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since Mar 25, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
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Also, will you post more details about the separator on your composting toilet in the Composting Toilet section of permies? I'm curious how you're doing it.

Our bucket toilet fills up quick with all our per.
2 years ago
I asked Laura Allen a similar question. Maybe the thread is helpful to you.

I haven't implemented the system yet so I don't know how well it works from experience. It's 10 degrees F here and we are still dumping five gallon buckets of grey water outside.

Keep permies posted on your progress please!
2 years ago

I don't have space to add a urinal. Our bathroom is small. We have a toilet, small sink, pressure tank for water well, and shower in there.

I saw a video from an urban setting where Laura Allen diverted urine from the toilet to a container under the house.

Though if I used that system here, it would freeze.
2 years ago
Thanks Wyatt and Troy.
2 years ago
I am new to covering. Correct me where I'm wrong.

In the bottom of a clean bucket, I dump about an inch of the material I use (see pic above).

I put a handful of loose material in bucket after urinating. I have smaller hands, it's about one cup of material.

I put all the cover material it takes to cover poop. Sometimes this takes 3 or 4 cups.

I imagine that with a fiber material, poop gets covered with less bulk.

You say a bucket per week per adult. If I calculate it that way, we are at about a bucket per six days per adult. Maybe 6.5 or seven days if I factor in my toddler's use.
2 years ago
I think that's it!

I never considered that. I work outside of the home part time, my wife and son work and play at the home full time.

People who make the bucket a week claim probably have work away, like you said, or use urine diversion.

2 years ago
Good question. I haven't looked. If the company that compresses, bags, and ships these shavings can do it so cheap that I pay $6 for one, they must be pretty efficient with their energy use.

I'm not very interested in sustainability, or just being "not dead" like Paul W says.

I purchased this compressed wood from a mercantile shop 10 minutes from my place and they offer other items I may purchase like bales of hay, and split wood for burning if I don't have enough cured by next winter. I'm unsure how many people the mercantile employs, but if I buy some stuff from them, it helps their business make money and they can hire more clerks who make money too.
2 years ago