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Eco equip in South Africa makes them for walk behind tractor. Thet also have them for draft animals.
1 year ago
My mother told me her mom always put the left over wash water from the laundry into the pigs trough and also the dish water to prevent liver spots. She was referring to the time they used homemade lye soap. If they were foraging in the woods for a period she would put lye into the water troughs. My mom said she never seen liver spots on any of my grandmothers hogs at slaughter but seen a lot on other hogs.
Does anyone know what the spots were and how the lye prevented them?
8 years ago
I dont follow any kind of scientific regime. I put grass clippings, leaves and any and all organic material in a pile and turn it about once a week. I just add to the same pile as I go. I mulch heavinly every thing with leaves becasue I have an endless supply of free oak and maple ;eaves that blow onto my property whether I want them or not. In the fall I spread my pile of partialy composted material on my garden with more leaves and let the worms finish it for me.
I have been doig it since I bough my half acre three years ago and it seems to do what I want it to in that my soil is getting better all the while. I do plan on chickens to process my compost pile next year and I will be getting some rock dust to spread around for micronutients but all in all it is working.
8 years ago
I am going to go from the stump to the end. I am not so much worried about big production as some production. I am looking as a way to speed up decomposition while getting something to eat out of it.
8 years ago
Will phoenix oysters produce on logs larger than 18 inches?
I have a very large double trunked white pine that is a danger to my house. I have arranged to have it cut down next week. The tree guy gave me a decent price as long as all he had to do was put it on the ground and cut the trunk into firewood lengths.
The stump will be left about four feet so I can put the phoenix plugs in it also.
My goal is to use phoenix oysters to break down the tree over the next few years and if I can get some meals out of it in the meantime then so much the better.
9 years ago
According to their web site about $1 a watt.
9 years ago
Looks to be closer to being for sale.
9 years ago
I feel there are people making a profit with Permaculture but you must define profit. Do you define it as what is left after you pay the bills that are required? Most permies from what I see are making a lifestyle choice rather than a business. My case it is a lifestyle choice out of fear of peak oil, future job loss or what have you. I grew up at the tail end of my family being permaculuturlist with out knowing it. We gleaned much of our food from the forest and grew gardens. If some one was hurt and could not work then a simple care package out of the cellar was arranged from everyone’s excess and the canning jars returned after the product was used.
The laws and regulations are stacked against the small time producer. I can not buy raw milk in the state of WV to make my own cheese. I can not go partners with someone one a cow and we split the fresh milk according to the law.
According to the USDA a family of four living very conservative will spend over $600 a month on food. So let’s break down profit. One household eliminates one job. The former bread winner devotes a full time project to feeding the household.
Two kids so we are starting with a base of 600 now throw in day care expenses saved. $300 plus a month for two kids. We are up to 900. One other car is another $500 or so. So now we are up to $1400 a month. Depending on where one lives the total taxes on income could easily top 50% so the real replacement value of income is $2800 a month.
So the value of Permaculture to a family could easily top 30k a year with out ever selling a thing. Do some home made soaps, preserves, eggs or any other small money making endeavor then the profit defiantly comes through.
9 years ago
Sustainable as defined by academics is just barley living while elitist live in mansions using private jets.
But looking the Permaculture way, it is cycling everything we can to get s much as possible while maintaining the energy on our land as long as possible then I don't see it as barely surviving.
How many times can nutrients be reused before they are lost. You grow some corn to eat or feed to your chickens. Your waste goes into a composting toilet then out to fertilize your corn patch. The same can be said about the chicken manure. The corn stubble is chicken bedding, mulch or mushroom substrate. The mushrooms then are consumed by either you, animals or traded/sold to bring in another asset to the homestead.
The spent substrate is now garden soil to be sent back to the plot. The reality is sustainable is a way to live very high on the hog by making every output a resource and not allow it to become waste.
Plan the waste out of the equation and the lost resources are removed. Excess production is organic material so the return of surplus is adding to the fertility of the land for the future generation. Paying it forward is also fair share/ return of surplus.
9 years ago