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Maybe stucco would work as well?
16 years ago
Perhaps 'Marketing' is the wrong term to be used here. My concern, and I am sure it is shared with many others, is that this information on how to live more sustainably and leave a smaller footprint than we have done in the past - needs to get out to the general public.

This forum has tremendously valuable information. Personally, I think that it would be unethical and immoral for me to keep this information to myself, to use this only for my own purposes.

I will write about this in other forums I belong to and encourage others to come here to glean useful information and hopefully participate in sharing some as well. In other forums, posting links to sites deemed important is not spam, it's expected and very acceptable.

As my sig line here states, participation IS what is going to save us from ourselves. Including as many people in learning the alternatives to environmentally harmful lifestyles and day-to-day practices is not just a 'nice' thing to do... our survival depends on it as a species.
Not sure why not? As I mentioned, I have a link to this forum on my sig line in a discussion forum that I belong to and on my blog ... Was also thinking of writing a blog entry about how important it is to find other like minded people who you can discuss and ask questions of as we all explore this relatively new way of living.

Am I missing an ethical issue there? Not sure what you are concerned with?
Yes - I will do that on a future post on my blog. I just started it and have about a zillion ideas. Thought I would post something new about once/week... maybe I won't wait that long!

I don't have a Facebook thing... somehow that looks like just more work to me and I am not sure why I would do that. I have thought about doing one for my husbands art business but I know I would be the one keeping up with it.
Hi! I am a newcomer here and think this is a very cool site! Not sure that I have seen anything like it but it definitely is something that is needed. How can we collectively get the word out about this and garner more interest and more people participating?

I have linked it to a blog I started and to my sig line on another discussion forum I participate in. Am thinking too I could link it to my signature line in my personal email.

Any other ideas?
And with the melting ice caps at the poles, we think the seeds are safe there why? 
I am not ready to don my tin foil hat yet but it wouldn't surprise me if we found out later that original ideas such as those held by the inventor you saw on TV and others who were experimenting with alternative fuels the last several decades weren't actively "discouraged" by those who were making money doing whatever-it-was the old fashioned way.

Money is what drives most people. New ideas can be a threat to a lot of people deeply hooked into the system. That will continue to be a problem as we transition to a more sustainable lifestyle collectively.
16 years ago
I second that OUCH!

On behalf of females and goats everywhere, I object! 

But seriously, why have a milk producing goat if you can't milk her by hand? I am ignorant about this - so forgive me if I am just not getting it. But wouldn't you have secure the goat in one place to attach the milking apparatus and then work the pump from some vantage point that is pretty close by anyway?
16 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

organic weed and feed? I have a hard time buying into that. Do you have a link?

Here is a source out of Indiana for organic lawn care and other products:

I have used their products before but its been awhle - has anyone else here?
16 years ago
I don't have answers - just wanted to say welcome! and also to remind you to be very very patient. Your lawn is coming down from an unnatural high and will probably get worse before it gets better. I acquired a similar lawn when we purchased a house. The lawn, as were all the lawns on that block, had experienced years of chemical "lawn care". I was pretty unknowing at the time and thought if I did nothing, it would just return to a regular lawn. It didn't. Sounded a lot like yours - the web worms took over about August and it was pretty much dirt with patches of weird green patches by November. The next year I spred compost a few times in the spring and it wasn't that bad... just when it was coming around the next year we moved.
16 years ago