ago
I forgot to reply to your question Chris. I mostly have things under drip irrigation at this point. I was watering by hand until a few weeks ago when I gave up and starting converting. I was spending a lot of my spare time watering once everything dried out here in July and August. I think the drip system under mulch will make a big difference. It’s already saving me hours and the plants don’t look any worse. Some of them even look better 😎. I like visiting the plants to assess how they’re doing. Now I can flip on the water, go for a stroll and then head back inside if it’s too hot.
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the great replies and encouragement everyone! Here’s a few pictures I took this morning. Most areas were mulched to a depth of 10”.
3 weeks ago
We have a dry summer season in Portland so for the last probably 2yrs now I’ve been getting free wood chip mulch and just piling it up everywhere around the trees. There’s some old cherry, raspberry and apple trees but they struggling.  It seemed that no matter how much I watered I’d just barely limp the plants through the summer.  I haven’t seen much growth from a lot of the new fruit trees in the past few years but this year I think I hit a tipping point. We had the biggest cherry harvest I’ve seen since I moved here. I thought it’s probably a fluke due to weather or something. Then we had the best raspberry harvest.  The apple trees look like they’re going to break their branches. The fig trees that didn’t do much for the last 3 years, one of them suddenly put on 6ft of growth this year! I think I’m getting somewhere now . I know shoveling wood chips every year isn’t sustainable but I think it’s helping kick start the system. My jar soil tests showed nearly zero organic matter so the soil was pretty burned out before I arrived. Anyways I wanted to post my success here. I’m getting ahead in the battle to kick start a food forest and it feels good.
3 weeks ago
Wow nice picture! From that it looks like a magnesium deficiency. Interesting
1 month ago
I have a bunch of autumn olives on the property. Most are doing fine even with pocket gopher harassment. I was looking at one of them today and it looks like it is either drought stressed or in need of nitrogen. I thought how could this be? I just watered them recently and they fix their own nitrogen. Any insights?
1 month ago