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You could just pee on it. Nitrogen and magnesium! And the price is right
2 months ago
The thing is, who wants to buy something for 10000 if an evil dictator can repossess it at a whim? They are unprotected

Frank Giglio wrote:This time of year it would be curry of winter squash with red lentils.. Likely served over brown rice.

Similar here.  With green lentils over rice for the kids and over wilted greens and sauteed onions for the grownups
4 months ago
We always call the weird looking veggies "farmer food" and leave the perfect looking ones for the customers.  I don't usually go looking for ugly food but we do eat a lot of it!  Most of the produce at our grocery stores is uniform and "perfect"

The county fair has a contest for oddest looking vegetable.  This might be my favorite thing about the county fair.
1 year ago
My ugliest apples are on the tree that is the farthest from the house and they are the most delicious.
1 year ago
I too have had good success with Ruth Stout methods keeping weeds down. I also have an outrageous population of Amber snails, slugs and voles. The voles are the biggest most serious problems because of deer ticks and lyme disease. Voles love the hugelkultur too. If anyone has had success with vole control I'd love to hear about it.

As for adding nitrogen, I think the chickens will add plenty. The mulch breaks down plenty fast anyway, in my experience.

1 year ago
1. dig kratergarden or sunken greenhouse
2.  transform inground pool hole into kratergarden, filling it only as much as needed for stability with earth dug out of kratergarden in 1.
3. build better herb drying setup and better quarters for wwoofers in attic of barn
4. get good at grafting, practice a lot, especially grafting the most yummy of apple trees which happens to be the farthest away from the house onto the numerous crab apple trees that are close to the house
5. when the twins turn seven in July give them knives and teach them knife safety, sharpening and technique

1 year ago
O Captain my Captain!  Master of the spammer fishery.  Diligent and thoughtful.
Sending best wishes from my little seaside village