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Ok I dug down to the soil and yeah it’s fairly dry. There’s a ton of water trapped in the wood chips but the soil seems to have dried out a bit. I’m really looking forward to the organic matter content in the soil rising to a level where it stays moist. It’s only a matter of time 😊
2 days ago
Yeah we had a few days recently that were near 100F. I think I’m confusing heat stress with lack of water but I’ll confirm this weekend
3 days ago
That sounds good to me. It eliminates the problem of the chips being wet and the soil being dry. I’ll do that in a few spots this weekend to get a feel for the moisture levels
3 days ago
I've been mulching with wood chips really heavily for the last few years and I'm getting some really nice organic matter built up in certain areas.  I mulched 2 areas very heavily (12" or more) in the fall/spring and now that we're in summer I'm starting to wonder when I should be watering.  The plants are acting like they need water but when I dig down even 1" it's soaked still.  Is it possible that I'm confusing heat stress with water stress?  Without the chips I was watering at least once a week.  Now I'm letting it go for weeks and wondering if I should be adding more water or just letting it dry out.  
3 days ago
I’ve got a bunch of extra sweet chestnut trees I started from seed that you can have. PM me
5 days ago
I have to say Nicole that these might be the best potato beds I’ve ever grown. They all look healthy and just started flowering. I love that I’m building soil and getting a yield at the same time.  I tried growing squash once in this spot without mulch years ago and it grew maybe 6” and died. The soil in this spot is/was pretty burned out. I’ve seen fat worms on the surface now after rains. It’s looking great!
So far so good! I put 10lbs of seed potatoes in this 6x50ft bed and they look great!
I just planted a few and they’re flowering. I might have some seed in the fall to share
I wonder if chestnut would fit the bill here. It coppices well but I don’t know how fast it grows back. Red alder would probably be a better choice.
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago