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since Feb 22, 2011
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Portland, OR
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Hey Bill tell me more. I am planning something exactly like that over here in SW Washington state.
3 years ago
Hey Anat where in SW WA are you located?

We are looking to do very similar things in your area.

Send me a mooseage!
3 years ago
Hey Piero, we live in unincorporated clark county, out in the foothills. Its a great place! Real close to state forest land. Streams are healthy. Lots of trees. One downside is that most people seem to move out here to keep to themselves, something which i grow more and more confused about.

Where we are land is usually $30,000/acre. Yeah its super expensive compared to cowlitz but there is an upside of higher population densities(maybe this is a downside to some), and proximity to portland.

There are several properties within walking distance of our house that are for sale currently. Mostly 5 acre parcels without much improvements.  I'm always trying to attract more permie neighbors out here.
Hi! Where are you located? Feel free to send a PM if you would prefer not to answer specifics publicly. My partner and I also live in SW Washington in the foothills of the Cascades. We aren't looking for another place to live right now but would love to connect if you're close! Sounds like we have a lot in common
3 years ago
Last time I'm bumping this!

Only 8 hours left! Our campaign will end just before midnight (Pacific Time). Last chance to contribute or share!

Thank you all so much for your support.
5 years ago
Just 1 day left!
Funding will end tomorrow at 11:59 PM!
5 years ago
6 days left!
thank you so much to all of you who have checked us out or contributed!
your contributions help us out so much, and we're excited to return the favor with plants that will provide you with lots of yummy fruit!
5 years ago
congratulations on the new project, Cassie! hope it leads to many great things. looking forward to hearing more about it!
and thanks for all your hard work!