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Travis Halverson

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since Mar 25, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
Northern Wisconsin
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Recent posts by Travis Halverson

Bella May wrote:Love this! Thank you so much for making these!

You bet!
3 months ago

Grady Houger wrote:I hear Gary Larson is going to start publishing cartoons again.

That’s neat!
3 months ago
The Far Side
3 months ago
I ran the stove at Allerton Abbey twice.  It is really, really neat.

The second time I ran it, the door got sealed to the opening and I was not able to add more wood.  I was very hesitant to tug too hard on the door because I imagined glass shattering into my wrist. Didn’t want to get blood on that nice floor in there.

I let the batch of wood burn more to coals and the door released.

It is definitely possible I fitted the door too snug after starting the first batch.  
3 months ago

Mike Jay Haasl wrote:Awesome, I hope it works well from now on!  Or at least until next year and the RMH...

Thank you!
3 months ago

Mike Jay Haasl wrote:Has the chimney been swept lately?  Wondering if there could be an obstruction or nest...

I'm also in Northern Wisconsin and it hasn't been wet and warm enough to make my stove struggle.  Weather seems to be the biggest issue when it's drizzling and 40 degrees out.  Of course, we have different stoves and chimneys.

How tall is your chimney?  If you're worried about moving the stove too close to the wall, could you swap out the 90s for 45s?  That should help the draft and maybe let you leave the stove far enough away from the wall.

I swept chimney a few weeks ago.

Just got home, I removed 90s and visually inspected up the pipe to chimney - looks good. Also lit a twist of paper under disconnected chimney pipe - great draft.

Inspected in top of the stove.  Noticed the insulation seemed out of place. Repositioned it.  Reconnected stovepipe with 90s included.  Stove works great now. No smoke back when door open.
3 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:
I wonder if the baffles in it are preventing draft somehow? I assume it is a Cat Stove?

Specs say non-cat. I do not know much about these new stoves.  The weather has been damp, a little snowy.  I am brand new to paying attention to weather pressures as my old, EPA unapproved, box stove lit easy all the time.

I may just have a learning curve ahead of me.
3 months ago
This stove seems to burn well when finally lit, but is difficult to get fire going, then smokes back into house when I slowly open door to attempt to relight.  

I have burned wood as primary heat for four winters, so I am not brand new to settin’ fires.  I have two, 90 degree bends in the stovepipe, which falls within the stove manufacturers specs.  I may reposition stove in order to remove those bends.  It will get the stove closer to my wall though, but I do have cement board with 1” airgap attached to that wall.

This will only be used one winter until I build a RMH next summer.
3 months ago

Mike Jay Haasl wrote:Mine billows smoke if I have a bathroom vent or range vent running.

Thank you. That probably was it.  I had a window cracked and two vent fans running to exhaust some of the new paint smell, or whatever that smell was.
3 months ago

David Baillie wrote:hmmm not sure that one has  primary air control. This one looks interesting. it looks like a knock off of a small Drolet which heated 1200 sq ft in Ontario for 5 years before I got my pacific energy. I see the air intake lever right there.

Now you get what you pay for of course. It won't compare to a Jotul, pacific energy or Napoleon... But it will jump you forward a few centuries...

First night using the new stove. It seems to work better than the old box stove already. I got it lit right away but need to learn to use it better. Opened the door to add a couple additional logs and smoke billowed out. Probably should wait until previous batch is burned to coals?
3 months ago