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Recent posts by Andrew Greaves

I bought day 10 in the kickstarter and I was enjoying the videos until they just recently disappeared. Did my videos  that I received from the kickstarter campaign have an expiration date. I saw in the comments that the  videos for $125 are good ostensibly forever.
3 years ago
more info for more help: I just spent $99 for the year at I think that means  I just bought the domain name, I m not sure   First priority is that I make sure that this domain name does not get  taken away from me, right now I just need to park it. I have too much going on right now to try and develop it.
3 years ago
I would really appreciate your help out there. I just had two different ideas that are both permaculture based and I really want to buy two different domains as soon as possible. Can you explain all the ins and outs of how to shop for a domain name? sometimes I hear about people spending $8.00 mo and then I will hear about how people will spend 3k.....confused. I was reading some stuff about it, and one article said to go with shared web hosting, Thanks for all your help!
3 years ago
It tells me i am not authorized to downloadcthis content.
3 years ago
Arrgh! I cant figure out how to make the quote thingy to work where you get the quote that you want  and then respond to it but i was trying to respond to the moringa nutritional facts. Is it really that nutritious? Jack spirko says its really not true and we shouldnt believe the hype that surrounds it. Where is the evidence for all this nutrition?
4 years ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:A few more

Moringa Nutritional values -
26% protein by weight
17 times the calcium of milk
4 times vitamins of carrots
15 times potassium of bananas
25 times the Iron of spinach
7 times vitamin C of oranges
92 nutrients
46 natural antioxidants

Firebush (Hamelia patens)

tips on growing papayas in warm climates, as well as how to use them in the kitchen

4 years ago
I need some kind of guideline/ template to help me put together a presentation to my current boss. I work for a landscaping company and we just do traditional yard work such as leaf blowing mowing the lawn etc so my idea is to approach my boss and ask him if he would be amenable to taking on another division at the company. I would be a personal organic gardener for the clients of the company i work for. Note: the company has other divisions such as an installation crew and a full nursery. Anyhow, i could do garden design, install, maintenance, and troubleshooting. My questions for all of you are what kind of template or guideline could i use to make this proposal? What questions should i be asking? Is this a dumbass business idea? I have already thought about this as part of the proposal: answer the question: what will the business do? Design, install, maintenance and troubleshooting but what will i do specifically in these four areas? How will the revenue get split up? If we decide the best option is for me to give them a percentage of the profits just for having access to their clients, what percentage is fair?  Thanks in advance for your help.
4 years ago
I am all signed up to be a boot.
I got some questions.
I see the schedule for the boots is 6 days a week and I also understand that this is all volunteer work, so that leaves very little time for anyone to make money, but I did hear paul mention on one of the podcasts that he has things he can think of that he would be willing to pay people for. Im guessing that in order for my family to live back in phoenix and for the rent to get paid they would be living on 100% nest egg (money saved in the bank). Is this the case?

I would like my 2 (two) kids to spend a month and a half up there for the summer. What is there for kids to do up there in the summer? Would food and shelter be provided for them?

How far of a drive is it to Missoula assuming the closest town is Missoula.

How far of a drive is it to the Missoula  airport?

I get the feeling that the population is very fluid on the farm and so the amount of kids varies quite a bit so I am guessing that maybe the best thing to do is to have them go up there together so that way they would always have someone to play with or it would be much easier on my wife to have them go up separately (month and a half at a time).

I don't want anyone reading this to think that I am trying to get something for nothing. I realize/feel that it could be taken that way but it is not that way.

4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Andrew Greaves wrote:I Tried again.

Got it!  Email sent.  Gears are in motion.

I got a google form to fill out. I thought I would get some follow up to my form by this point.  I filled  out the google form, would like to talk this over on the phone with fred (hes the organizer of the pc bootcamp, i believe.) if he could call me. mooseage me please with a phone number? I have many questions. If it is not  possible to talk over the phone, I will stay on the forum.
4 years ago
How many kids are out there? Im trying to figure out if wheaton labs would be a good place for my 10 yr old and 14 yr old to spend halfthe summer out there. What kind of housing and food arrangements are there for the kids? Is it possible for them to be gappers say part time?
4 years ago