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brett watson

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since Apr 18, 2011
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Recent posts by brett watson

oh yeah, I have to remember that y'all can't hear those voices in my head. Sorry about that.
Anyway it was a device that goes in the drain and catches all the hair, food, guck, muck, etc.
11 years ago
It was either on a podcast or in the forums somewhere.
I have been searching various variations for the past 10 minutes and haven't found it.
Can anyone point me in the right direction.
I remember him being pretty jazzed about it and I would like to get some.
11 years ago
So I was listening to a recent podcast where Paul brought up, again, the idea of a thread for each plant people are using in their permaculture systems and I was wondering if it would be possible to setup a forum for each hardiness zone and people can post specific plants, guilds, polycultures that have and haven't worked for them in their particular zone. I realize that would be a lot of extra forums and there is still quite a bit of diversity within each zone, but I think it might be a helpful tool for everyone.

Please consider, thanks.
Diggin' the new logos.
Is this a newly discovered species? This is cool.
12 years ago
You know when Ian Mckellan was playing Gandalf in the LOTR movies and Elijah Wood, as Frodo, was serving him tea? Same thing here, I think they referred to it as forced perspective or some such thing.
That dude is not standing right next to that bat.
The other dudes crotch is closer but still probably not right next to it.
Just sayin', and I am typically not a ney-sayer.
12 years ago
Ok, somehow I missed your post on the cyclone. That is sort of what I am attempting just not so big.

Alright this gives me ideas. I'm doing mostly brick on the inside of mine 'cause that's what I got.
12 years ago
Hi Josh, I would like to piggyback onto your questions if I can because your system sounds extremely similar to the one I want to build in my shop. I have Evan's and Jackson's book, I have listened to ALL of the podcasts ernestly, and I have read through most of the posts here that I thought might be relevant to my questions.

I want to build a heater inside the bottom 1/3 of a 55gal drum. I DON'T want to run it through a thermal mass right now.

I have some insulated pipe I want to use for the heat riser; it came out of my attic when we replaced pipe in our house years ago. I believe it is 8". That seems big to me. Is it?
And, is it insulated enough as it is, or does it require more?

And, I am planning on using a 35gal drum for the heat exchanger. Is that too small for that 8" pipe?

I have done a test run with the brick stove built inside the 1/3 drum and it fired great.
I know my questions are somewhat elementary, but that's where I am right now.

Thanks all.
12 years ago
This was hilarious. Thanks
12 years ago