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Recent posts by Oystein Tandberg

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Oystein;  Welcome to permies!

I see you are in Norway.  Products available and costs will be different.

On to your question,  Yes, you could mold bricks or cast a core , but only if the temperature rating on your fireproof cement is high enough.

Do you know the ratings on this product ?  What is the brand name ?  We have many members in northern Europe & Scandinavia they may have experience with that product.

I will try to make the inner pipe using this clay. The information is in polish, but from what I can read it should withstand 1320 degrees celsius..

I am also reading up on Sodium silicate - maybe that could be used to cast a chimeney in perlite?

"Water glass is a useful binder of solids, such as vermiculite and perlite. When blended with the aforementioned lightweight aggregates, water glass can be used to make hard, high-temperature insulation boards used for refractories, passive fire protection and high temperature insulations, such as moulded pipe insulation applications. When mixed with finely divided mineral powders, such as vermiculite dust (which is common scrap from the exfoliation process), one can produce high temperature adhesives. The intumescence disappears in the presence of finely divided mineral dust, whereby the waterglass becomes a mere matrix. Waterglass is inexpensive and abundantly available, which makes its use popular in many refractory applications."https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_silicate#Sealing_of_leaking_water-containing_structures
3 months ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Oystein;  Welcome to permies!

Do you have Ceramic fiber boards available ?  Ceramic blanket ? These are the newest products being used in building RMH , with them you only need regular clay bricks to build , not fire bricks. Cost can be high with these ceramic products but the benefits of using them seem to negate the cost.  

What about soot in these fiber products?
3 months ago
Hi Glenn, I have resumed the work on the stove. I was about to get the ceramic blanket insulation but then I read it might cause cancer. Best regards

3 months ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:Hmm... cast iron core? What part is cast iron?

I'm refering to the wood stove. See picture nr. 3.

It has many advantages over the bricks.
10 months ago
My biggest doubt at the moment is wether or not to keep building the oven with the cast iron core.
10 months ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:It's hard to make detailed comments without more detailed information or drawings, but the plan of running copper water coils near the hot core is troubling. Some of these areas can get so hot that any halt to circulation (like a power outage) could result in swift boiling and explosion of the piping.

Thank you for your input. I will not use a pump to circulate the water, but natural pressure due to height difference. I will also drain all the water from the piping in between uses, and only start to circulate water when things are getting hot.

It would be useful to monitor the heat in different parts of the oven.. Every burn will require full attention.  

I will try to post some drawings as the pictures are just showing the unfinished shell.  
10 months ago
Here is a link to a prototype I made. For the curious souls..


To make short summary of this build.

1. I want to try to find the optimum working temperature for the stove, and try to keep it at this temperature using air and water cooling systems.

- Air cooling: the metal stove will be able to radiate heat to an area below the wood intake(1). This area reaches from under the bread oven and under the shower the floor, to a duct I plan to build leading to a main ventilation channel for the entire house/cabin. It will also be able to release het to the left and right of the burn channel (2). I want to be able to use this heat to grill vegetables. If you see the build from the front, I will make a door to be able to close the opening on the left hand side. The stove will also be able to release heat to the stone it is resting on (4). That stone functions as is the roof of the bread oven, I hope it will heat enough to bake bread. The stove will also be able to release het from the area between the barrel, and the wood intake (5). This duct is very useful as it allows great access to the area just below the chimney. I plan to burn a torch/big candle there to pre heat the system before starting a fire at the wood intake.
- Water cooling. I want to install a copper pipe system - not sure about dimensions yet. It will cool three different areas. 1. The area above the wood intake. I want to make a coil to keep this area as cold as possible, to reduce the possibility of smoke. I think a coil with 5 turns should be enough; I don't want it to tall. 2. I will then lead the water to the area where the exhaust is pushed down into the bench. I plan to get a copper coil that is 50 or 25 meters, the majority of which I will use in this part. Then I will make a last coil around the barrel (3). This to ensure I can get a nice temperature on the water before it goes to the sunken bath tub.

The plan is to completely cover the barrel with a stone wall, and place a big tile on top. I want to be able to use the heat that is accumulated in this space, and pass it through a closet to dry clothes, fruit, etc. before it leads to main ventilation duct.

I think these are the main cooling/insulating aspects of the build, and in sum will give me some tools to regulate the temperature in each burning session. I also hope to make a door in the front to be able to observe the flow of hot air passing.
After passing the exhaust under the bench it will leave the house where I plan to build a tall pipe of natural stones.  

10 months ago
I want to build a stone wall surrounding the barrel. I also plan to build a tall chimeny on the outside of the house.
10 months ago
To the top left of the bread oven I plan a vegetable grill. The duct will be to the top right. I hope to order a door With a fireproof window installed, as I can't see myself making one..
10 months ago
I plan to pass water through a copper pipe system to cool it down and fill a tub with the water. I want it to cool down the area above the wood feeder first. Then the area where the exhaust enter the bench. And finally the barrel.
10 months ago