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Here’s a comparison of saijo to Nikita.
1 day ago
Yeah Nikita seems to have developed a better room system years earlier than the 100% asian persimmons. It's pretty interesting.
I thought I compacted then in the hole but maybe I didn't do it hard enough. I'll take a picture of my Nikita later today and you can see the difference in trunk diameter. It's like night and day.
My Nikita and saijo are from 2017 and I think my early fuyu/early jiro are from 2015.
Should I be pruning the asian persimmons back a little to sections of the trunk that are more sturdy?
1 day ago
Was it outside when it leafed out? It looks like sunburn. I’ve burned a few and they are set back a month or two but they eventually recover.
1 day ago
Are moles digging around under it? I had one almost kill one of my asian pears. Luckily it had enough strength to come back the year after and it’s fine now.
1 day ago
This didn’t upload properly from my MacBook. Attaching them here.
2 days ago
I'm not sure why but 3 of my asian persimmons always want to fall over for some reason. I've staked them for a few years but I don't think it's helping. I'm attaching some pictures of my saijo. It's in an area of the backyard that's a bit of a wind tunnel. I can't put up a wind screen because the neighbor wants sunlight there to grow raspberries. We tend to have a bit of wind that kicks up during the night.
I also have a Nikita's gift persimmon and it's not growing like this at all. The trunk growth is thick and it appears to be very sturdy. I've done the same thing to all 4 fruit tree's. Heavy wood chip mulch around them, comfrey, seaberries, strawberries and pretty generous summer watering.
Was staking the wrong thing to do? I haven't pruned them at all because I read that persimmons either don't take well to pruning or don't need to be pruned. Although who knows if that's actually correct with so much differing information on the internet. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
2 days ago
I had the same problem with ginger from the store. My thought is that the store kept the ginger too cold in the fridge and killed them. I bought 10 additional pieces from fedco and every single one has sprouted. The nursery has an interest in selling you something that will grow so they probably take that into account when storing them. The grocery stores only interest is selling you something that won’t rot immediately.
3 days ago
I’ve had a similar experience to others. Potatoes and tomatoes have done fine more or less in my 12” woodchip beds but everything else has been terrible. Direct seeding is hard to impossible with squirrels or birds dumping chips back over the seeds. I have a chicken run and I’ve been considering just moving the entire woodchip pile in there first before putting it on the garden. Back to eden is a ton of hard work.
I have a few deep arborist mulch beds that are on their second season. Last year I grew potatoes and tomatoes to get them started and my yield was pretty bad. 2:1 roughly for the potatoes. Better than nothing of course. Last fall I topped up the mulch. I’ve started planting again in the spring. Since I had low fertility last year and I know it takes about 3yrs to get a woodchip bed really going I’ve been saving all my urine and spreading it diluted over the beds. Is there some limit to how much I should put on the bed or should I just go at it with abandon?
1 week ago