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Recent posts by Max Tanner

You might get better luck if you were to put what area your in. Say Northern Ontario for example.

Look up Seedy Saturdays (also they do exchanges on Sundays)
Hundreds get together for the seed exchanges and swaps as well as purchases.
Good luck.
7 years ago
Admin question..
I tried to give Kate a thumbs up...
But .. when I clicked on it it gave a thumbs down ..??
What am I doing wrong here? Doing this on phone not laptop.
7 years ago
I agree with the good advice of not buying the birds from an auction.
You can call him before and meet at the sales barn. There are outside booths as well. Or go to his farm directly.
At the sales barn;
There are inside animal sales as well as outside implement sales of all kinds. Go early to register and look at what is there. You can pick up lots of equipment of all sorts for pennies on the dollar.
Always go with an experienced person and listen to the auctioneer and watch the flow of events and staff.
8 years ago
I am with Tom,
I would go with the 4x4 skids as well.

on the bottom grass side of the skids you could also mount some heavy plastic so it has less friction. Look up Metal Mart, they are all across Canada with a location in Oshawa/Whitby area. They have a website, deliver and are sometimes half the price of Home Depot !!

Check out kijiji for used lawn tractors as well as older farm tractors. There was a fellow near Bobcajun that had an older working tractor as well as lots of implements for only $ 2K
I have also seen lawn tractors go for about $ 2-3 hundred or so.

Cheers and good luck.
8 years ago
Hey there

Did you go the Farm Sales Barn in the Lindsay area? They are always on Saturdays, starting at 730-8 am.

Ask for - Bird seller - near Port Hope - Colbourne area.

He has all kinds of exotic birds, rabbits, goats etc. Seemed to be a very nice fellow. He said he has been going to this auction every Saturday for over 10 yrs.
The phone number is for his biz addy, not the Auction !

Cheers and good luck

8 years ago
There a bunch of seedy Saturdays coming up. Seed exchange and buying. Most right now are in the GTA that I know of.
Best of luck and take care.
9 years ago
just saw you responded, I will PM you later today or tomorrow!
9 years ago
Language alert..

what my parents and sister say of me, what my other family members say of me..

- depressed low life, sucking of my mothers tit ..
- sad pathetic existance, sadly lacking and a wasted life

- must be a thief and a liar, living like that...
- he will die one day of the cold, frozen to death and to make the dog suffer like that in so tiny of a place, pathetic..

I could go on and on....
- moved off grid 3 yrs ago, live in a small mobile camper, have a working good van to get around in and another storage van (think moving shed that saves me insurance money, about $300 yr multi car discount !!!)
Downsizing, selling off all useless junk, did not setup TV over 4 yrs ago, so only watch it when I go to my parents, nice to shut their comments out !!
Ex CDN Military, infantry.. LOL.. freeze.. no likely, since I lived in tents in the artic and northern Canada in sleeping bags... freeze.. too funny...

- Why... who knows why they say the things they do, but sheeple will be sheeple...
Not everyone who is a prepper/survivalist is the real thing, some are googlers sitting in thier basements or spare room.
- OP - you, your kids, your hubby??? are better people than they will ever be! (personal opinion...)
- responder who shared... YOU and your daughter are more survivalists, preppers than HE is !!!

Does it hurt, YES.
does it matter... NO....
Do I care... less and less with each passing day !!!

Do I know how you feel, yes and I can understand your passion for the wilderness, your wanting the aroma of the woods and bush to the stench of so called modern day living ... !!!
The only place I feel at home, the only place I feel at ease is in the bush or in the woods, then on a farm, then a park!

Peace be with you and may the beauty of your living world outshine the nasty trash talk of small minded huge ego sheeple/zombie types.
ps... I fired my Aunt... nobody calls me a thief,,, ever ! I give, I do not take.

Cheers Max
9 years ago
just thinking... If you are past the I want to stage..
I could loan you a Quick setup stall .. one person open/setup
loan you a small generator
loan you an extension cord as well.
could even loan you the Ninja Prep Master Pro (name from memory)
- not a juicer, but it says it makes blends, shakes and if you keep blending it, that it will turn into juice! (not sure though, never tried it)

why.. why not...
But... I need you to go to the Pickering Market first, road trip for learning and spend a lot of time watching and learning from the juicers there (now that sounds funny... hehe..)
then LOAN you the stuff, so you can give it a whirl to see if you like it..

do you need safe food handling course?
stainless utensils?
stainless counter top???
- I am not a food prep person, so not sure.. watch others to learn quickly..
9 years ago
Howdy Jake,,,
Get yourself to the Pickering flea market !

There is a thriving and I mean thriving juicer/shake maker there..
food court by doors...
Stand around, have one, yummy, watch and learn !!!

The market is online, google it.
In Bowmanville someone opened up a natural shake shop, it flopped due to high overhead. Flea Markets have people coming there already, so they get thirsty wandering around looking at things.
Two days a week, smaller overhead, inside and or outside.
Look also to the Ninja prep master pro, on sale at Canadian Tire sometimes for as little as $45 - I bought one.. it is a mans blender that one! Look at the pics, you will see why!
kijiji and craigslist all have juicers for sale all the times, sometimes they are free or next to free as well. I paid $5 for one, but the opening was so tiny, def not the way to go!

BBC program called the Edible Garden - youtube it.. one episode she set up in a Flea Market, they juiced apples using a homemade contraption. Using drill etc.. it failed, but.. failure is only a lesson and the next version would be better !! Watch it, watch all 12 in the series ... BBC it as well..

Some Farmers Markets out in Durham Region, different days, different locations. Small generators, with mufflers attached, running inside a sound barrier setup, using extension cords. Don't sweat it until you see the one in Pickering first, watch them inside, watch what they do, learn....

then... go on to other inside or outside stuff !!

Since I have been living off grid for 3 yrs now, when you have seen some other setups, then pm/email me and I will tell you how to go about setting up in an outdoor area with no electriciy. Been there done that before. In BC I used to go to Rodeos and other events, do photography and sell on site, so I can help you with some things to know so you do not make same mistakes I made.
ps.. skip the cash box... use the apron or fanny pouch... much simpler, on person... less chance of someone grabbing it and O so much cheaper as well, plus lightweight.

cheers Max
hope I helped out here!
9 years ago