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Recent posts by Chris Holcombe

I shot a little video of some of the guilds I often put together. I thought it would be fun for others to share theirs as well. Shawn from edible acres just posted a video of his and I picked up some interesting tips.  
 I’m in the northwest just outside of Portland for context.
1 week ago
I like Seuri and Chojuro a lot. They're delicious pears. Crunchy and juicy with butterscotch flavor. I like them a lot better than my european pears of bosc and bartlett. The european ones came with the house. I'm contemplating grafting them over to something more interesting but I don't know what that might be yet. For the moment I have a hosui scion grafted onto the bosc for safe keeping. It seems though this year it wants to make fruit. That'll be amusing to see. If they're good I'll add it to one of my asian trees.
2 weeks ago
Here’s the same picture with descriptions. East is on the right side of the photo and west is on the left side of the photo so you can kind of imagine how the sun traces an arc across the photo.
2 weeks ago
Interesting idea about the warm microclimate. I suppose it’s possible. I hadn’t considered that because they’re so close together. You can see in the photo they’re the 3 tallest trees and the Korean giant is in the middle.
2 weeks ago
They were fairly standard size whips. Probably 2ft tall. I don't remember exactly when I planted them. Probably 5yrs or so ago. About 2yrs ago they started bearing fruit with like 1 pear per tree. Last year they made a handful. This year it's looking like a lot based on how many flowers the seuri and chojiro are holding on to. Korean giant looks like a bust again. It's probably 15ft tall at this point, it flowered super early again and most of them fell off. I grafted yoinashi onto it to see if that helps once it takes ( assuming it takes ).
3 weeks ago
To follow up on my own post it looks like yoinashi might work according to Dave Wilson nursery. I might try to graft that onto the Korean Giant to see how that ends up working.
1 month ago
Anyone know of a good pollination partner for Korean giant? I have 3 asian pears and 2 european pears in my yard plus a grafted cutting and none of them are early enough for Korean giant. I have Bosc, Bartlett, Hosui, Chojuro, Seuri and I'd say Korean giant is probably a week or maybe 2 weeks ahead of the others when flowering.
1 month ago
Fig leaves are edible?! I think you just blew my mind haha. This is awesome
1 month ago
Update: almost all of the favas made it and are either fine or resprouting from the base! One seems dead but I’m still holding out hope. I think the lowest temp we got during the ice storm was 20F about.
1 month ago
Interesting. I'll add King David to my list of ones to try.
I was also sad to see the home orchard society close down. I applied to be a director but there wasn't enough interest from others to keep it going. That annual tasting event was my favorite event to find new varieties
2 months ago